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  1. I just realised that I haven't described the procedure... Blow all loose dust off the mirror with compressed air, or blower brush. Pour a small amount of RR onto the mirror. I used 5ml for a 50mm semi-minor axis elliptical flat. Spread the RR around the surface. I used a clean finger, taking care not to actually touch the surface. The RR is a thick liquid so can be easily pulled around by surface tension alone. Cut a strip of clean paper (¼in by 1in) and apply it to the wet RR as show in the pictures. Leave to dry overnight. The instructions on the bottle say 4-12 hours depending on humidity a
  2. I have just removed the film from both test pieces. While it did not remove the grease from two fingerprints, it did remove all of the dust and grime. The mirror looks almost new. I have added a picture of the cleaned mirror to the album linked above.
  3. Here are the pictures... 2015-05-20 18.04.00 is the main mirror in the cell, showing the "baked on" dust. 2015-05-20 18.07.56 is the two test optics. One is the original flat mirror that was in the same environment as the main mirror. The other is a spare objective lens I have sitting around. 2015-05-20 18.12.22 is the test flat mirror covered in the Revirginizer 2015-05-20 18.14.12 is the bottle of Record Revirginizer.
  4. I forgot to take the pictures of the mirror last night, but I'll try to do so tonight. The main mirror was stored in a garage/workshop for about 7 years. The dirt is quite firmly fixed having gotten damp and dried several times. I've tried the washing techniques described above with only slight improvement. The Vinyl Revirginizer arrived today, so I'm going to try it out on a spare flat mirror I have laying about, and if that works I'll try it on the main mirror. If I remember I'll take photos throughout. Rarius
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