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  1. Watched this last night and as a newcomer to astronomy, I found it really interesting. Thanks for sharing, I’m off to buy my sketching kit.
  2. Hi all. I’m new to astronomy and SGL since December 2020, after getting a scope for Christmas. Having been on other forums in the past and also being slightly nervous about posting, as you’re never sure what replies you’ll get back. I can honestly say that I’ve been welcomed and looked after on the forum. Thank you all so far for your kindness and patience.
  3. Two nights in a row out looking at a totally clear sky. Unbelievable Jeff
  4. Just managed to sneak an hour in with clear skies, even as a complete beginner I was excited. Roll on the next couple of days.
  5. As a total beginner to Astronomy, I found this really interesting and gives me something to look at and find my way around the skies - when it’s clear I look forward to following your tour. Thank you
  6. Hi all and thank you once again for your advice - this forum is so helpful and supportive. I'm going to get a more sturdy tripod for the telescope, as the wobble does cause problems and at the moment I’ve been using the tripod on a shorter height to gain more stability, whilst raised on a solid surface. I did buy ‘Turn Left at Orion’ and have been working my way through that, albeit slowly. A Barlow lens is also on my birthday wish list, along with a 90 degree diagonal, as the Travelscope I have came with a 45 degree. Also asked for a 5mm BST eyepiece. Hopefully, this
  7. After having so much great advice with my first post and managing to have the occasional clear skies, I’m back for more. With my beginners Travelscope 70, I’d like to get closer views of planets and if possible nebulae. With a significant birthday coming up, I’m being asked for ideas and would like to take the opportunity to get some new kit. What eyepieces and magnifications would you recommend?
  8. Firstly, thank you all for your kind and helpful advice - this is a great forum. I’d feel guilty telling the wife that it’s not a great scope and as she’s just tested positive for coronavirus today, I’m now hoping that the sky’s are clearer for the next 10 days . In terms of upgrades, does anyone have any suggestions for the following: - Tripod - 2 x Barlow - Star diagonal (would I need a 90 degree) Once again thank you all.
  9. I’d like to be able to look at planets, as well as the stars and what’s around them. Is that possible with this scope and should I be investing in any additional equipment to help get better results?
  10. My wife bought me a Celestron Travel Scope 70, as a Christmas present. I know that this may not be the best scope for observing the skies, but she meant well. Being new to all of this and having an interest in astronomy, is anyone out there willing to help me to get the best out of the equipment. Its been great for looking at the moon, but I’m keen to explore a bit more. Thanks in advance
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