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  1. I’m hoping to get some raw unstacked RGB files to practice a full process with and was wondering if there is somewhere I can get this or if someone would be kind enough to share some. I have just brought a startools licence and want to have get some practice in for when I finally manage to capture some real data. I’ve not used startools before I didn’t bother with the free trial as I think from what I’ve seen others achieve its well worth the money. I fully understand that the processing part takes a lot of practice and with the weather here at the moment I have plenty of time?
  2. He we are as I promised some progress pics of the control area and connections at the pier. The pier connections have all been made to cope with and damp/ dew like conditions they might come up against. If anyone would like to know how the external internet sockets were made I’m happy to write up an explanation. On the control side the top section will hold my 12 v bench supply, internet rack switch and the control pc. The bottom section will hold the 3 screens to keep an eye on everything. The whole thing is hard wired meaning the control pc and pier pc are connected to the network reliably.
  3. Long long overdue update on this project, I have finally had the time and funds to buy everything I need to finish this. I’ve ordered another monitor so I can have a 2/3 screen setup at the control desk in the garage. I have some photos I will share in the next few days not because I think I’ve done anything special but hopefully they might help others in there quest for an obsy at home with limited garden space?
  4. I can’t help much here but can comment on atiks efw2. This was my first and still is the filter wheel I use it is expensive for what it is but I can tell you that it plugs in and works flawlessly with atiks capture software. So if you can afford to get one by stretching your budget you won’t be disappointed. I’ve learnt the hard way with Astro kit ,you get what you pay For (most of the time)
  5. Just a quick post for those interested in damp proofing a hard wired internet connection. I was looking around for a modular faceplate external type socket and after finding a few there was no way I was paying £50 for one so I managed to make one for £12.07 ,the pic shows a external socket available from most diy places which has been modified to hold a modual type faceplate. I personally am only using this for hardwired internet connections to my pier but this would also allow usb and hdmi moduals to be put in an external type housing. Now personally I wouldn’t want to fit this to an outside
  6. Welcome back, I’m just back into the Astro hobby myself and have been amazed by the new equipment and software available. The amount of knowledge on here is great so ask anything you want someone’s bound to know the answer ?
  7. I’ll be ordering one in next few weeks for my pier mounted set up. For a permanent setup most would argue it’s a waste but Im getting one to allow me to take my mount off for more regular greasing and checking. I think if everyone on here is honest with themselves they probably own at least £270 kit of they didn’t NEED but brought anyway because it makes this sometimes frustrating hobby a bit easier.
  8. That’s a great idea never looked at anything like this based on price. But that’s cheap really for what it is and probably around the same as making it from wood. Thanks for attaching the pic ????
  9. Morning everyone, Looking for some examples or ideas of a box/boxes mounted to the pier to house control pc and cabling etc.I’m going to make this from wood and currently like the simple idea of 4 boxes screwed around the pier but would Love to see some examples of how people have tackled this challenge, thanks in advance ?
  10. Received the second small pc last Friday and over the weekend I’ve managed to get Remote Desktop working between the two new pc’s downloaded the software I’m going to need all ready to go. I have a week off next week so will start the cable runs to the pier from the garage and will post some progress pics for those interested.?
  11. Good luck mate, I’m now re starting my obsy build after taking the original down. Just some quick advice For this build would be take your time you’re waited along time for this and it will probably cost more than you plan. I built a great observatory (ROR) and then made all my mistakes on the connections and internal layout part. Cheap cables are not your friend,forget any kind of usb repeater cables and if your going to have a pc permanently set up in the obsy keep it as close to the pier and mount as possible to avoid long cable runs. USB hubs are a pain so if you have to have one spend the
  12. I wonder if you made the same mistake I did. The old hi tech Astro modual required you to change the setting in windows to not auto search for drivers for devices. After 2 hours of stressing I remembered this I changed the setting to (let windows automatically search for the best drivers) it installed right away and worked instantly.
  13. I have been away from astronomy for nearly 2 years because of nights like this so I totally get how this make you want to explode. I struggled many times to get everything working usb cables,hubs and eq direct controller it’s was always something playing havoc. But when I got things working the work flow I followed was this. I can’t promise this is right but it actually worked for me. Note I have an Obsy so I’m already polar aligned. open CDC connect to the mount pick a star slew mount to that ,it will probably be a way off Next move mount with eq mod controls to center star in view
  14. Like the look of this software very much,even when I tried to process the data I have captured over only a few sessions I’ve been totally unable to get anything like a recognisable coloured image. After watching a few videos on this software just now it seems very suited to getting you an image quickly as well as offering further more in depth processing.I would say that anyone who is new to processing like myself would be me much more inclined to see processing as fun if right from the go you have an image that’s even close to looking like the object you we’re imaging.?
  15. So today a few bits have started to arrive and I’ll share a few pics and details. Today I got the armoured Ethernet cable, patch leads,and rackmount Ethernet switch. The new pier pc has arrived as well and I am very happy with it see attached pic with dvd case for size comparison. Switched it on set up and from the specs will have without a doubt more than enough processing power to do what I need. I have enclosed a pic of the armoured cat6 ethernet cable to show the diameter with calipers for those who might be interested or if you have existing conduit that you might want to put this t
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