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  1. No injuries or fatalities have been reported as the collapse has been expected but it's horrible to see such an iconic structure in such a sad state.
  2. Derek, great choice of mount but if your scope choice is primarily for astrophotography then I'd highly recommended that you cancel your order and choose something else. The elephant in the room is pixel scale, the 250pds and a DLSR will give a scale between 0.7 and 0.8 arcseconds per pixel which simply means it's impossible to take a "good" image unless you setup at the top of Everest. The focal length is also against you, it's not a matter of beginner vs advanced it's just more difficult, more time wasted. As suggested above an 80mm F5-F6 ish refractor or camera lenses will give you muc
  3. Throw out the anchor!!! Forget tuning your mount for now (unless PHD will not calibrate), the best way to bypass a bit of backlash is to have each axis slightly out of balance thereby the weight is always bearing in one direction. You take some pain after a meridian flip but it sounds like you're a little way off that. But as above, while it's cloudy get everything mocked up indoors. Check that the mount is slewing in approximately the right direction, sort your home/parked position, mark your balance points and sort out your cable management and snag points. Niggling little problems
  4. I'm going to politely disagree. Natural selection by it's very nature means that the next generation will be faster, more intelligent and disease resistant with better senses of sight, smell and taste. The direct opposite of the second law.
  5. It's the mind boggling clash of theories.... Darwin's evolution where with the passing of time life evolves into something better and improved opposed to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy and constant decay. I'm going with Darwin.
  6. Upgrading your mount, optics and adding guiding will all give modest improvements to your images. Moving from DSLR to mono CCD is easily the biggest leap forward you can make, particularly narrowband if you have light pollution. Don't overlook the cost of the filters, I'd have a cheaper, small chip, second hand CCD (eg. Atik 314L+) with good quality filters over a bigger chip with cheap filters. If the budget is getting stretched just a Ha filter and a very short focal length is a good starting point. I can't comment on cooled CMOS, I've never used one.
  7. My resolve to drop it has faltered, I've had designs on using my obsy pc for something else and I've been hearing good things about Wireguard as less complex alternative to OpenVPN so two birds, one stone. Wireguard server I used a 1gb VPS and this excellent install script https://github.com/angristan/wireguard-install and then allowed the randomly determined port through UFW. It could alternatively be served from a Rpi on a home network. Wireguard Client I used this guide to install the client on the Astroberry https://www.wundertech.net/how-to-connect-a-raspberry-pi-to-a
  8. I've sent two (well used/abused) cameras to Atik for repair and on both occasions I've been very pleased with the communication, speed and value of their service.
  9. I'm sure someone on here keeps weather records but I'm fairly certain that for the past few years the Autumn has been quite poor followed by a good clear spell around November 5th with all the flashes and smoke that goes with it.
  10. No worries, this is a very brief overview of an extremely complex subject with regard to imaging only, there's a whole lot more consideration for visual. Refractors that you can pick off the shelf fall in to 3 categories + 1, Petzval. The first three are singlet, doublet and triplet which through the increasing number of lens elements for each category manage to improve the colour correction of the image, blue light will (nearly) focus to the same point as the red light. But they all suffer from field curvature, the image looks like the Enterprise about to enter warp hence the need for a
  11. When Platesolve2 in SGPro completes it then countdowns for 10 seconds . I'm sure that in the past I've found a setting to reduce this but now I can't find for love nor money. Please either point me in the right direction or tell me that I've imagined it.
  12. The ED80 carries a reputation it gained when there was much less competition in reasonably priced short, fast refractors, it's now just plain slow for imaging use. I'm just putting together a travel setup and I did have a paw at the ZS61 but in the end I went with the Redcat51, the price is about the same once you've added the flattener to the 61 which the Redcat doesn't require.
  13. 8", Carbon Tube Ritchey Chretien Astrograph in excellent condition with only a few expected marks to the dovetails, otherwise the condition is perfect. The following is also included - Motorised Moonlite Focuser, no focus controller is included which you'll need to operate it. - Heater for the secondary - Vixen and Losmandy dovetails - Telrad and Finder brackets - A selection of spacers for backfocus and the original focuser. I can accept cash on collection or bank transfer if you don't mind twiddling your thumbs for few minutes while it confirms. £850,
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