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  1. Hi everyone, What camera would you recommend to use with my Celestron SCT 9.25” ? I would prefer a proper astrophotography camera rather than a DSLR. I already have a focal reducer and would mostly want deep sky if possible (although my telescope may be too high mag for that), but would also enjoy planetary. Any advice would be great guys. Many thanks! Paul
  2. Ok great, I’ll prep one of my telescopes next time I’m getting clear skies. Previous few times I did that clouds rolled in
  3. Hi all, Is it still possible to see comet Neowise with the naked eye? (I’ve tried but cannot see it) and is it still possible to view with a telescope? thanks p
  4. There’s a hill near me but I wouldn’t want to go there alone at 1am that’s the problem do you think I should bother attaching my camera to the telescope? I’m not sure what mm lenses they are (my sister gave it to me it’s so old) One lense is about halve a “ , the other lense is about 2-3”s ?
  5. Thanks fo sharing the settings. What a great location to observe!....unlike my back garden when it comes into view around 2am for about 20mins before going behind a tree for an hour!
  6. Ok thanks. I thought it might be. I’ll also prep my smaller explorer 130m and attach camera to that. So about 5 sec exposure? I’ll try 4,5 and 6 secs exposure and see how I get on. the camera is so old it doesn’t even have live view so need to look Through the tiny 5/6mm eye viewer which is dam hard! ...you don’t even know if things are in focus lol! thanks for your reply it was helpful. paul
  7. That’s what I thought. Not a big window to see it where I am so don’t want waste time trying different ones. ill go filterless and will also try my light pollution ones. thanks for your reply
  8. Maybe too high power eyepiece for your telescope, did you try lower eyepiece? Also did you wait for the kit to cool down outside before observing?
  9. Hi all, is there a best filter to use to view comet Neowise? Many thanks! Paul
  10. Hi folks, Do you do long or short exposure to take a picture of the comet? Plesse advise what I should set my Cannon EOS to (its an ancient camera) I will connect to my celstron SCT 9.5” or is that too much magnification? many thanks! Paul
  11. If like what I saw last night then this is truely awful and I dread to think what it will be like with 12,000+ of them constantly orbiting
  12. Hi folks, I witnessed the Starlink satellites fly over London last night. It’s so unfair. Who gives them the right to ruin our night sky. Is there anything that can be done to stop this? Paul
  13. No no I’ve not seen that ever and I look up every night with my eyes even when clouds while having a cigarette
  14. Here in London I saw them. About 20 in a line coming from south west to north east. cant believe it so unfair, space isn’t their to ruin!
  15. Hi guys, I’ve actually just seen what I had been reading about I can’t believe it! Im in London and from the south west going to the north east about 30mins ago I viewed with the naked eye about 17 satellites moving in a line in succession. these must be those bloody internet satellites (can’t remember the name)
  16. Who is awesome? YOU ARE AWESOME! Its a nice clear day today so I'm going to test this out from my normal spot where I can see Polaris and see if this works. Will let you know. Thanks so much! will let peeps know Paul
  17. ASPA is different to the 2 or 3 star alignment on the HC? Or is it the same thing?
  18. How did you mount your phone in your dove tail? A phone bracket or something or tape or something? So I’d have my phone somehow on my dove tail, PA it, then slide my tube into the dove tail, is that how it’s done?
  19. Nice one Neil I think I’ll give that a whirl. Simple to use yes?
  20. Oh that looks dooable, I’d need to order a small level. Thanks for that I’ll give it a whirl
  21. Hi Freddie, I’ve read about that previously and it seems time consuming and rather difficult. I’m hoping there’s an easier way somehow.
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