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  1. Sounds like a plan!.I can't imagine (just dream about) nipping out the back with 360 degree views. My normal night involves avoiding the neighbours bathroom searchlights, security lights, funny looks when pointing the 'scope their way, etc etc. Love it though. Fine with horses, won £50 on the Cheltenham Gold Cup winner this year..
  2. Hi Dan and welcome. You'll find great tips and advice on here and as a fellow stargazer from nearby Cheltenham we'll be sharing the same light pollution, clouds, rain and maybe, sometimes, clear sky!!..
  3. First attempt at Moon Shooting, luckily a spot of Insomnia (astronomy's a good hobby for that) helped me capture this. Sky-Watcher 200P, x2 Barlow with a unmodded Canon 60d DSLR and an in line moon filter.
  4. Early this Morning, Sky-Watcher 200P, Canon 60d + Moon filter through a T-Ring attached to a standard x2 Barlow...not NASA or most of your standards but my first..well chuffed!! ..ps..does anybody know why this set up will not pick out stars? ?..thanks
  5. Ditto...and I thought I was the only one!!..?
  6. Amazing!!..intrigued to see if any answers come out of this..I've been totally transfixed on those little dots...?
  7. Man in the Moon peeping out of high wispy cloud...Samsung J3 through one eye piece of20x80 Celestron 'noculars one in negative mode
  8. I've been trawling around the net and SGL getting ideas for my own obsy when I stumbled across this!!. Your house and dobsy position is virtually indentical to my own so thanks for the pictures and build information, brilliant stuff, thank you.
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