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  1. Asking £36 post free UK only In near mint condition. No marks or scratches. With endcaps – boxed. Features include two ED glass elements and fully multicoated edge-blackened optics for excellent colour, enhanced contrast, high light transmission and minimal ghosting. The six-element / four-group design minimises field curvature for a nice flat field, even when used with telescope f-ratios as fast as f5. Modern twist-up eyecup, 16mm eye relief and 21mm diameter eye-lens makes it comfortable to use, even when wearing eyeglasses. The tactile rubber grip and milled indentations make it e
  2. Interesting reply. I'd not really considered the quality (super) plossl, but I guess I'll have to look to the TeleView series.
  3. I would like to canvas opinions regarding the relative merits of these two classes of ocular. I am fully aware of the fashion for ever widening field of view of modern multi element eyepieces, but ultimately most widefields seem to fall over when combined with relatively fast scopes (f/5 or so). The only major gain that I can see is that with manual tracking they hold the object being viewed in the field for longer. Given that the narrower field orthos generally are sharper and more contrasty than all but the most expensive wide fields, would any ortho user consider it a worthwhile trade-off?
  4. Welcome. Another from the 'Diff.
  5. Hi there. Heads up, currently a 6x30 Raci on EvilBay right now. I think it's an Orion but should do you.
  6. Preferably in boxed condition with all the bits. If you have one not being used or are thinking of selling one, can you please give me a shout. Thanks
  7. For an 82 degree field, some distortion in the outer 10% of the fov is to be expected unless you are willing to pay BIG BUCKS. I did find when I used the same scope that you are using it was probably more coma than astigmatism, depending on your choice of eyepiece. I doubt it's your eyes. It was also one of the reasons I chose the 6" f/8 Dobsonian. I did find the eyepieces performed much better in a slightly slower scope. You could always cut out an aperture mask or alternatively use a barlow with the Nirvana to see if that clears up the edge of field issue. I have compared the Nirvana with a
  8. Although I have been a visual astronomer for some time, I find myself wondering if I can improve my choice of eyepieces. I have been a lone observer and have arrived at my choice of oculars "organically" through trial and error. I now only use a 6-inch Dobsonian with Hilux coated mirrors and my subject matter tends to be open clusters, variables and double stars. I live in a quite heavily light polluted area on the outskirts of a city, and find that most deep sky subjects are quite impossible to view from my location, hence my choice of subjects. The eyepieces I have currently quite suit the s
  9. It would be nice to buddy up with another visual observer close to home.
  10. Well, here is my meagre but effective little collection. This is, as always, subject to change - but all second hand. Used now solely with a dobsonian.
  11. Asking £60 UK plus postage. Paypal (f&f) or Bank Transfer. This 1.25" 16mm Nirvana eyepiece has a huge 82 degree wide field of view and comes with a very comfortable fold down eye cup. It has 12mm eye relief which is more generous than the Explore Scientific equivalent. The Nirvana-ES 16mm is perfect as a general use eyepiece with excellent contrast and wide field of view. Fully multi-coated broadband optics constructed of 7 lens elements in 4 groups. All lenses have blackened edges. This together with excellent internal baffling gives excellent contrast.
  12. It is possible, but I am not sure what the postage outside of the UK is since we left the EU.
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