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Scotland's Premier Star Camp for Autumn 2025

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Hi Folks,


As usual, I am announcing the dates as soon as practical,

so that those people who need to give employers very early dates for holidays can do so.



Scotland's Premier Star Camp for

Autumn November 2025


It will be held at Drumroamin Camp Site.


1 South Balfern, Kirkinner, Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, DG8 9DB 


  Between Tuesday 18th and Monday 24th November. 


(The New Moon is on Thursday the 20th November) 


These dates contain the weekend following the New Moon.

Location: Drumroamin

Latitude: 54.83253

Longitude: -4.45677


This means that observers and imagers are still able to view/image some days before

and after the New Moon, without moonlight pollution affecting them too much.

(This time the weekend after the new moon is better).




Some time ago I was asked by an SGL member if I had any information regarding

the Past/Long-Term Weather around the Wigtown/Newton Stewart area.


I hope it is of some interest as to how and why

 I picked the dates that I have following these data and others on line.

For example, November seems the better month for the Autumn event compared to October as it has longer nights.

November also appears to have slightly less rainfall and colder nights.



The diagram below indicates that mid to late November seems the better time,

as the colder nights could mean the ability of the sky to hold moisture is reduced, hence clearer viewing.


All this depends upon the New Moon dates and the availability to book the camp site and where these dates fit in the month.

I also try to see if I can fit the New Moon date as close to a weekend as possible.


Lesley also opens up the camping area just for us and so excludes the general public.

Date and site availability has to bear in mind her yearly opening schedule!



Some interesting information for Wigtown.


(Precipitation and Temperatures)



Dates of the Star Camp picked because of likelihood of best weather combined with hours of darkness,  

The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 14.5 °C | 58.0 °F. At 4.2 °C | 39.6 °F on average,

February is the coldest month of

the year.






As always those wishing to attend a day or so early and/or stay longer can request this with Lesley at the time of booking!

Hope to see you all there.

Best wishes.

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