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  1. Howdy! welcome to SGL!
  2. Hey all, So I have taken my first lunar images, of Tycho and mare crisium (Tycho is a crater on the moon and crisium is a mare (sea- though it is a rather dry sea! ) if you're looking to start imaging I suggest taking pictures of the moon because the moon is bright and you don't need to worry about light pollution which as we all know is an astronomers worst nightmare! in terms of Processing, I had some help and I used a software package called Auto-stakkert to turn a video into a photo. Mare crisium
  3. welcome to SGL Nick
  4. Tonight me and @Whistlin Bob went outside and did some astronomy Mars and Neptune which were in line with each other and our planet earth we observed them through the telescope as it was clouding over we then decided to look with our eyes we saw these: Cappella in the constellation of Auriga Hyades Pleiades We saw the Orion constellation and where the nebula would be but it was too small to see with the Naked Eye we could also see where the Horse head Nebula would be but wasn't there as it to was too small and too faint It has be
  5. Hi Helen by the way I was on of the Lads that was doing the rockets at the last SGL star party thanks for organizing that and I have a moon check list of the lunar 100 Thanks Galen I'm a high schooler too! ????
  6. On the night of November17th I went to do some observing at a field with whistlinbob and Stub Mandrel and the moon was shining bright so we went to a field and it was crystal clear We set up our scopes and began looking at the lunar 100. I’m really new to this but managed to find Copernicus, Tycho, Clavius and Mare Crisium I also found Mars and Vega and had some help from Whistlinbob to look at the Pleiades.
  7. Does anybody have any tips for getting Better views
  8. Just joined the community im here because I love astronomy and the stars and the fact that our Universe is LITERALLY HUGE!!! and I can see it from my back garden I love telescopes and my dad is showing me how to use a Dobsonian sky watcher and I feel the science of telescopes is amazing and as a member of the RAG I do lots of studying for Astronomy
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