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  1. In the early 1990 s maybe had a week of cloudy weather at most ,i put it down to CLIMATE CHANGE
  2. Love to watch old S/N on utube with Sir P/M Chris and Maggie just seem to make me switch off to many giggles for me
  3. When i removed the back cover the cable from the peltier broke off the circuit board .I cannot see where they should be connected. Does anyone have a Atik 16 ic and could take a photo where they are connected. Atik wont deal with such an old camera now so couldnt get help from their online service Many thanks
  4. Thankyou the TEC sits directly on metal body . Also could you recommend a thermal paste so much variation of price . Thanks again .
  5. Hi does anyone know the wattage of the peltier cooler suitable for a 285 ccd . I found two which are correct size 25mm x 15mm . One is 10 watt the other is 18 watt will these cool the ccd enough thanks karl
  6. Images taken on 26th 27th 28th March with Atemis 285 skywatcher 100ed 0.85x My focuser pro 2 HEQ6 CCDCIEL GS Server The star Gamma Ursae Majoris is leaking at top right maybe need to look at flocking my scope . The star spikes are software. Thanks for looking .
  7. Looks like pinched optics .This image is from a 80mm refractor I had in 2014 I could have fixed the problem by loosening retaining ring on objective lens but exchanged the scope instead .
  8. Less aircraft traffic and less road traffic pollution .
  9. Cheers Martin had a look at there web site under contact didn't see where I could upload a file karl
  10. My Atik 16ic camera has started to download this. I have done a fresh install of windows 7 and installed Atik core software with ascom drivers . I operate my cameras via Maxim dl using Artemis HSC . The problem also occurs with Artemis capture . Been at this for a week now any help much appreceiated.
  11. 40 X 300 secs 15/18 Jan 2020 Artemis 285 SW 100ED NEQ6
  12. 100 X 5mins Flats & Bias Subtracted Artemis 285 SW ED100 NEQ6
  13. I got a Artemis 285 which is the same camera off ABS. It cost £300 . I had to make new seals for optical window and buy some desiccant but otherwise its giving good results .Usb 1 is slow for bias as each download is 13 seconds binning 1 .But for a 300 second light frame 13 secs not so bad. This is an image I am working on - M51 60 x 300 secs bias & flats Go for it . M51.tiff
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