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  1. I was looking to buy a long FL imaging scope for galaxy season, and the 8" Edge + reducer was on my wish list list. However the new price combo goes into half decent refractor territory, which is where i think i'll put my money. pc387
  2. Guiding - best camera

    +1 for the original QHY5. After the QHY5 died I tried to upgrade to the QHYLII mono (similar/same chip as the Lodestar) but it wasn't recognised by the SKYX pro (I don't think the QHY5LII drivers play ball, with Paramounts). Managed to get the old camera working again by gluing the circuit board back to the rear of the casing, and it's been fine ever since. pc387
  3. I use a set up very similar to this, ordered from Ian King a while back (Losmandy bottom fitting, so it slides into a paramount versa plate, and a ADM Losmandy to Vixen saddle to accommodate the Esprit dovetail). It takes both 50mm and 60mm guidescopes. It's a bit expensive, but I use this set up with other OTA's and camera lenses. pc387
  4. Hi Is your version Win10 pro? I was under the impression that if you removed the update from home editions, then the security update would re-install itself at some point in time; unless updates are disabled (only available in win10 pro). I followed the procedure to change the DCOM settings to "call" to fix issues with my Ascom/Atik driver connectivity. This seemed to fix issues on a 'dry' run but I've not tested it in anger yet. Hopefully since Microsoft are aware of the havoc they've created with a rushed roll-out, a fix will be in place soon? pc387
  5. Certainly the latter suggestion looks like a cheap and cheerful option, I'll look into. Many Thanks pc387
  6. Thanks James, I actually started off imaging with one of these with Nikon lenses+ my OSC camera. However when I switched to mono, i found I couldn't use these with the 460 +Nikon lenses and a EFW2 in the train to get focus. I'ts still a great bit of kit and well engineered. pc387
  7. Hi, I've been imaging with an atik 460; EFW2 with both 300mm and 180mm lenses. These both have lens collars, so can attach to a dovetail fairly easily (EFW2 in upright position). I now want to try imaging with lenses ranging from 50mm to 100mm, and was wondering how people attach similar configurations to their mounts? I've tried scope rings, but found them fiddly to use. I notice ZWO produce a collar for some of their cameras (79mm diameter), and was wondering if something similar exists to fit an Atik (60mm diameter). Would a Borg 60mm clam shell fit, and hold the camera? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks pc387
  8. QHY5 Foam

    Hi Carole, I believe it provides some cushioning between the electronics board and the front of the camera. My QHY5 electronics board had become loose making the camera disconnect intermittently, so i had to glue it back in place and carefully re-positioned the foam. All working OK now. pc387
  9. Farewell to Green Witch

    Sorry to see them go too. I used to love to drool over all the goodies when they were located in Dry Drayton and it was heaven to have an astro store on my doorstep. I made all of my major purchases from Neil (Celestron C8; SW ED80 Esprit; stand alone autoguider) when he operated from home. He was a true gent and allowed me to sort out a blocked bank card (expensive purchase) from his home telephone, which took over half an hour to sort. Wish them all the best, and a happy retirement PC387
  10. +1 for the set of videos above. Got me going on my NEQ6 in no time. pc387
  11. Paramount MYT question.

    Hi I've attached a blog by Paramount's Richard Wright regarding guiding using 'Direct Guide'. I believe he uses a Lodestar for guiding too. Some of the guiding interface has changed in recent updates of the software, but many of the settings hold true. Maybe of help? pc387 Guiding Best Practices.docx
  12. Esprit 80 CCD Users - Imaging Train Used?

    These are the measurements given to me by FLO for my ATIK 460 and EFW2, so maybe adjust measurements for your set-up The "Esprit 80 Flattener requires 61mm spacing from it to the camera sensor, you should add 1mm when using filters, so we now have a 62mm spacing requirement. The flatterer has a 6mm thick adapter supplied with it ( normally fits to a M48 ring on a DSLR ) and if you leave this 6mm adapter on the flattener the spacing required is now 56mm. The Atik 4 series CCDs have 13mm back focus and the wheel takes up 23mm, thats a total of 36mm, leaving 20mm to make up. We have a 20mm adapter that is M48 threaded on one end, this will screw to the adapter thats on the flattener and has M54 thread on the other end to screw onto the filter wheel You will have CCD - Filterwheel - 20mm adapter - Flatterer with its adapter fitted - telescope" pc387
  13. Like yourself, I started off with the astrotrac travel system and would think that the 400mm camera lens would be the max payload for this system. Similarly I had/still have the equinox 80 pro/NEQ6 combined with a TRF/2008 flattener/reducer, and found this was necessary even with a 314 OSC (small chip camera, so a reducer increased the field of view; possibly also consider a larger chip camera if you want wider fields of view) . There may be cheaper flattener/reducer alternatives to the Televue. p.s I found the equinox an excellent scope, albeit rather heavy. pc387
  14. ND filter for solar eclipse???

    I've come across these on the WEX site when searching for a ND filter: http://www.wexphotographic.com/marumi-77mm-dhg-nd100000-neutral-density-solar-filter-1569587/ pc387
  15. Celestron Nightscape 10100 sensor issue

    I had almost identical issues with my ATIK 460. The diagnosis was that it needed a new PCB. There was quite a lot of a corrosion present, suggesting water / condensation has got into the camera at some point. pc387