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  1. oops, i meant Lausanne... it's a nice obsy with a big SCT. unfortunately, there were 30+ people there and not speaking French, we didn't get a chance to chat to the two guys running it.
  2. I'm on hols in Lauranne in Switzerland with the other half who is developing an interest in astronomy and I just stumbled upon this... http://svastro.ch/ Wondering if anyone here has visited this obsy?
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned but it looks interesting https://www.hackster.io/news/the-nicest-diy-astrophotography-star-tracker-we-ve-ever-seen-0d3632d7347b?fbclid=IwAR02ZPhdAXVgb01DV1fULf1IsW6rvyl68UFlf1zTWOE8_mQ_OSsfeQmcfag
  4. All ready for the mercury transit on the 11th... Baader film in custom objective and finder holders printed on my ender3 for my Tal 100R. And if it's cloudy in this damn astronomically forsaken country, i'm emigrating Even got the day off work so it had better be clear...
  5. i hope so i'd been looking for a Tal 100R since the turn of the century lol but never found one locally till last year.
  6. well, gorilla glue to be exact. i'm leaving it 24 hours before i put the backplate on
  7. i was right... the diagonal had been taken apart in the past... one of the springs was completely off its screw and the bearing pivot was jammed at the side... i drew up a centering drawing an wow, i didn't realise it was so far off centre but a rebuild of the diagonal and a spot of superglue to lock the bolts and VOILA!!! can't wait to get back out in the field to see what this scope can really do now bodge bodge bodge... and fixed holy moly all's good in the world now
  8. good point. this is without the diagonal
  9. i noticed the diagonal had been opened at some point in the past for some reason as there were burrs on the back plate. i'm wondering if a previous owner bodged it?
  10. So a while back i finally got myself a Tal 100R after years of trying to find one locally. The times i've used it, and after reading various reports from other owners, i always got the impression that the scope wasn't giving me the image quality i was expecting. I built an adaptor to hold my Glatter laser and, well, this sure doesnt look right. As the only point of adjustment is the alignment of the 90 degree mirror, do any of the more knowledgeable refractor users think that adjusting this mirror will give me a marked improvement?
  11. admittedly, i later got another email from a different person basically saying that still a funny first reply though as to the being overly welcomed... well most people steer me a wide birth especially when i got my trenchcoat and boots on
  12. So I saw three 'dark sky sites for star gazing' on the peak district website and emailed them for info... Not sure if the reply made me laugh or groan... Thank you for contacting the Peak District National Park Authority. Staying overnight in our carparks is not permitted, such as parking for the whole night in a campervan. Please observe the timings of the parking charges at the carpark (9am – 6pm)
  13. i've got a full 3D model to work from. only things i don't know yet is the exact distance to the surface of the primary until i find decent springs for the primary cell and the secondary holder size. i kind of guestimated them in the model but until they're physical objects, well... y'know
  14. and yeah, there's only 6 truss poles there but i wanted to play
  15. the primary is 14.5inch F5.6 (80 inches give or take a bit) but i bought 2000mm poles. there'll be somewhere round 400mm coming off them once i get the primary cell completely finished so i know exactly where the secondary will need to be to complete the measurements. it's actually a lot heavier than it looks as it's made from 18mm exterior waterproof MDF, but y'know, that's what cars are made for
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