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  1. Yeah, the newer controllers won't work on such an older telescope per Celestron support. I have since obtained a laptop (using Windows 10) and have ordered a USB to Ethernet adapter so I can use Stellarium with the scope and hopefully be more techy than using an older scope with hardware that cannot be updated. Ended up returning the newer remotes that were giving me the error codes or course.
  2. Greetings, been busy with a lot of other non astronomy related issues lately. I did speak with Celestron support and was informed that the scope being like 15 years old, the newer controller will not work with the older hardware. I did provide feedback to Amazon where I got the controller from, but will definitely look at the link you included for sure. I do appreciate the help. Thanks. Tom
  3. Turned out that the remote is not compatible with the older Celestron NexStar GPS series, as per Celestron support. I have provided feedback to Amazon about updating their description that it is not compatible with all altazimuth NexStar telescopes. I think I saw the same type of listings on other vendors sites and as I come across them I will submit some feedback. Major disappointment though. Turned off GPS on the scope now, now that support suggested I do that to have it work better. Will give that a try in the near future. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help.
  4. @Cosmic Geoff - Here is something funny or whatever, I worked for a place that we always told everyone to update their devices etc, and sometimes, the update just had it out for some things or people. And here I am updating something that I probably should have just left alone and used it right out of the box instead I was thinking and blew it. The issue I have with the older controller is somethings that are above the horizon it says exceeds slew range, or can't find the object that I punch in, and with the time I had with the newer remote, appears to be really sweet. I have my CPC on a wedge and when I selected EQ North Align, we went straight to 2 star alignment, no North Polar alignment first, I was thinking of the time saved from now on. (I hope it really is that way). @Mick H - Didn't know I could reset the controller, but do now. Thanks, I guess knowing is just half the battle, isn't it? @Bruce Leeroy OMGosh, that is so cool and good to know. More tools in the know now. Thanks everyone, lots of information. Tom
  5. Update - after trying to redo the download it is still not working, so I have decided to return it. I will let the place I purchased it from know through Amazon about the problem though.
  6. Hello Fellow Astronomers, Purchased a New NexStar+ Controller for my older CPC1100 as I was having issues with the older hand controller. Updated the new one from the Celestron's CFM procedures etc. Voyage use last night and turned it on after having plugged it in and I get - "Verifying Packages, Please wait" then it goes to "No Response 17, Invalid model, Cycle Power or press Back to continue (some features will not work properly)", so I press Back, and get "No Response 16, Invalid model, Cycle Power or press Back to continue (some features will not work properly)". Tried power cycling and still get the same message, turned off the telescope, unplugged power from it, started over again and same message. Went inside - found the Celestron article - https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/what-does-the-hand-control-message-no-response-16-and-or-no-response-17-mean - followed the steps here and same message, including charging the battery pack to full capacity to ensure it was not a power issue. I thought of a possible data corruption on the download. Used another computer, downloaded and uploaded it - same message. Followed the steps that CFM provides during the installation process about connecting the controller to the scope, then to the computer, pressing the Celestron logo button and Menu button at the same time to get "Boot Loader" on the screen, which never appeared. Just get Verifying Packages and No Response messages. Now, if I do press the Back button a few times, it does come to the main screen about wanting to do Alignment. After a long time of trying to not get the No Response message, I plugged the older controller in and went to work and all motors are working, RA and Dec, was able to find targets etc, so it is not a telescope circuit board problem, but appears to be a controller problem to me. Is there a way to reset the controller to the place it was when I first opened it, without having to send it back? Open to any other ideas if there is any. Thanks, Tom
  7. Michael, Sorry for the delay in replying, been looking for work. Ended up at about 33-34, kind of hard to tell with no real marks on it, but loosening everything up and adjusting it worked. Hopefully I will not have to adjust that again. I am not use to loosening everything up and I know nuts and bolts are supposed to not break etc, but I wanted a spotter incase something went sideways or gravity took over etc and I end up speaking to my insurance agent about my deductible for a newer one. Having a witness couldn't hurt either. As for the Social Distancing, I had the high schooler can come out of his room for a few minutes to get some fresh night air. He survived it too. LOL Tom
  8. Okay, so this worked, but had to do it a few times and each time it had to be adjusted. Long story short, I also think I need a newer hand controller, I have one that cannot be updated. I loosened everything, made the necessary adjustments, then you click on one wrong thing during the alignment process and you can't go back just one star, just one, no big deal. Oh yes it is. Start over. Figured out the way to make everything move, did it with a spotter (just a precaution measure), but now know what and how it can be done. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Reaching out to everyone for a little assistance. I have been trying to use this for sometime now and feel I am wasting so much time, not being able to get it polar aligned correctly. I am using a Celestron NexStar C11 which I want to use on a wedge. I have a heavy duty original Celestron wedge I have had for years and now am trying to use it. Turn the scope on, I select North EQ alignment, we get to the part of the scope rotating around and facing the celestial pole, (so the scope and forks are pointing North), but the pole is still located above where the forks and scope are pointed. I know that means that the wedge needs to be adjusted, but if it is already set for my position, why does it need to be adjusted? I have looked at other topics in these forums and found some and see some talk about more recent wedges and adjustment handles etc, but this one is not like those. I need to adjust the tilt by maybe 5 degrees higher to reach the pole. I included a picture of the wedge with different colored arrows to make it easier (I hope) to see which ones to loosen and adjust. I have looked at the instruction manual for this, but it does not appear to cover selling to someone else and how they can make adjustments to it for their position. Unless I am missing something. (My thought process is the forks and scope remain straight, the pole just lines up with it all, right?) According to the marking for latitude it is set correctly for where I am at - 32 degrees. The scope is level per the bubble on it, date and time are correct in the hand controller. It is an older wedge, the scope is on it, but if I can get this corrected, I would remove the scope just to adjust it if necessary. Appreciate the help, Tom
  10. The only place I did not check for a handle like this was at Grainger. I went to several places around town and no one sells enough of "handles" to keep them in stock. I will see if they have any. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, may have to test a few things like you mentioned. Although any of these ideas are being pushed at the moment, work space is not available now. Ugh. Dislike the waiting part. I may have to bring in the tripod legs slightly anyway. Thanks.
  12. Oh, I like this idea. Means I can keep the stability for the rig, and minor adjusting of wheels. Sweet! Thanks.
  13. Greetings Group, Okay, so over the last four weekends I have been constructing a tripod dolly over at my folks place. It's the small details they say you miss, right? I see on line these videos where everyone just roooolls out of their garage to a marked spot and ta da! So, lets say, I don't have a garage and the dolly is too big to fit in the storage room with a standard door frame. *(yes I have pictures). My question is - If I was to move the leveling legs all thread to the spot indicated by the arrow - would that work? I am trying to figure out weight wise and anything else that I may not be thinking of. I need to shorten the overall tube length so I can get in the door, I hope. Thoughts? (Probably 10 hours of work, some welding by dad, steel was scrap (at dads), wheels and other parts about $70) Thanks in advance, Tom B.
  14. I do most of my observing from my back yard at the moment. I have gotten a good 7 hours out of it, but consider this, I am not out all night either. It is a Celestron power tank 17. I am only powering the scope though, I don't have extras connected to it, like a designated astro camera$, auto guider$ and a lap top etc. Hopefully soon.
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