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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone, I am going to give it another try in a few days time now I've spent some time reading and its started to come back to me! Does anyone have any idea about my mount whilst moving jolting at all? I've seen lots of conversations on here about adding weight to the mount to dampen the vibrations, but this is much more than a vibration, almost like every few seconds someone was kicking the mount accompanied by a loud click sort of sound each time.
  2. As the title suggests I decided a few nights back to get my kit out after a fairly long wait. I had never really bothered to polar align my scope in the past as nearly all my observation has been visual and not AP, but I think this is something I need to learn to do so I can tell my scope to go somewhere and it actually does it... Seems easy right? Well on Monday night I thought as much and decided to get the kit out early and in daylight, take it out of the bags (which by the way are really good, apart from the zips by a brand called Oklop) and get setup ready for my first attempt at using my scope for at least 12 months. Things seemed to be going fairly smoothly, I remembered how everything went together and had very approximately aligned my scope North knowing that as it got darker I would need to reconsider slightly and correct if I was a long way out. Nightfall came and I could see Polaris, so thought it was time to look through my polar-scope and honestly I could barely see anything. Obviously both caps were off, but how on earth do people actually see through this scope and polar align? Maybe my positioning wasn't optimal, but either way had to quickly give up on that idea... The next thing I decided was well, if I can't actually polar align with the polar scope but can see Polaris using my finder and OTA I can't be that far off. It is worth noting that my OTA was pointing in exactly the same place as the mount was, so the starting position would have been close to optimal. So booted up my laptop, loaded Stellarium, forgot that this laptop didn't have the ASCOM drivers and had to download those and then was able to connect my scope up to the laptop. From my garden at this time I can see Arcturus very clearly, so picked this as my first target on Stellarium and sent the instructions to slew over and I can tell you it was absolutely miles off, not what I was expecting considering my rough polar alignment can't have been that bad (or maybe it was?). I was never expecting it to be tight, but honestly it would have taken 15 seconds to slew somewhere close to the right direction from the point it landed at. So at this point I started to retrace what I had done previously and looked at the following; All SynScan related settings (date, time, long, lat, elevation, timezone etc) How many degrees my mount was set (approx 51) and that it was level Stellarium settings, although didn't find much ASCOM settings, again didn't find much One thing I did notice was that SynScan provided Polaris coordinates that were nothing like the app i use on my phone was suggesting, but couldn't see an option to change or update this anywhere. After a bit of messing around I called it a night as it suddenly got cloudy out of nowhere. Last night I attempted it all over again, managed slightly better results in terms of accuracy considering my polar alignment was not done but noticed after leaving Stellarium to follow what should have been Jupiter (sadly blocked out by trees in the garden) I could hear a knocking noise every few seconds that would make a considerable shake when looking through the eyepiece, almost like something was causing the motor gears to clunk (possibly a lack of lubrication?) I have a recording if anyone happens to want to hear what it sounded like, but I don't remember hearing this before. The motors obviously do make a strange noise, but this sounded more like an issue than standard operation. I left it for a while to see if it would get better and it seemed to a little, but is still concerning as if I ever get to the stage that I can polar align properly I would like to be able to observe what I am looking at without having to contend with a badly shaking view FWIW, the EP in use was a really low power, something like a 32mm. So I have a couple of questions; How does everyone else manage to polar align without a back-lit scope in the dark? Is there something obvious I have missed that would cause Stellarium to point in a different dimension even though my polar alignment is approximately correct? Does anyone have any suggestions around fixing or treating the knocking / shaking my motors seem to be causing? Lessons Learned Read the manual again (If anyone happens to have the electronic copy for the EQ3 Pro SynScan mount I would greatly appreciate a link to it please) Don't leave it so long between observations so I can remember what to do, and how Don't under estimate the amount of time required to actually get good at Astronomy Looking forward to hopefully being a little more active on here again, been a while
  3. Yeah i had a look at this one, but the description made me think twice because it says: "Replacement mains adapter/charger for the Celestron 7Ah and 17Ah Power Tanks (might also be compatible with the Skywatcher 7Ah and 17Ah power tanks)"
  4. Hi All, Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of a UK supplier who has genuine power supplies for the SkyWatcher PowerTank? I seem to have lost mine and i need to get the tank charged up... It hasn't been charged in a while so i am a little worried that it may be damaged, but i won't know for sure until i use it. I can see lots of chargers that say they work, but i don't want to risk frying the battery with some cheap unregulated charger. I found some posts from a few years ago but the links are dead. Thanks in advance ?
  5. Looking for some recommendations on a camera under £200? If possible an all rounder!

  6. Hmm... Sounds like a combination of a more heavy weight tripod and some DIY wind breaking will sort me out! Thanks all!
  7. I am using a 150p so we have similar sails! I am also using an EQ3-2 GoTo so it is a pretty light weight setup tbh! Do you reckon getting a heavier duty tripod would help? (something like below) https://www.365astronomy.com/365astronomy-az5-tripod-only-compatible-with-eq3-eq5-and-skytee-mounts.html Yeah i was thinking about some sort of DIY wind breaker that i could just put up when required. It isn't normally windy enough to really need to have one but the first time using my cam has shown me there may be a requirement for one!
  8. Hi All, I managed to get the 'scope out last night to take a look at the "Super Moon" and along the way i thought i would try out my new ZWO cam... It was pretty windy and it looks like the wind was making my 'scope shake a little? I was not tracking the Moon as i hadn't polar aligned. (the video is shaking a fair amount and i am 99.9% it was the wind causing it) I assume this is an issue that many come across so i was wondering what the best way to deal with it is? My kit is below
  9. Just passed the CompTIA Network+ :D : D 

  10. Welcome to SGL , good luck with your outing this evening!
  11. Am i going mad or has the Forum had a subtle lick of paint? ;)


    1. Pig


      Yes he is a link ?


    2. Pig


      Yes..... here is a link to the page explaining the changes ?


  12. For some reason finding time to get out and take a look at the sky has got harder... :( 

  13. Hey SGL So i have just tried my GoTo system for the first time and whilst the scope is idle (motors not slewing) there is a sort of pulsy noise coming from the motor? Is this normal? Further investigation has indicated that this may be a normal noise, i have had a couple of times now where the motors decided to stop responding but i think this is due to the fact my 'scope has not got the slightest idea where it is! (trying to learn how to polar align is harder than anticipated!) I have read through the instructions and looked at a lot of posts about GoTo and it seems it is a fairly common issue when first starting out...
  14. I am based in Essex too, just not sure if i can part with the cash at the moment... Do you mind me asking whereabouts in Essex you are? (DM?)
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