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  1. All summed up rather nicely. Be a tad careful about using Sat Nav - some poor bloke was routed down the 12 mile forest drive - probably England's most remote road - hauling his caravan, courtesy of the Pentagon. The main way in from the east is by following the C200 - a very good road - round the southern shores of Kielder Water. The campsite is towards western end. If you are coming from the west, the route is via Newcastleton, Scotland. Kielder Water and Forest Park is brown signed from either direction from a decent way out. Both ways in offering some great views. Cheers Richard
  2. I think this is what you are looking for - prompt delivery last time I used them https://www.shop.liteopia.co.uk/products.php?g1=791d88&g2=b22d0e&g3=51323d Cheers Richard
  3. Agree with other folk, Astronomy Now is pick of the bunch - and that includes Sky and Telescope, which seems really dull these days. Sky@Night has a nice layout, but needs beefier content.
  4. Lovely - so bright almost got a tan looking at it. Top work. Richard
  5. I'm looking for more astro shots taken during the Kielder spring star camp for use on our website and also in publicity material to help push the new observatory. Don't be coy - I've already seen some tremendous stuff and anything you can contribute will be credited and also help in our campaign against light pollution. Anything you've got please shoot over to me at starcamp@richarddarn.demon.co.uk Cheers Richard
  6. Have you thought about SkyMap Pro? Telescope control, logging capabilities, very accurate, pretty easy to use, plenty of target lists available ... and British? Richard
  7. It's just over 1 hour from Newcastle to Kielder - and yes you can walk to the Border with Scotland. cheers, Rich
  8. Kev, There's still two electric hook-ups left, so still a chance for those who act swiftly. Rich
  9. Kenny We camp and observe on the same field - Kielder campsite. It's got the usual array of facilities, including a pub five mins walk through the trees. We have exclusive use the site so we rig everything for red light or turn off white lights. Got a warm room too. Cheers Richard
  10. Apparently you can get a signal from the summit of Deadwater Fell, which overklooks Kielder village - 2,000 foot to the top. We could get people to write texts on their mobiles and send a volunteer to press send once atop the massif. Four hour round trip, but it's good to talk. :0) Rich
  11. I'll be at this one - some nice skies over Dalby and a great venue in the middle of the forest. Richard
  12. Top news - do you want custard with the pudding, or cream? Richard
  13. Steve It is darker than Kelling, but the latter has more clear nights. Like anywhere in the UK, it's a bit of a toss of the coin what we end up with weather-wise. You'd expect me to say this, but I love the place's atmosphere, created by the remoteness of the landscape and the people who make the trek. Plus the Angler's Arms does the best treacle pudding in Christendom Hope you can make - Richard PS Jamie - looking forward to helping you put up your tent again!
  14. Now that we are on the merry road to darker nights, a reminder that Kielder Forest Star Camp takes place from 10 - 14 October 2007. The skies in North Northumberland take some beating - and yes the cloud does break sometimes! We've got talks lined up for both the Friday and Saturday on binocular astronomy, spectroscopy on a shoestring and turning your hobby into an astro business. Vendors lined up include Rother Valley, House of Optics, Widescreen, Green Witch, Astro-trac, AstroDevelopments and Astroparts. The full story is at http://www.richarddarn.demon.co.uk/starcamp/ - complete with a booking form. We've kept campsite pitch fees at the same level for three years. Any questions drop me a line - richard.darn at virgin.net. Cheers,Rich
  15. 5th KIELDER FOREST STAR CAMP Northumberland The 2007 Kielder Forest Star Camp will be staged over five nights from 10 to 14 October 2007 in the spectacular Border countryside –the darkest and most tranquil area of England according to two CPRE studies! A major £200,000 observatory project is underway on a hill overlooking Kielder village. Invitations to tender for the work have now gone out. To help run and exploit this tremendous facility, a new group has been formed, provisionally called the Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society - www.kielderobservatory.org The membership roll is growing and future Star Camps will now be organised by this group, with support from the Forestry Commission and Sunderland Astronomical Society. It will mean that money raised by the event will be used to develop and maintain the observatory. Star Camp will once again be based on the Kielder campsite, although we will try and arrange viewing opportunities at the observatory site (elevation 1,200 feet). Pitch fees remain £12 per night for an electric hook-up and £10 without (per pitch). There’s also a minimum two night stay and fees must be paid up front. Bookings are now being taken. The main day will be on Saturday 13 October at 18th century Kielder Castle. We will have top speakers and a full line-up of the nation’s leading astronomy vendors. Activities on the main day will be free of charge. Other free talks and workshops will be arranged after the success of those staged last year. Full details can be found at www.richarddarn.demon.co.uk/starcamp. If you require any further information, please contact me at starcamp2007@richarddarn.demon.co.uk, or call 01226 246351. We hope to see you under Kielder’s dark sky! Richard Darn
  16. I know we haven't had the Kielder Spring Star Camp yet (16-18 March) but we've been busy putting together details for the Autumn event. It will take place over five nights from 10 -14 October. The mix will remain the same - vendors, speakers, talks and good company while we wait for the skies to clear. But there is something new this year. The new Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society will take over the running of the event, with the support of the Forestry Commission and Sunderland AS. This will mean cash raised by the event will help run the new observatory, being built 1200 foot up on a hill overlooking Kielder. We are now taking bookings. For more information check out http://www.richarddarn.demon.co.uk/starcamp Hope to see some you in spring, too. Clear Skies, Richard
  17. We've updated the Kielder Star Camp website, including details of the March event, dates for the big Autumn star camp and reflections on previous gatherings. Hope we see many of you again this year in the Borders. http://www.richarddarn.demon.co.uk/starcamp/ Cheers, Richard
  18. Look forward to meeting everyone - finger's crossed for some clear weather. Richard
  19. Over 50 pitches have now been booked for the Kielder Forest Star Camp, which takes place over five nights from 18 to 22 October in the heart of the remote Border region. The event is being staged by Sunderland AS and the Forestry Commission at the Kielder Campsite, Northumberland. We will be announcing the full line-up of speakers shortly, with talks scheduled for Friday and on the main day, 21 October, at nearby Kielder Castle. There will also be a good number of trade stands and we’ll be updating star campers on the Kielder Observatory project, which last month received planning permission. Hopefully work on the structure, costing in excess of £125,000, will be underway on the fells overlooking the village. To reserve pitches on the campsite call the Forestry Commission, who are handling bookings, on 01434 220242, or go to www.richarddarn.demon.co.uk/starcamp and use the booking form. There’s also a review of the spring event held earlier this year. Any general question, please drop me a line at starcamp2006@richarddarn.demon.co.uk Clear skies, Richard Darn
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