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  1. Ian! You were absolutely right, and I've got egg on my face, hahaha, there was an adapter ring tightly screwed on to the filter!! After removing it fits perfectly! I can confirm if anyone else had doubts that the IDAS LPS-D2 filter is completely compatible with the Baader UFC filter system. Thanks again
  2. Ohhh! Thanks for pointing this out! Yes you're right... I've got screw threads top and bottom. When I get home I'll check. How embarrassing if I've got another adapter screwed onto it!!!
  3. Has anyone encountered compatibility problems of standard filters with the Baader Universal Filter Changer (UFC) system? I have the Filter base assembled with their camera adapter for wide T-ring and telescope-side M48 adapter, together with a couple of M48 filter drawers. It seems beautifully engineered but not cheap when fully assembled. The filter drawer fits nicely into the filter base when its empty. I then tried inserting my Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 filter into the drawer... no problem screwing it in. But then trying to slide the drawer into the base, I found that it gets stuck half way!
  4. The Rainbow RST mounts are very interesting too. I have a Rainbow RST-135... very light and compact, no counterweight, yet with a large capacity. Can be used in equatorial or AZ configuration. The RST-135 costs a bit less than the M-Uno, while the larger (though still small and compact) RST-300 costs more than a 10-Micron GM1000. If you need a mount to go through a small opening this type of mount or the similar Hobym Crux mounts seem hard to beat.
  5. Its great to hear about this project. I think are are several people on this forum with observatories up here in Scotland... I am still at the planning stage, for when I get back permanently from the Middle East. Over there in the desert its mainly shielding from the never-ending Sun and clear skies in the daytime, and dealing with occasional sand and dust storms. Oh, and one of our group knealt on a scorpion last year when packing up his tent. Luckily one of the big black ones which are less venomous than the wee brown b*ggers, still had to rush him to hospital for antivenom!
  6. Hi thanks for this. That is useful info on the threads on the reducers and explains why none of my other adapters fit!!!
  7. I was reading a few threads here and looking at some surprisingly good images taken with the baby Tak... I recently acquired an FS60cb which I would like to use as an ultraportable imaging scope. I wonder if I could ask for advice on imaging setup. I find the Tak system chart a bit inconsistent. I have the dedicated 0.72x reducer. I want to use it with a Canon dslr. I couldn't find any reference to the back focus/metal back distance of the reducer in the official Tak material, although online I found people quoting 56mm? The system diagram for the FS60cb though doesnt seem to add up to 56
  8. Hi Stuart, I recently acquired an FS60CB but haven't had much chance to use it yet. I like the fact that Tak provides the system charts which not all makes do... but then I too found they are rather capricious! Have you been able to resolve the back focus issue? Could you post any pics of your imaging setup for guidance? Thanks, Jo
  9. Oops sorry, missed this. The Revell is much larger at 1:96 scale. I think the Airfix was 1:144 scale so maybe not fair comparison. I also added a bit of extra detail this time... there are accessory kits available, I think for both scales. 50 years ago... yes I dont think my painting was that hot! I seem to remember wanting to run round the garden with it!
  10. Hmmm, not sure about much Sun in Scotland! Im at work in the Middle East at the moment.
  11. Window open! I'm on 3rd floor, so they don't insist on hermetic sealing!! Now I'm just waiting for repeat test at weekend... and hoping to get back home to sunny (???) Scotland for Christmas
  12. I'm recovering from Covid at the moment and confined to my flat... At least I have a West facing window and get nice views of the Sun and Moon. I've been practicing some solar imaging over the past week. It's great to see we are well and truly into Solar cycle 25. This afternoon, two groups of spots. The first image is white light, using full aperture Questar filter on 3.5", asi294mc just placed in the eyepiece holder. Best 30% of 200 images in Sharpcap. Second image is H-alpha, Lunt 80mm, single stack, asi178mm (for smaller pixels). Best 30% of 500 images in Sharpcap, composite iamg
  13. Oh thats funny... just noticed, i have made 30 posts to date... the OP had made about 300... and you have made 3000, so I will be interested in your 2 orders of magnitude experience Best wishes, Joe
  14. Oh Hi, thanks I am interested in using one with an Altaz mount specifically for field rotation... Any ideas? You don't hear much about field rotators for this purpose. I have a TTS Panther altaz mount which has a telescope rotator but I was wondering about just a camera rotator, which could image for longer without a rewind
  15. Hi, Geetings from Saudi Arabia. I just came across your post. Did you ever go ahead with the Pyxis LE field rotator?
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