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  1. I used to use ImagesPlus by Mike Unsold, seems to have remained current and worked extremely well. Not sure why I stopped using it and switched to PI pc387
  2. I found this in the PI discussion forums, and do seem to recall there are minimum specs required for Starnet to run, older machines may not be supported PI module checks if it can run and won’t install if it can’t, the most common reason being that the cpu lacks the minimum set of vector instructions. pc387
  3. Here's a couple from Tuesday. Not much surface activity, but a couple of proms. Taken with ASI 174 mono, Quark Chromosphere+/- 0.5x reducer and SW Esprit ED80 I've stuck to monochrome rather than false colour; I find PSE doesn't always produce consistent results. pc387
  4. It Started clearing yesterday early evening, so I managed to get a couple of captures in between the white fluffy stuff. Not much surface detail, but some prom activity. Taken with a Quark Chromosphere and a Skywatcher Esprit ED80. Still limited in attempting to blend surface and prom captures with PSE. pc387
  5. Hi, The esprit has a focal length of 400 mm, and the 0.5x reduced image area looks very similar to the one in the FOV calculator. I need to add an additional spacer between the chip and reducer. I've attached a couple of images comparing reduced and native with the ZWO174MM ( I'm still learning and limited to PSE for combining proms and surface).
  6. I recently bought a ZWO ASI174MM for use with the SW Esprit ED80 and Quark Chromosphere; i can get full disc with a 0.5x reducer + spacer. pc387
  7. Hi Thanks for the comments and tips, I'll certainly look at re-mapping to sRGB when posting images in the future. As far as loss of Ha and SII colour, I'm not sure where this may have occurred. I usually end up with 2 saved TIFF versions (8 bit and 32 bit) in pixinsight. I use the 8 bit version in Photoshop Elements to carry out further tweaks before saving as JPEG and posting. pc387
  8. Here are 3 shots taken with my esprit ed80 and ATIK 460 taken on 10th; 14th and 15th Feb on a Paramount MyT mount . I left the mount running all night for the bubble and NGC7822, but despite the promise of clear nights over 50% of subs were ruined by clouds. Details are m42 Lumin; 30secs; 60 secs; 120 secs; 300 secs x10 followed by HDR composition in PI. 9x 300 secs each for RGB(1x1) Bubble; 16x H,O,S each by 600 secs 7822 8x H,O,S each by 600 secs Main processing was done in PI, followed by tweaks in PSE 15 (some selective actions in "Noels actions" for PSE). I Like to process all my shots ready for print (ADOBE RGB workspace) so always disappointed the way photo's appear on screen, since a print always appears to be more forgiving in terms of noise and colour rendition etc. All constructive criticism as to processing technique, workflows etc would be appreciated. pc387
  9. Here's my effort from 2 nights ago under an increasingly rare clear and moonless night 1hr each of HA:OIII;SII using a Skywatcher esprit ED80 and ATIK 460 camera.
  10. Can't remember if i've ever posted a photo on this forum before; but here goes: I've tried to reconstruct this based on files obtained between 2014-2018,; never having the good fortune to chase this target for a full capture sequence overnight, the latest captures were last week under very windy and sometimes cloudy conditions. Details as follows HA; SII; OIII 6x600 secs each 2014 HA; SII;Oiii 6x900 secs each 2015 HA; SII; OIII 6x 900 secs each 2016 HA; Sii ;OIII 3x1200 secs 7_Dec_2018 HA:SII 4X1200 secs 13_Dec_2018 Camera ATIK 460 EX Mono; ATIKEFW2; Badder (H,O,S) 7; 8.5; 8.0 nm filters; Nikon 180mm f.2.8. Combination of SW NEQ6 and Paramount MyT. No Darks; Occassional Flats (as per learning curve over a 4year period) Processing; A bit of a challenge in Pixinsight, trying to use image integration and gradient merge mosaic pc387 simeis 147.tif
  11. That looks really nice (certainly not poor as an end/interim result), I'm sure there's some more colour that could be teased out? I was in the same boat as yourself, and there are some excellent tutorials by Harry Page, Light Vortex, You Tube etc that got be 10% proficient in a very powerful piece of software; but it covers 90% of my needs and worth every penny. pc387
  12. I think retailers with showrooms are a dying breed. There used to be Opticstar in the NW, but they went online several years ago. Green Witch North (Yorks) are no longer. Sometimes nothing feels so good as to touch and feel a prospective purchase, followed by an impulse buy; and a guilty feeling afterwards. pc387
  13. Hi, I downloaded the latest core software update from ATIK (August 01,, but having checked their website today, the earliest down load version is from December 2017. Does anyone know whether this is a mistake or a genuine reason to revert back a few version? There's been no response on the ATIK forum as yet. pc387
