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  1. Looks great! .. and I second what Stu said above.
  2. Thank you! i think it is important to be sensible and accept some compromise. If partners have their own space and hobbies, then we can have ours, respectfully, without causing arguments. in my case the living room is rather large so keeping the telescopes there is not an issue. Actually the opposite, as they make it feel less empty. The other side of the living room has almost only things of hers.
  3. Great scope, Paz! F7 Is a nice focal ratio for refractors as colour is well controlled and wide field views are possible. I know you said that you don't plan to use 2" EPs, but a 30mm like the APM UFF weighs about 550g and can offer you slightly more than 3 deg of sky, which is great for scanning the milky way. Just a comment of course.
  4. I agree! More seriously, the shroud is on to minimise dust going to the mirrors. Taking the telescope outside takes a couple of minutes, as I don't need to assemble it. Once outside, I leave the fan on for 30m-1h, sometimes also while observing. Taking the Tak outside is also a quick process. My lovely girlfriend has never complained about the telescopes in the living room. She actually said that they look beautiful there. Her mother was a bit shocked by the size, but I assured her that I won't store larger telescopes in the living room.
  5. When an eyepiece undercut is a problem, I use some black tape (the type that is used by electricians) to make the barrel flat. That's it.
  6. With that focal ratio, I wouldn't get anything longer than 31mm focal length. If money is a concern, I would go for a 24mm 82 deg (e.g. Explore Scientific). Alternatively, 31mm TV Nagler, 26mm TV Nagler (second hand market), ES 30mm 82 deg), APM/Lunt 20mm HDC 100deg. If you really don't mind the cost, you could consider a TV Ethos 20mm. Many people love it. Personally, I'm very happy with the APM UFF 30mm.
  7. Hi @foffof, I have both the 3.4mm and 2.4mm Vixen HR on Sale, if you are still interested.
  8. That's quite a long wait! Glad to hear that it's all working well.
  9. Great report Gerry! I was out with my dob on the 30th Dec. Really pleased with the views of M42 and other targets. Also glad to hear that the pushfix adapter is working well with you.
  10. When an eyepiece weighs more than 1 pound, I personally prefer that the barrel is 2". It feels safer on the focuser to me. Having the whole eyepiece set with the same barrel size also eliminates the need of reducers.
  11. +1 for the wheelbarrow handles! My 12" f6 has them too. It is a pleasure to take the cannon outside and inside easily.
  12. As part of my equipment reduction, I'm selling the following items: Vixen HR 3.4mm (like new) £200 Vixen HR 2.4mm (like new) £200 1.25" Lunt Herschel Wedge (prism, ND filter, and wedge housing structure like new. Locking screw requires tapping and threading. Hence the discount) £80 SOLD The Vixen HR are the best eyepieces I have ever owned. A few members on CN matched them with the Pentax XO. No light scattering and incredibly sharp. In my opinion colour tone is neutral and sits in between the Docter UWA and my Zeiss Zoom eyepieces. Eye relief is comfortable if spectacles are not used (which should not at high magnification). The Lunt Herschel Wedge is an excellent tool for white light solar observing using a refractor. It works even better when combined with a Baader solar continuum filter in my opinion. The hole of the locking screw of the solar wedge requires tapping/threading. Apart from that, everything is in excellent conditions, essentially indistinguishable from new items. Caps and boxes (hard case for the wedge) are included, of course. Price includes 1st class RM signed-for. Payment via PayPal (as friends) or bank transfer. Collection from Cambridge also available if preferred. Thanks for looking, Piero
  13. I used the milk carton solution on the central bolt for smoothening the az axis of my SW 8" dob. It works well. Off topic, but something similar can be done to improve the movement of the thumb screws adjusting the secondary mirror.
  14. Interesting thread and I agree with the points raised so far. I bought both new and used in the last years, and never had a problem with items bought in the second hand market. Sometimes, selling can be frustrating though. I find a bit irritating when I advertise something at a honest price and buyers still want to make offers (e.g. large discounts or £5/£10 discounts to cover the shipping costs). Thankfully, most of people just accept a "no", but some can be rather persistent. I remember a member who repeatedly sent me PMs saying that I would never have sold my items at that price, that they would have stayed there forever, etc. I almost had to blocked that person.. Astro gear has become more expensive since June 2016 (.. no comment on causes..), so prices in the used market increased too. To me, this is the main reason why buying/selling in the second hand market has slowed down.
  15. Hi John, I sent you my details. All the best Piero
  16. Sale pending: Ronchi eyepiece and colour filters.
  17. I am selling the following items: Revelation Dielectric 99% Quartz 1.25" diagonal. The 1.25" nosepiece is threaded for filters. IMPORTANT: The screw hole on the 1.25" eyepiece holder requires tapping and re-threading, therefore the discounted price: £25 SOLD Gerd Neumann Jr. Ronchi Okular 10L/mm. This is useful for checking whether the optics have turned edge: £20 SOLD Set of 1.25" Orion coloured filters (made in Japan): #38A (blue), #58 (green), #23A (red): £30 SOLD Price includes 1st class Royal Mail signed-for. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal as friends.
  18. Compared to some of the previous posts, the history of my telescopes is rather simple and short! My first telescope was a Celestron 114mm f8 bought in 1998. I observed with that instrument for about 4 years. Due to moving to a new house, then university, then moving to a new country, I didn't observe for years, until early 2014. At the time I visited an observatory in Northumberland and regain interest in astronomy. I decided to get a 15x70 bins first and then a TV-60. The latter served me for a few years until I decided to get a Tak 100. This year, i finally bought a 12" dobson. In Italy I have a 8" f6 Skywatcher Dobson which I use when visiting that country. Last summer I bought and quickly sold a Lunt 50Tha. I was not particularly impressed by this telescope, and for some reason by h-alpha in general. As for eyepieces, I am not particularly curious in trying new equipment. I am comfortable with a simple but functional set. I have found that I like a focal ratio of F6-ish. This also helps keep one eyepiece set. After much thought, I decided to let all my 1.25" equipment go, with the exception of my Nikon zoom, Baader Q 2.25x and possibly 24 Pan, to be used with the 8" dob in Italy.
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