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  1. Hi John, I sent you my details. All the best Piero
  2. Sale pending: Ronchi eyepiece and colour filters.
  3. I am selling the following items: Revelation Dielectric 99% Quartz 1.25" diagonal. The 1.25" nosepiece is threaded for filters. IMPORTANT: The screw hole on the 1.25" eyepiece holder requires tapping and re-threading, therefore the discounted price: £25 SOLD Gerd Neumann Jr. Ronchi Okular 10L/mm. This is useful for checking whether the optics have turned edge: £20 SOLD Set of 1.25" Orion coloured filters (made in Japan): #38A (blue), #58 (green), #23A (red): £30 SOLD Price includes 1st class Royal Mail signed-for. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal as friends.
  4. Compared to some of the previous posts, the history of my telescopes is rather simple and short! My first telescope was a Celestron 114mm f8 bought in 1998. I observed with that instrument for about 4 years. Due to moving to a new house, then university, then moving to a new country, I didn't observe for years, until early 2014. At the time I visited an observatory in Northumberland and regain interest in astronomy. I decided to get a 15x70 bins first and then a TV-60. The latter served me for a few years until I decided to get a Tak 100. This year, i finally bought a 12" dobson. In
  5. It was a tough decision to let this go, but I hope it will find a good home and get used as it should. There are many threads on SGL containing the observations I had with this telescope. Here is a collection of my reports with this telescope: astrojournal_by_date.pdf 1. TeleVue-60 f6 with short Vixen dovetail, the TV60 soft case, original bag, TeleVue hat, and booklet signed by Al Nagler. Asking for £600. 2. Manfrotto 190 aluminium tripod, TS AZT6-GR mount head with TSPKM dovetail clamp. Asking for £190. This is sold as a package. Payment via bank account transfer, PayPa
  6. Signed. I wonder how many crashes we will assist in the coming years with all those satellites..
  7. Baader is a very serious company in my opinion. I've never had issues with their products. The "diamond" model looks like a cracking piece of engineering.
  8. I'm considering the diamond one for my 12". Its design looks very promising to me.
  9. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your opinion on this!
  10. They cost more than that. Said this one is a zoom and will cover the whole set of Delos/Pentax xw and more, particularly if used with the VIP barlow. The other one is a great mid power (and hight power when used with the VIP barlow) eyepiece. One could make the same argument for Lunt / APM HDC 100 deg versus TV ethos. How much do they cost new today, even considering the TV discounts? Are people seeing more than twice the quality? Probably not. What about SW 100mm F9 versus Tak 100DL F9 at about 4x price difference? And so on... I would say that these more expensive items
  11. Out of curiosity, it seems that Zeiss released another zoom eyepiece for spotting scopes I believe: https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/New/Zeiss-Zeiss-Harpia-23-70x-Zoom-Eyepiece_24450.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA__HvBRACEiwAbViuU592StHvLpbfxmRh256w53x1aYSDnpLUDSCMmwQyIsVgWSiRAJKtrRoCJYEQAvD_BwE Considering its weight, it might be smaller than what it looks like. It seems this also has FL lenses, like the one owned by Gerry and me. The annoying thing of these spotting scope eyepieces is the lack of a standard adapter... As it is it cannot be used for astronomy. Hopefully, Baader or someone else will
  12. Congratulations! I bought my docter from a member here on SGL. That was the only time I saw that eyepiece in the second hand market! It is not easy to find a new one either. As far as I know the only European sellers are okularum.eu in Denmark and apm-telescopes in Germany. If you mostly use 2" eyepieces, I suggest to get the Baader pushfix adapter and semi permanently attach it to the docter. You won't have any focus issues with this compared to the native 2" mode of the Docter which will require outward travel. In addition you can use the docter in T2 mode, which can be han
  13. I compared the Docter 12.5mm Vs Delos 12mm and in my opinion the docter was a bit better: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/539425-docter-and-delos/ My copy of 10mm Baader BCO was not at the level of my ZZ or Docter, suggesting that there is some variability unfortunately.
  14. I never looked through a Zeiss zao or tak abbe. Those two eyepieces are among the very best I tried. The only one which might have a minor edge is the Vixen HR. Unfortunately the focal lengths for this line are very short. It would be great if they made a 5mm, but not sure whether scaling the design is possible. The Docter (now called Nobles) works very well with the Baader VIP barlow. I modified mine to attach via T2. I didn't know that our Zeiss zoom is now discontinued. Hopefully, its replacement will be another good eyepiece. The eyepieces I use the most (almost always) are:
  15. This is the right one: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/678909-USA/Zeiss_52_80_68_DiaScope_Vario_15_56x_20_75x_Eyepiece.html/amp This is a photo of mine with the Baader adapter and my modded Baader VIP: It gave me some cracking views with my Tak and recently, after telescope mods, in my dob 12". I still remember how it opened up M42 and its trapezium in my dob 8"... Here the VIP with my docter plus Baader pushfix adapter: Time ago, I asked Gerry which of the two he preferred and he said "both!" I cannot agree more.
  16. No it isn't. The one Gerry meant is the 20-75x one, which goes from 25.1mm to 6.7mm focal lengths. Super eyepiece! You will need a Baader adapter and some minor DY work to use it with your telescope without having focus issues.
  17. My favourite one is the docter 12.5mm with Baader push fix adapter to make it 2", nearly parfocal to my other eyepieces, and attachable to the Baader VIP via T2 connection. Generally I prefer 70-80 Deg AFOV EPs, with 15-20mm eye relief, large top lens, and weighing around 500-600g. In my dob I use only 2" eyepiece (very similar weight). In the Tak, both 2" and 1.25", depending on what I feel. Oh I also love zoom eyepieces. I have two: one in 2" mode for the dobson and one in 1.25" mode for the refractors.
  18. I just checked and slightly titled my secondary mirror holder and focuser axial alignment. Here's an updated photo.
  19. This is not perfect (e.g. there are asymmetries between the sight tube circle edge and secondary mirror edge as well as between the secondary mirror edge and primary mirror edge), but it works just fine, particularly because my secondary mirror is oversized. Thank you for asking! You reminded me that I need to redo this, now that I improved my primary mirror cell!
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