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  1. You are well on your way now. This is an excellent start. Or I should say beginning. Regarding color etc. Trevor (Astrobackyard) has some excellent tutorials.
  2. Give Atik a call. I am sure they will fix it for you.
  3. That's very similar to the one Altair are selling.
  4. I want to extend the telescopes focal length. For Lunar observing and imaging. And also the brighter planets, like wise.
  5. That is very good, Not much to see but a good image of the red planet none the less.
  6. This is an excellent digital image. You can clearly see the Encke gap. Saturn is obviously higher in your sky than here in the UK.
  7. Good evening. I have an Altair Wave 115 EDT and want a Tele Extender for it. A friend owns a Tak 120 and uses a 1.5x TE but the price, in my opinion, cannot be justified. I have two options open to me. That is cheaper and in my price bracket. Buy an AA 2x 2inch Tele Extender or. Buy a Primaluce Lab APO 2x Tele-Extender for APO Telescopes. I like the look of this telescope extender but know nothing about it. How good is it is there any false color? Does anybody on this forum have any opinions, please?
  8. That really is excellent. And. From Oxford and not somewhere in the Southern Hem.
  9. I can't fault Altair Astro and their high-quality Refractors. In my view, they are as good as Tak's and other premium fracs that cost double the money. I own a AA-SW 115 EDT. I use this for CCD imaging but also visual too. Mine was an ex-demo that I brought from Altair at Kelling in 2016. I couldn't believe my luck when it was offered at a silly price. It's your fault for the change in the weather. But when the rains and cloud go. I am sure you will be delighted with you're purchase. You must sign up for the user group.
  10. These are tremendous Gavin. Stay with it and you'll be an expert in know time.
  11. There are some lovely pictures out there showing the progress of the eclipse. But- It makes my blood boil that we missed it because of a weather front. At least we have January's event. Now here's a question. Does any person know if any of our Lunar spacecraft or anything orbiting the Moon. Ever photographed the Earth eclipsing the Sun?
  12. Come on guy's did you honestly expect a clear window this evening. Humid and cloudy here in Cheshire. A trip down the pub later, I think.
  13. I and members from Macc AS. Will at Teggs Nose on Friday (weather and clear skies permitting) watching the TLC. But also Mars at opposition. I will have my 4.5inch Altair 115 EDT and IO Mini Tower II Pro. Fingers crossed for a good night. I noticed the dust storm was finally clearing, which is very good news for Earthbound observers and our two, working, emissaries from Earth. The list showing the Mars Oppositions is very useful too. It's nice to see the next Mars Opposition in 2020 will have the planet at a decent altitude in UK skies. Thanks for posting.
  14. Darker skies were very welcome, on 2018 July 14th. JUPITER. And Saturn.
  15. Here is our Star shot this morning, before things started to heat up. There's not a lot happening on the Sun. But It is still worth setting up and looking-imaging.
  16. PSP had its good points and bad. The bad points. Well, niggles really. I didn't care for that barn. I found it to dusty and it affected my chest. The other one, there simply wasn't anywhere warm, to chill out. It was also more expensive if you wanted to use the supplied EHU's than Kelling. And it could be very windy too. But it was fun and I enjoyed meeting peeps and making new friends. It would be very nice to see a Star Party in the Peak District. But the problem is. When?
  17. I will be there. Macclesfield AS have there usual stand, and I hope to be outside showing interested parties. Our Star with my PST.
  18. I agree. I am a member of the BAA LS and should give the Moon more time than I do.
  19. You've noticed the Moon thing too have you! It is very annoying and uncanny that we have clear skies when there's a fat Moon. I have our Allen Chapman lecture to go to first. But I will do some imaging when I get back.
  20. I do like that Richard. You have the colours spot on.
  21. Nice work Carole. I like the colour version. But I also like the mono image. HNY too you.
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