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  1. Is it a newly purchased AZMP? Mine has grinding noise and squeaks when slewing in just one direction. Could only find operating manuals on ioptron website and opening it up will likely void the 2 year warranty. I've contacted the retailer, have you tried this or Ioptron support?
  2. On mine too. Focuser was straightforward to fit even for those of us with minimal aptitude for this kind of thing. It comes with simple instructions too.
  3. Sold to a SGL'er in the local area. Looking forward to reports on its modded future or rusty lens clean up. Thanks to all who expressed an interest.
  4. Apologies no Classifieds etiquette infraction intended. As mentioned I was looking to fund a TV x2 Powermate 2" with this sale. I was hoping the pst would be worth around the 300 mark. Second hand psts seem to be going for upwards of 420, but this version has the rusty lens issue hence the genuine reason to open for offers from those who are intending on a DIY pst mod or a direct fix or even just live with the rusting. I really did not want to post an unrealistic price or even sell my pst short. So a negotiable £300 guide price, but would rather not have to send it by post. Thanks
  5. I'm looking to let go of my Coronado pst, as stated it's the version affected by the rusty lens issue. Whilst the oxidation of the lens coating is clearly visible, I've not noticed any image deterioation and was still getting great views of the sun last time I used it at the end of last summer. Still the same detail of filaments, prominences, sunspots, and surface activity, to my eyes anyway! Other than the rusty lens, it's in good condition with just a minor scuff mark on the tube. It's unboxed as it's been kept in a padded case. I no longer have the original supplied 12mm Kellner. It's fitted with a dovetail (for use on my Skytee 2). Scuff mark on tube, no dent or visible damage though. Recycled EP cap to keep the dust out. Fitted dovetail Tried to take photos of the rusty lens but typically could not get a realistic shot, although it was with my Samsung S7 as seen in the lens reflection. The middle and right photos perhaps show it the best, the oxidation is worst round the edges but the entire lens is coloured and matches what other users have reported on here and Cloudy Nights. Would prefer it to go to someone looking to DIY the pst mod with donar scope, or someone who understands the rusty lens issue and can live with it or even fix it. The pst mod is beyond my capabilities and I couldn't justify the repair cost quoted by Meade, being out of warranty, whilst the scope was still useable for my purposes. It's open to offers. I am looking to fund a TV x2 Powermate 2" so would consider some kind of swap too. Would rather not send by post and it should really be viewed before purchase. Can meet halfway in the Surrey, Hants, and Berks area - I'm in Central London around once a week with work too.
  6. I tried the Veil last night from the backgarden but gave up as it was washed out. I didn't think of using my Oiii....not observed in a long time so a bit rusty. Will give the Oiii a go next time thanks to this post
  7. Im about but don't think the clear skies will be!
  8. RC or Bignor is good for me thurs or fri
  9. Guess they are doing the observing on our behalf!
  10. Beers after work rules me out. Really need to air the scope and get the dust off the mount too
  11. Damn, I missed out on a trip to Bignor! Sounds like you guys a good night, nice shot of the dobs.
  12. I'm in, will struggle to make Tues though
  13. I'm around sat nite if the weather plays ball. We won't be admiring the comet of the decade that's for sure
  14. Best skies I've had up at RC in well over a year, really hope this is going to be a decent season. Really enjoyable night, the scope hopping and opportunity to compare views in different scopes and EPs is what's so great about group observing.
  15. I'll be there too, fingers crossed it stays clear as will be the first time my scope has been out the box since last winter
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