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  1. posting this scope from Lagos would be quite expensive. I reported a ebay scammer using this image multiple times.
  2. Anyone who is the victim of a fraud should report it to the Police. Each force will have a threshold for what they will manage to investigate, but it’s worth a try. hopefully the mods of SGL will be able to produce suitable data relating to a fraudster’s profile in response to a request for disclosure by the Police.
  3. £6.99 is too expensive for what it is. I’ve also tried Astronomy Now and Astronomy however I find that browsing on here provides better info about observing than any of the magazines for the competitive price of free
  4. The included instructions aren’t very clear, what I found helped me was to leave the mirror cover on (i have a flextube) and put card on the tube wall opposite the focuser until i got the secondary sorted out, and to use a torch to illuminate and make the rings easier to see. For the last step i use a collimation cap to line up the centre hole with the mirror
  5. must be in very good condition. Thanks Ian
  6. We had some friends over and once dark I set up my scope to show them a few objects. Jupiter, Saturn, M57 and M13. The kids (5 to 7) enjoyed seeing through the telescope once they learned not to touch it while looking into tge eyepiece. This was without letting the scope cool down, while changing eyepieces I was surprised to see the hot air swirling in the de focused mirror. Later on, I set up the scope with Skysafari and went for some more objects: the double cluster in Perseus, Pleiades, Cats Eye nebula, M13 again, failed to see the Veil nebula, and M31 on request of my friend alt
  7. ian2


    Buenas tardes y bienvenidos a SGL. !Saludos desde escocía! Ian
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