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  1. Well that's good news. I've brought a 290m today from AA to use with my Quark eyepiece and 80mm Megrez II EDT Apo. From what you're saying. It will be a very good match. I can also use it on my C9.25 for Lunar images
  2. LAS are doing a 1st class job of keeping everyone safe. But It still won't be the same atmosphere. Let us all hope we have that vaccine before too long, so we can enjoy this event in 2021.
  3. There is also, as I recall one very annoying naked light near the car park which I found very irksome.
  4. Welcome to Starship SGL Ian. Nice to see another Cheshire lad on here.
  5. Luckily for us. We have UKABS which is a godsend if like me. You don't have deep pockets . It has been an expensive journey for me in 30 yrs. I have enjoyed owning expensive gear and then selling it on and buying better equipment. I am now at a stage in my life, where I am happy with my current collection of telescopes and telescope mounts, cameras etc. I would love to buy a full frame CCD-CMOS camera. But I know it would be a waste of money, living under Cloudy - Grey UK skies.
  6. I've cancelled this years visit because I and my observing buddy and another camper have agreed the risk from COVID is to higher risk to take home to loved ones. That's the bad news. The good news. My pitch is safe for 2021. Fingers crossed we have a vaccine in early 2021. Paul and I are really [removed word] off that we will have to forgo our annual pilgrimage to Norfolks dark skies, thanks to COVID...
  7. Excellent work. I like the contrast and detail in the nebulosity.
  8. HLVG plugin will solve the green issue. And the background is just little clipped. That's an easy fix. Otherwise. It's a very good image with plenty of nebulosity visible in you're image.
  9. I'm also looking forward to seeing everybody and getting back to some sort of normalcy. Everything crossed for a Sunny week with those dark Norfolk skies above us at night Say hello cos I'll be the one wearing a mask
  10. This is a brilliant and very intuitive tutorial. I have followed your instructions and I have now setup APT and Point Craft for solving. I use Plate Solving now. But I wasn't sure whether It was set up correctly. Thank you for this tutorial. Have you considered offering this up for publication in Astronomy Now?
  11. I also use this. Like you. I have an older version of Photoshop and didn't fancy the monthly subscription I saw Affinity Photo and read some excellent reviews. And brought it There are plenty of YT tutorials regarding processing Astroimages, from the likes of Astrostace and Dave Eagle plus others. It is worth buying
  12. If there ain't any traders. I can hang on to my wallet Seriously I hope there are traders there on the Saturday. and I too hope it's still as social, as social can be with social distancing. If we all wear face masks then there shouldn't be a problem with being sociable.
  13. It's about time we showed this Virus who's the BOSS. And providing we follow the guidelines set out by the Gov and Kelling. We will be okay. I will have an astronomy face mask to ware and I will have plenty of hand sanitizers. We just need to get back to normalcy and the 2020 EQSP is just what I need.
  14. You could buy a Primaluce Eagle- or MHP from Hitech Astro. I use a MHP mini and have Gemini II goto with my G11. I can plug all my imaging gear, power and USB via the MHP mini and run two cables from my pier that's a single USB Extension Repeater cable and an Ethernet cable for the Gemini II. My cables are typically 10 meters in length. And I don't have any problems with USB connectivity. I use the USB for Cameras (CCD and DSLR) and a Filter Wheel. The Eagle is very good as it is Wireless and will connect via your Laptop Wireless adaptor. It isn't cheap but this might be the only option for what you want to do.
  15. With type 1 Diabetes and a friend who is getting on. We've taken the decision to cancel this year's visit. I can't risk catching Covid and the same goes to Paul. I am hoping Kelling will save our pitch for the 2021 event. When hopefully things will be better . Things change just like the weather. Yesterday I had good news that we are now going to this years Kelling. It lifted my spirits, and it will be good to get back to some normality and see friends.
  16. Welcome to SGL Junare. The place you live sounds idyllic with plenty of dark skies.
  17. Thank you for the report. It looks like you are having a good time observing the red planet. Now all you need to do. Is to draw what you're seeing.
  18. "Blue Edition" signify More clouds probably Jeremy. I used to be a SX owner myself I had an MX5 for while back in the mid 90s.
  19. Yes thank you David. I just need the weather to cooperate.
  20. Very nice. I hope it comes with clear skies
  21. I thought you might be interested to know. I have also gone down the Quark route. I wanted to upgrade my aging PST to something better. Over the weekend of June 20-21st I placed an order with FLO for a Quark Chromosphere a Sky Watcher ST 102mm, and a 1.25 inch Baader UV/IR filter. They arrived on Thursday and on Friday I finally had my first views of the Sun through a 35mm Celestron Ultima ep.
  22. Thanks Steve. I have already done that. If I remove the centre dust cap I can increase the focal length from F5 to F10. When it arrived, thank you FLO. It said on the box. "May Contain Clouds" and they weren't kidding
  23. I know I'm late to the party. With this thread. I have brought a Quark Chromesphere and SW STAR-TRAVEL 102 and I'm getting a Stellar Mira 1.25 diagonal. I've also been looking at a suitable eyepiece to use with the Quark. At the moment I can't afford a 40mm TV plossl. So having read the reviews. I opted for a SW 40mm SP eyepiece . It will be very interesting to see how good it is. It's cheap but I hope it's not that cheap that it's unusable. I hope to get a 40mm TV later in the year when funds allow
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