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  1. Does seem to be a scatter-gun approach. Regulators are just that. They generally work or not. Your tech(?) should be able to check the board with volts on and easily check the voltage levels. Why not just accept that the mount works fine on slew speed 6 and get on with life till the present pandemic is over and then buy a new board and find out whether it is a board fault or not. Worry about fixing a front plate issue afterwards. Plenty of folk can bash a piece of metal or 3D print something to fix that issue. For what it is worth Farnell have two of your chips in stock at 0.343 (x5) so £3 or so +VAT +P&P, the other in a pack of two is on back-order at £7.14 +VAT +P&P so lot would come to £15-16 or so. Back-order might be when the crisis is over or never if it is an item in short supply or now heading towards obsolescence........... https://www.microchipdirect.com/product/MIC2171WU-TR?productLoaded=true so July lead time from the maker. Any tech worth his salt would have found this out for you.
  2. Penny just dropped. The resistors aren't 270R they are R270! So of course they look like a short. R270 = 0.27ohms! Hence my comment on the value, "(although these seem on the high side?)" Spent years doing this stuff and missed something so obvious! Doesn't help with the problem though.
  3. Could be my eyes but the caps look to be connected across pins 17 & 18. In which case they are filtering noise on the sense resistors. Those resistors are possibly the 270R resistors (although these seem on the high side?) and control the drive current. So maybe what your tech saw as a short may just be the 270R resistors. The value given in the datasheet for the cap is suggested to be a standard 0.1uF (100nF) and won't be polarity sensitive. So wouldn't have blown for a reverse polarity. Datasheet of the A3959SLBT is available on the web but won't solve your problem. Are you sure you haven't got a mechanical limiting your slew speed?
  4. Know anyone with a 3D printer? Trivial task to make.
  5. Always used to Dremel or otherwise destroy the socket first then remove each pin individually when I did this sort of thing for a living.
  6. You need to decide based on your likely activity. Do you have a good dark sky location? Easy access to haul out a heavier mount and the physical ability to do it? Or will you spend time travelling to a dark sky site? I've just purchased a HEQ5 Pro and the size and weight came as a bit of a shock even after studying the specs etc. Not overly heavy compared to some but more than enough for me to manage. I went with a SW150PDS for my full frame DSLR on it but also have used a Canon 100-400mm lens with an AZ-GTi in Eq mode with good results.
  7. Just went over my HEQ5 1.76" stainless steel tripod and the legs are very magnetic. So much so that I can't set it up with a compass anywhere near it.
  8. I've seen the Neutrik SpeakOn connectors recommended before but the manufacturer specifically states: Attention speakON is NOT to be used as an AC mains or power supply connector! Also I believe that the cigarette plug on the lead supplied with the mount contains a fuse? So if replacing make sure a suitable fuse holder and fuse is incorporated. Len
  9. Big bloke with a wrecking bar might make short work of those bolts. Pull them straight through. My workshop lock bolts (two) are backed with 16 gauge galv plate. If your hinge pins are exposed outside then fit some hinge bolts (interlocking plate and bolt) into the frame. Of course the structure is all wood so they can still get in.....................
  10. Wow, that's really neat! Good job just need some clear nights now
  11. Thanks for the welcome! Looks like a starry night might make an appearance tonight but might not get out to play!
  12. Just purchased a Skywatcher Skymax 127 EQ3-2 Telescope and finding my way around it! Lots to learn and a bit of a steep learning curve at the moment but the miserable cloudy weather isn't helping! Forum seems packed with goodness! Situated in Deeside, North Wales.
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