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  1. That PC in the OP is vastly overpriced. If on a budget get a Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB DDR4 3000/3200, and any of the MSI B450 MAX motherboards. This is a good base to work from, and cheap. Ryzen 7 3700x is a great cpu but needs fast ram to get the most from it and 2400mhz is as slow as ddr4 gets. It will prevent you getting the most from it. Still a big improvement over a laptop i5 (which is much slower then a desktop one) but could be better.
  2. Thanks for the words of wisdom and support and the plugin tip. I didn't really know what stretching was and had to look it up. Before I've often wondered how pulling the image like elastic would help anything haha I've spent hours in photoshop today and watching videos and understanding more bit by bit. I have quite a few sets of images of various targets waiting for some decent attention. I'm determined to get better at it over this coming winter season. As for the Minitrack yes it's a nice bit of kit and does indeed just fit on a tripod. I used it originally on a cheap pan head tripod but tightening everything down after alignment would always throw it off a fair bit so I bought a new tripod with a ball head. Locking everything down with that was better but was so fiddly I always felt I needed a third arm so I just bought a cheap mini wedge and this made things so much easier.
  3. Hi, I woke up at 0425 this morning for some reason and instead of going back to sleep I decided to look outside and noticed it was clear, so crazily thought it would be a good idea to image Orion for the first time. I knew time was against me before our own star would start to brighten the sky so got dressed and threw everything in the car and 10 mins later was out of town and under bortle 4 skies. I quickly set up, did a rough polar alignment and managed to get 30 minutes or so of exposure before packing up and heading home. A quick Sequator and Photoscape X later and I got this image. It's heavily cropped as the framing was poor (I'm so bad at framing), slightly our of focus and too green to name some of the faults but tomorrow I will have a proper go at it with Photoshop and Lightroom when I'm less tired and have more time. I'm very happy to see a very feint Barnard's Loop in there! Unmodified 700D, 50mm F1.8 STM lens (@F2.8 and cropped) and a Minitrack LX3. 25x80secs and ISO200. Just lights because complete noob
  4. Nice one. I'll be spending lots of time on Orion as the year draws to a close. Can't wait!
  5. That looks stunning. Makes me wonder if there's a system within Andromeda where the aliens there are doing the exact same thing with our own Galaxy and showing it off.
  6. Winning picture looks totally fake to me, and like any computer generated image will not last the test of time. There are countless far superior images posted in these forums everyday.
  7. Great set up. Looks crazy complicated to me with all the wires everywhere but that's the name of the game I suppose. WIshing you many enjoyable nights within it's confines!
  8. Well the wedge arrived this morning so I just set it all up for a looksy. I think I'm all set now for some clear nights. Some pics of the setup and a bonus image of Andromeda I did a few weeks back before I got the wedge and replaced the tripod. I've now got Lightroom too so had a little play with it a few days ago so sorry for the overblown stars etc. Im looking forward to improving not only the images I take but also the editing.
  9. My mini wedge arrived today from Omegon direct. I always thought it was just an iOptron model rebranded and now the box confirms it lol. Anyway, I'm looking forward to using it with my Minitrack LX3.
  10. M.2 is just a physical form factor so make sure the drive you are looking at uses the NVMe interface otherwise it's just SATA will be no faster than a standard SSD. Easy way to tell is to look at the connector. M.2 NVMe drives have one notch and M.2 SATA drives have two.
  11. Great image, looks to almost have a 3d effect to it.
  12. Ah yes I see. The circle inside the scope is the travel of Polaris depending on the current time. Good to know for the future then if I get another tracker that has the date rings. I will focus more on the spring tensions as Nigella suggested. I got an app called taptempo so will practice in the mean time with positions and load. Oh and a good tip about the phone torch, didn't even think of that Thanks for all the help everyone, I'm excited to get the most from this tracker in the coming months!
  13. Hi, sorry I missed that post it seems. Does look a decent head and I actually like the handle on those. My old one was actually easier than the ballhead of my new tripod untill I had to lock it down, that threw everything off lol. This one looks much better quality. But yes I have ordered a wedge now and after watching a bunch of Peter Zelinka videos I have my heart set on it hehe. Though I really wanted the William Optics one but that price.... Your pan head will be an absolute bargain for someone.
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