  14. Hi, I came across this "review/advertising" a while back on Ephotozine, which may be of use? https://www.ephotozine.com/article/photographing-the-night-sky-with-irix-lenses--32121 pc387
  15. I used to get newsletters from Kieran (R.I.P) at SCS astro, and I believe he was one of the first UK retailers to import and sell DayStar Quark units; and also the first to stop dealing with Daystar due to Q.C issues ( reading between the lines he was probably sick and tired of sending defective units back to the States, and dealing with frustrated customers). He issued a damning report in one of his latter newsletters regarding his decision for stopping selling the units, (not long before retirement). Hopefully Q.C issues have now been resolved; although I've noticed one or two of the previous UK stockists have DayStar products in less prominent places on their websites. I'm sure that having the backing of a major UK astro retailer like FLO, would bring peace of mind to prospective buyers. pc387
  16. I'm in a similar position; torn between an EDGE HD and refractor. One's easy to sneak past the missus; for the other i'd have to wait until she's away on business and get the purchase/ and delivery times coordinated. pc387
  17. "Perhaps the main challenge you'll face is guiding at such a long focal length". I've used an Orion 50mm mini guiding scope (with celestron reducer) for guiding my C8 XLT (I don't think i've suffered from Mirror shift, which apparently plagues this class of non -Edge scope). I think the resulting images are OK'ish i.e no star trailing, with ideal weather conditions and with a capable mount+ and good PA (I started off using a OSC camera using 5 min exposures, however my productivity has fallen recently when i switched to a Mono+FW combo simply due to a lack of consistent clear skies). I'm too "Chicken" to try imaging at F10, especially due to UK skies, even though my current mount will support long exposures. The only thing I don't like about the resulting images are are what I perceive as bloated stars (even though focus is spot on; so may be switch to an EDGE; RC or Long FL refractor?). It's a great all round scope for both planetary and DSO imaging, with appropriate cameras for each application. PC387
  18. I was looking to buy a long FL imaging scope for galaxy season, and the 8" Edge + reducer was on my wish list list. However the new price combo goes into half decent refractor territory, which is where i think i'll put my money. pc387
  19. +1 for the original QHY5. After the QHY5 died I tried to upgrade to the QHYLII mono (similar/same chip as the Lodestar) but it wasn't recognised by the SKYX pro (I don't think the QHY5LII drivers play ball, with Paramounts). Managed to get the old camera working again by gluing the circuit board back to the rear of the casing, and it's been fine ever since. pc387
  20. I use a set up very similar to this, ordered from Ian King a while back (Losmandy bottom fitting, so it slides into a paramount versa plate, and a ADM Losmandy to Vixen saddle to accommodate the Esprit dovetail). It takes both 50mm and 60mm guidescopes. It's a bit expensive, but I use this set up with other OTA's and camera lenses. pc387
  21. Hi Is your version Win10 pro? I was under the impression that if you removed the update from home editions, then the security update would re-install itself at some point in time; unless updates are disabled (only available in win10 pro). I followed the procedure to change the DCOM settings to "call" to fix issues with my Ascom/Atik driver connectivity. This seemed to fix issues on a 'dry' run but I've not tested it in anger yet. Hopefully since Microsoft are aware of the havoc they've created with a rushed roll-out, a fix will be in place soon? pc387
  22. Certainly the latter suggestion looks like a cheap and cheerful option, I'll look into. Many Thanks pc387
  23. Thanks James, I actually started off imaging with one of these with Nikon lenses+ my OSC camera. However when I switched to mono, i found I couldn't use these with the 460 +Nikon lenses and a EFW2 in the train to get focus. I'ts still a great bit of kit and well engineered. pc387
  24. Hi, I've been imaging with an atik 460; EFW2 with both 300mm and 180mm lenses. These both have lens collars, so can attach to a dovetail fairly easily (EFW2 in upright position). I now want to try imaging with lenses ranging from 50mm to 100mm, and was wondering how people attach similar configurations to their mounts? I've tried scope rings, but found them fiddly to use. I notice ZWO produce a collar for some of their cameras (79mm diameter), and was wondering if something similar exists to fit an Atik (60mm diameter). Would a Borg 60mm clam shell fit, and hold the camera? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks pc387
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