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  1. Anybody tried these or similar? Interesting concept with the swivel in filters, but are there any drawback with this.
  2. A first for me anyway! SW120 ED from back garden. Jupiter a little mushy as heading near neighbours house and too early being 8ish. Bands coming in and out with the radiating heat from a lovely Sept day. Saturn delivered good contrast. Cassini spotted. Neptune found. A bluey green dot with hint of a disc. Happy with that from suburban skies and glad for the goto. Couple of hours wait for Mars and best view for a number of years for me. Spent time teasing out surface detail i.e. differing shades of orange, dark grey, and white. Not long to wait for Uranus to appear
  3. Hi. Yes as a complete package. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. Veil really needs dark skies. I've tried and tried from my suburban garden but even with an Astronomik OIII it's nothing compared to the one time I saw it from a dark sky site in it's full glory. Dark skies and OIII = spectacular. Light polluted garden and OIII = disappointing faint wispy smudge and a car journey to a dark sky site. No OIII can't see it at all from the garden
  5. Weight should be a consideration too. My ES 2x FE pushes the mount to it's limit and I should really be rebalancing the scope everytime it's added or removed.
  6. Glad it was a good first light and no QC issues with them. Both planets and their moons are useful for checking the entire FOV. My preference is handheld for wildlife so the individual focus just reinforces 20x80s for astro only.
  7. That gun barrel rdf certainly does the job and worth a try. I own a rdf gun sight but it's the rail fitting.
  8. Like the setup bryand. I already use the Celestron star pointer pro on my frac so being able to easily swap between that and bins would be ideal. The celestron skymaster pro bins specifically remark about it's central rail allowing RDF fitting. Just want sonething similar on a higher quality pair of 20x80s though.
  9. Thanks Steve, that's really helpful to know.
  10. ditto on reading your opinion of them. They look a quality pair of bins for the price
  11. I seem to be in a similar decision making process to yourself, were there any major reasons for choosing the Helio Stellar 11 over the LightQuest which were also within your budget? As I currently own 10x50 and 15x70 bins I was looking for the extra step up in mag, so 20x80s make more sense than 16x80s. As you already have the stability of a tripod would you regret the extra mag at the expense of FOV? I can't remember from the excellent Binocularsky reviews if there was any noteable mention of the difference in magnitude of 16x80s vs 20x80s - will have another read now!
  12. Just wondering if there's a real benefit in using a RDF with 20x80s. I currently use 15x70s without a RDF on a pistol grip and whilst not as easy as handheld 10x50s it's not that difficult to hone in on a target with some star (and tree/bldg.) hopping. Would the extra mag jump from 15x70s to 20x80s make a mounted RDF a beneficial or even necessary aid? On a side note, does anybody know if a RDF can be fitted to the Helios LightQuest 20x80s? It doesn't have the central bar /rail that the Helios Stellar and even Celestron Pro versions have.
  13. Looking to part with my SkyTee 2 mount complete with the following accessories: SkyTee 2 & 1.75" tripod (EQ5 and HEQ5) Skywatcher Extension Tube for SkyTee 2/EQ5 ADM Vixen-style saddle for SkyTee 2 Skywatcher counterweight set for SkyTee 2/EQ3 (1x 1.8kg + 1x 3.4kg) Price = £300 All items were purchased brand new and are in good single owner condition. Photos attached and I have the original boxes for the mount and tripod. Collection only due to number of items, size and weight. As per the username I'm in the Woking area and will meet at a reasonabl
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