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  1. Screwed my 2" Baader 7nm HA filter to the front of the Nikon F1.4, 50mm lens. Five minutes with the full spectrum Fujifilm IS Pro camera.
  2. Usual media hype I'm afraid. The laser would be far more hazardous to a low level helicopter pilot, plane coming in to land or a motorist. At 29,0000 feet the beam will be a few meters in diameter......
  3. In my experience F4 Newts need some mods & tweaking to get the best out of them. Good when they are working well though.....
  4. +1 for the skiing sallopettes. I think any kind heater would just wreck you local seeing. It's why our scopes are left to cool down before use.
  5. List of DIY modding guides here: https://www.lifepixel.com/tutorials/infrared-diy-tutorials This might be close to your model? https://www.lifepixel.com/tutorials/infrared-diy-tutorials/life-pixel-nikon-d3200-diy-digital-infrared-conversion-tutorial I used the instructions on this site to sucessfully mod my Canon 40D
  6. Can also recomend this camera. Very sensitive CCD- used this for the 'Hubble Deep Field Challenge'. Picked up the magnitude 23 galaxies in 180 seconds!
  7. Can recomend this camera also- very sensitive. Never not found a guidstar even OAG.
  8. 300mm is quite a long focal length for fixed tripod, night sky photography. The stars will trail very quickly indeed. I'd start with a nice wide angle lense like a 20mm or even less.
  9. Never seen this one before- great effort.
  10. I only insure where The Law or common sense compels me to (e.g. car insurance & in case my house burns to the ground). Any minor claim is not worth the bother - most stuff can be replaced. If my scopes ever get stolen I'll buy new ones (or even just give up astro.....)
  11. The Elan Estate has a few holiday lets. https://www.elanvalley.org.uk/stay
  12. Elan Valley would be closer to you!!!
  13. Thanks- I was surprised myself what I could drag out of the data!
  14. Looks like a good trip. Can't beat Wales for a bit of darkness.
  15. Back in August I did an imaging run on the Iris Nebula- all but two images were badly trailed due to mount problems. Thought I'd have a go a processing the 'stack'- lot of stretching and noise reduction going on here...... The unprocessed 'stack' 2x 300 seconds. The stretched - de-noised version. Might have been okay with the intended 3000 seconds?
  16. As the title suggests- a wide field image of Cygnus comprising of six 180 second subs with a Nikon 50mm lens. Camera was a Fujifilm S5 Pro @ ISO 800. From a dark sky site in Mid Wales. (click image for full size version)
  17. Quick image Sadr in Cygnus and it's surrounding nebulosity- a favourite subject of mine for a quick imaging session as it easy to find! Dodgy stars in the corners- but technically these are outside the corrected image circle anyway! Taken with GSO 8" F4 Newtonian telescope working at F2.9 using a 0.7x ASA Keller coma corrector/reducer, modifed Canon 40D full spectrum camera @ ISO1000. Stack of nine images totaling 1620s of exposure from a dark sky site in Mid Wales.
  18. Sounds like a plan. A roll off shed is definately 'one up' from the outside pier concept (my covering consists of few tarps (I hope they are still in place......will check next week!)). I think an 'observatory' should be defined as a structure from which a person can physically observe from though!
  19. I'm almost glad I didn't go this year! Was going to do some fungi photography this morning- it's hissing down and I can't find my water proof trousers, so I might abandon the trip.........!
  20. Gina makes an interesting point here- my build is based on standard timber lengths and sheet metal sizes. It's one of reasons I ended up with 3m x 3m- minimun of cutting & wastse, everything just went together. Also possible would have been 2m x 2m- ultimately that would have be very tight with a 12" Newtonian.
  21. Taking it to the extreme you don't need observatory at all- 50% of my imaging is done on a permament outside pier. I don't see the point of deliberately making the smallest possible size if there is space available. If you move to a bigger scope of fancy a go at visual- what then? I'm imaging 90% of the time- but when at the eyepiece or with guests I'm sure glad of the extra room. Building bigger also allows the obsy to double up for other uses. I also store the BBQ and garden furniture in mine!
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