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  1. I have used both systems. The results from both methods are remarkably similar - Polemaster seems to be slightly better when the seeing is good and Sharpcap slightly better when the seeing is poor but very little in it. I use a SW ED72 with ZWO290 for guiding. Neither is as good as drift alignment. With either system you should get an accurate enough polar alignment to allow your guiding to give you virtually unlimited subs. Maybe your guiding isnt working at 100% ????
  2. Its brand new from FLO so I am dealing with them. FLO have always been excellent at sorting problems so I must give them fair opportunity to resolve the issue without me going over their heads. I guess FLO will be in contact with Atik as this is the second camera - the first was exactly the same and was requested to be sent back and exchanged for this one. The chances of two cameras with exactly the same issue must be incredibly small !! I keep hoping its me doing something stupid but I am fast running out of ideas.
  3. OK - so the camera and filter wheel are off the scope and I took flats with the filter wheel facing straight down onto the flat panel - exactly the same result - dark at the top and light at the bottom. So I took the filter wheel off - camera straight onto the flat panel - same result. I am clean out of ideas now. This image is from the camera straight onto the flat panel - I tried it rotating the camera 90º - same result. This is stretched and converted to JPEG for ease of viewing.
  4. Not sure if this helps or hinders - just checked the ADU values and they seem to range from 7667 to 35967 which is a heck of a range for a 'flat' ??!!
  5. No - I haven't - yet. I think that's my next course of action. It is a full frame sensor. If the problem is how the light cone falls on the sensor can anything be done about it ?? Would that imply that the sensor is tilted to the light cone ?????
  6. Sorry - saved it as a TIFF - here it is as a FIT. David. masterbias.fit
  7. @vlaiv Here is the unadulterated master bias. A million thank you's. !!! David masterbias.tif
  8. It was a big help having a pal that works at Faslane nuclear submarine base!!! He is a submarine tubing welder and the standard of welding has to be seen to be believed !! It is beautiful!!! I declined the offer of the x-ray certificate
  9. Thanks Peter Fingers crossed for a clear night before the clocks go forward as that's it for me until September (long way North!!) and I don't want to spend the summer wondering if a brand new camera is going to work properly! Thanks again. David (aka Skipper Billy).
  10. I am off to bed now - work tomorrow! Will attached the unadulterated super bias tomorrow. Thanks for your help Vlaiv David.
  11. Hello @vlaiv I have got flats of different exposure times but what you are suggesting is beyond my skills. Two are attached if you can make any sense of them - they are straight from the camera - nothing done to them. David. Target 1 flats_22.19sec_1x1_Red flat_frame1.fit Target 1 flats_5.78sec_1x1_Lum flat_frame7.fit
  12. Hi @vlaiv Superbias (stretched and converted to jpeg) attached Doesnt seem to bear any relevance to the flats ??? David
  13. @vlaiv I havent taken any bias subs yet - only got the camera connected this afternoon. Maybe that should be my next step?
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