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  1. I’ve ordered one of these today. The thumbscrews on the SW 2” to 1.25” catch on tapers and kerfs of my eyepieces, and the thumbscrews are wobbly. Cheers for the review
  2. I work shifts, dayshift and occasional late shift. The alarm usually goes off at 0530 and by the time it’s getting dark during the summer I’m struggling to stay awake. Young family and other commitments sends observing down the list. When I can get some time outside observing it is very rewarding. regards ian
  3. Welcome Mark, enjoyed your post, a great read. Regards Ian
  4. just about visible with the naked eye here, looked great amongst some noctilucent clouds. Quite a sight.
  5. i did consider getting a star guider as an interim measure, but sounds like that wouldn’t be a good idea. Apart from my celestron omni 32mm i have old 0.95” eyepieces from my 60mm tasco refractor. Would a barlow have to be 2” to work well with the Morpheus eyepieces? wife is off for 2 weeks holidays do I can’t do anything but after that I have some annual leave coming up and during that time i’ll be able to intercept any dodgy looking packages and dispose of incriminating evidence such as receipts
  6. thanks for the update Baz. Yeah the weather has been poor up here also, in one month I’ve had the scope out once. Based on the advice in this thread I’m also considering the Morpheus range. Ideally i would like to try out some eyepieces but since i have only 1 decent eyepiece (32mm) I’ll probably go for a mid focal range Morpheus and take it from there. cheers Ian
  7. If I were you I would purchase a good book, such as turn left at Orion to learn to identify the constellations. Go out without the scope for a few nights and find your way around. Unless there is something very wrong, goto will get you in the vicinity but you can sort that out at a later stage.
  8. Hi, did you pick up any eyepieces, and if so how are they performing? I’ve got the same scope!
  9. Still too light and overcast to do much with my 300p flextube dob. the scope is a auto rather than GOTO and I’ve bought a synscan Wifi adapter for it. With my iPhone and laptop it would align but then when going to the next object the az reading counts down then the degrees remaining value would jump up randomly and it would keep on going missing the target. At first I thought it was a Wi-fi problem, dropping out etc but after going into the az controller housing I noticed that the az Reading on the app did not change if I turned the scope. Upon checking everything out I noticed the Allen grub screw fixing the encoder to the az bearing bolt was slack, hence allowing it to slip. All I have to do now is wait until the permacloud goes away and it gets dark enough to see something. I’ve also build a battery unit to avoid getting tangled up.
  10. I’m selling a telescope on gumtree and I was shocked to see a listing for the same scope using all of my photos on eBay. The fraudster also copied my listings blurb from gumtree. As usual, the eBay account was an apparently old but dormant account. I reported it and they took it down
  11. I’ve bought a 300p flex tube and after 1 week of haar tonight was clear. At 57N up here in Aberdeenshire it doesn’t get dark. my first dobsonian
  12. ian2

    Hello from Kingswells

    Hello from Kintore
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