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  1. Many thanks for the replies peeps, now I know.
  2. Hi everyone, maybe this question has been answered before, but, do you align to true north, or magnetic north? Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but thought I’d ask. Thanks in advance. Bryan.
  3. Just been on sky Safari website to sign up for newsletter. The header says “sign up below”, but I can’t see where. Brain must be going, oh well
  4. Once again, many thanks for the replies, will have to check the App Store regularly. Pity you can’t set an alert when something you would like drops in price, like flea bay.
  5. Thanks for the replies and pointers. Looks like Safari plus will do.
  6. Sky Safari pro, Sky Safari plus, what is the difference ? Is it just the larger database or other things? Any advice appreciated. Bryan.
  7. Anyone have any idea what will happen to all the old ones that are px’d when you upgrade to the ‘pro’?
  8. If only I needed one of these, I’m in good old GY ?
  9. Hi, has anyone got a 2” to 1.25” twislock holder available? Tia, Bryan
  10. Change of plans, looking at a 200p with eq5, sorry. ?
  11. Is this still available please, if it is, I would like to purchase it.
  12. Hello everyone, finally dragged my ancient Beacon Hill 6” dob out of the back of the garage. looking to maybe upgrade it a little. Looking for a focuser to replace the odd size one fitted.If anyone has anything suitable, I would be grateful for any, not looking to spend silly money in case I can’t resurrect the mirrors. Thank you, Bryan
  13. Bry


    Hello everyone, been on the edge of astronomy for many years. Dabbled in building etc. Decided to take the plunge and log onto a site. Hopefully, I will be able to devote more time to dabble a little more. Happy new year, Bryan.
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