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  1. just received notification that a significant upgrade is now available. pc387
  2. Should also have added this: If you’ve purchased from the Affinity Store— each time you start the software it will check for updates and offer to download and install any available update. For the macOS release, in the application main menu there is an option "Check for Updates". Alternatively, you can download the latest installer by logging into the affinity store here and find the order in your account and use the "download" button in there. Updates are installed automatically (or manually by installing the new version over the old) Previous builds do not need uninstalling first. New i
  3. From the affinity forum site: iIf you’ve purchased from the Microsoft Store— Microsoft Store updates are done automatically by the operating system (each time you start the application). If this does not happen for you, open the Windows Store app and click the three dots in the top right corner of the app and then go to Downloads and Updates. Click Get Updates. This should hopefully force the update to show pc387
  4. There's also a series of stacking video tutorials including OSC colour processing; Monochrome colour mapping; LRGB colour composition; HaRGB composition; Bicolour composition; and SHO composition which maybe useful for new comers. pc387
  5. If you're into visual learning, I'd recommend this site https://www.ip4ap.com/ run by Warren Keller. It's subscription based (not too expensive) but there are some free primers. It covers beginners; intermediate and advanced with plenty of demo's. pc387
  6. One thing i noticed with the images above is a green colour cast (at least on my screen). Hit the green kill switch by using SCNR at the default setting (i usually apply this a couple of times during post-processing) Those greens will become yellow/gold with a bit of further processing. pc387
  7. When i've imaged this, it was with a mono CCD and narrowband filters. It tends to light up with OIII. pc387
  8. Hi I've been trialing a photo enlargement software from Topaz labs (Gigapiixel AI) and have been blown away by the results;, certainly on terrestrial photos' where I've heavily cropped an area of interest and noise is very evident. However after up scaling the noise virtually disappears and the detail remains. May be worth a try (there's a 30 day trial, and the software is fully functional, and is very intuitive to use). pc387
  9. Managed to grab a couple of shots yesterday; SW Esprit ED80; Quark Chromosphere; ZWO 174MM. Stacked in AS3 and processed using IMPGG and PSE15 pc387
  10. Finally managed to process some images taken from 27th. Taken with SW esprit ED80; +Quark Chromosphere+ASI174MM (+/- 0.5x reducer) and processed using a combination of IMPGG and PSE 15. Hope to apply some of the recent IMPGG work flow posted recently, and finally managed to figure out flats to minimise burned out areas (applied to one of these images)
  11. Had some time in between working from home (ASI174MM +/- 0.5X reducer), Quark Chromosphere, SW Esprit ED80; processed using IMPG and PSE15). Does anyone have suggestions on how to control the bright overexposed regions in the images (Flats? or tilt adapter?). Also the colour palette in PSE is rather limiting and i can't get consistent colour renditions between images (the b+w versions have far more contrast and subtle detail) Help and advice would be appreciated Thanks pc387
  12. Ooop's forgot to mention I used a Quark Chromosphere. Thanks pc387
  13. Managed some solar imaging, after an 8 month hiatus. Taken using a ZWO174MM mono and SW Esprit ED80; Processed using AS3; impgg and photoshop elements 15. Need to sort out the bright overexposed regions. Pc387
  14. The Astrotrac 360 claims all night long tracking ability (at a price, and as yet not field tested by end users); not sure about unguided accuracy? pc387
  15. Just received this on my twitter feed from ATIK regarding the next gen Horizon https://www.atik-cameras.com/news/cmos-camera-horizonii/ pc387
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