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  1. In my Dobson 200mm F6, I never felt the need to have a magnification between 50x and 100x. Something in between like a 75x? What can that show that the other two magnifications don't? I don't see an use case, except from collecting one more eyepiece. 50x is a good low power, 100x is a good medium power. Add a 200x as high power and you are done. These jumps will show different views, worth swapping eyepieces during a session. P.s. the same approach can be used for larger telescopes. In this case though, the medium power will have a higher magnification, and the high pow
  2. Lovely telescope, Jeremy! it looks superb with that tripod. And congratulations on the BBHS mirror diagonal. It's a very good one!
  3. Off topic... Is there a specific reason why you title all your threads in capital letters? It doesn't seem to me that they are more important than others...
  4. Why the classified should be suspended? If the current situation is a concern, one should simply not buy / sell..
  5. I've spotted M1 with my TV60 a few times. The only issue is light pollution really. Years ago in Devon I observed M31 with 15x70 bins. It was almost larger than the FOV, plenty of detail to see, M32 and M110 were trivial and also showed detail.
  6. That's very beautiful! Thank you for posting it, I tried to observe it with my dobson last night, but the sky wasn't good enough.
  7. @niallk I agree! They make a substantial difference on a cold night.
  8. Collected today from my post office!
  9. Yesterday I received 4 new pipe insulators for the truss poles. These reduce vibrations to nearly zero, are much more comfortable to touch in the cold, and minimise internal light scatter. They are also rather cool!
  10. Thanks Gerry. I also think that a lot depends on the skies on observes. Under my moderately light polluted skies, I like 2mm-1.5mm exit pupil as medium power eyepiece. That gives me a the best contrast for a large variety of targets. There is also a personal factor to add.. I tend to like a "jump" in magnification rather than small increments. For instance, the 20mm rarely saw the focuser as I tend to jump from 30mm to 12.5mm, and then I kick the VIP in to go to about 300x with the docter. Other people like larger sets of eyepieces so that they can fine tune. Different tastes!
  11. I just put your data in my calculator. So the Docter with your 15" w/ PC2 gives 168.25x and 2.26mm e.p. In my dob w/o PC2, the Docter gives 145.04x and 2.03mm e.p. W/ PC2, these # become 166.80x and 1.77mm e.p.
  12. Thanks a lot for your very clear comment, Don. I don't find coma distracting in my F6 dobson, but it is certainly there. I might invest in a PC2 in the next 15% TV discount sales, as I love refractor-like views.
  13. Good report, Gerry Sometimes it is nice to simply revisit old favourites. I'm sure whatever you use, you will have a great galaxy season ahead! Hope that the sky becomes clear here too.
  14. Mm.. interesting. I tried both actually, and didn't see any difference.
  15. Here's mine. Mirror cell was modded. I'm going to change some other things in the coming months but nothing big.
  16. Superb! That looks like an outstanding telescope. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Never had issues in the second hand market here on SGL or ABS. In contrast three times I had issues with new equipment...1) TV plossl 20mm, 2) my first TV60, 3) my current 12" dob. The first item was kept as I wasn't aware of the issue that time. The second one was returned to the seller after I included a lawyer in the email communication. The third one was fixed by me after about 6 months of analysis, study, work, and testing. Now, THANKFULLY, it works and works very well, but it gave me quite some bad time!
  18. They already reply. As soon as they send me the invoice, the order will be placed!
  19. Thanks Robert, I do have a light shroud but it has a few issues that I prefer not to state. Yes, a light shroud is very important, not only as a dew shield, but also for limiting tube currents and preventing things falling down to the mirror box!
  20. I've asked Heather (https://www.scopeshrouds.com/shrouds) for a quote.
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