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  1. This is combined in photoshop. Seems you have only shot through 1filter buddy..
  2. So you did not use gimp or photoshop to combine the final images to rgb? I can try with photoshop when get home later
  3. Hmm. When you set the exposure at let's say 10.80 or something like that it will automatically suggest a gain by highliting it. Are you understanding what I mean?
  4. A few roughly processed from tonight.
  5. I uUsedFirecapture recommended settings for gain and exposure and ignored histogram levels. I did 90sec pr channel Celestron C11, Neq6 pro mount, Baader VIP barlow ZWO asi 174mm ZWO filters at about f/22
  6. Wow! This is nice! Just wondering if it's really 1.4x? Seems to bigger. I used to own a make 180 before I swapped it in for the c11 I had about 2x barlow on my mak180 and I can't rember it getting this big. Anyway! Really nice image
  7. I use celestron c11 with ZWO 174mm and baader 2x vip barlow. Thanks alot for comments:)
  8. I have not had time to process this untill now. This is just 90sec pr channel. No derotation.
  9. Hmm. I think I'm missing something here. Do you mean 20min separated over like 5 captures so 5reds 5 greens and 5 blues? If thats what you mean than I understand. But I don't understand how to derotate a 20min long clip:p
  10. Do you actually mean 20min.pr channel? How do you derotated a video on 20 min??
  11. Sl about 7min on each channel? Man you are a really smart man! What do you do for a living?
  12. The one on how you calculate the max recording time. I did not quite catch that.
  13. So I should not target certain histogram values? Or follow the recommended max capture lengths???
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