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  1. That, Sir, is truly wonderful.
  2. Found..... tried...... and decided i need a proper mount. Live and learn.
  3. Bump for a Skyguider Pro ......... like the one that was listed and sold last night.
  4. Fantastic images @Nigella Bryant, the 3rd image with the aurora halo is very impressive.
  5. PM sent ref 'Wanted' post. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/370611-wanted-ioptron-skyguider-pro/
  6. Wanted - Ioptron Skyguider Pro Before i bite the bullet and purchase new, anyone got a complete example they would consider rehoming to sunny Devon?
  7. Cracking images there Gina, good to know its possible in our locale, from a fellow Blackdown dweller.
  8. Thanks for the reply @rickwayne. Would you then crop/zoom in post processing to bring the target to fill the frame?
  9. As a complete novice, i found that really helpful Chris. It would be really nice if the stock of telescopes was there so i can part with some money to get imaging. I was really considering the WO ZS61 or 73, but after your post, i could save some money to put to a dedicated CMOS astro camera. This may be a naive question, but when using the FOV calculator in imaging mode, if a scope with camera fills the FOV for a given subject, if another target appears much smaller with the same scope and camera, can you incorporate a multiplier between camera and scope to fill the FOV? TIA, a
  10. Nugs

    Hello from Devon

    Thanks....... and living in Tavy', you should be used to persistent cloud. Im East Devon, nestled in the Blackdown Hills, on the Devon-Somerset-Dorset border.
  11. Nugs

    Hello from Devon

    Thanks Nigella, i am hoping that the search function should answer a lot of my newbie questions, although there is nothing better than speaking to someone who has travelled the same journey.
  12. Nugs

    Hello from Devon

    Total newbie here looking to explore the 'dark art' of astrophotography. I have zero knowledge of astronomy, so I'm sure I'm set for a steep learning curve, but i will embrace the journey. Nugs
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