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  1. Thank you! Here's Santa for you, on the 24th. A bit scary, very 2020.
  2. This one took me months to finish due to a stressful time with lots of work and a move from UK to EU. Finally got some calm to sit down and process this data. I wanted to see what I could get if I trained the big RC on the core of M33 and due to a few factors it kinda just continued. This is the best data from a total of 30+ hours captured. One of my goals with this one was to see how much detail I could get with the Ha added to the mix. Having a peek into the star nurseries of another galaxy is super intriguing to me. I'm not sure I like the aesthetics of this image, but just lookin
  3. I'm going to be the dissenting voice here. A DSLR is indeed a great camera, I used a 6D myself, but don't underestimate the power of cooling. It is a whole different level of clear image you get from a - 40C sensor compared to a 30C heated by a 600 seconds shot.
  4. I think you went a bit overboard in stretching and contrast on this one. You've also lost some of the colour you had in the first image. 24h data vs 1½h? How will you ever compare those results?
  5. It looks to me like you have some problems with focus. How did you focus for the various filters?
  6. I for one love the stars in the images from fast newts, including the 180ED. My RC does a reasonable job of it, but it does take more effort in processing to get stars under control and they never get the crispness of yours. And my RASA doesn't even come close. Well done on that image.
  7. It took them almost 1½ years to get a batch for me, so do whatever you can to get a hold of one! This is with the QHY247, so a CMOS color.
  8. Not my usual time on a target, but some clouds messed up half the night, so 3 hours is what I had. It is one more to my collection of globular clusters with my RC.
  9. You will be amazed. I only had a single quick run one evening with the filter (you have the fast narrowband filters from Baader, right?) and this is the completely unprocessed stack from 42 minutes of 3 min subs:
  10. Lovely data! You image seemed green to me, so I took it and added PixInsights SCNR to remove the green tones. Nothing else.
  11. I wouldn't know, I don't frequent that site.
  12. So much this. Show me how you have battled an uncooled DSLR on a newt with 5s subs in postprocessing and I will be impressed. Using Hubble just warrants a big middle finger in my book.
  13. Still a considerable boatload cheaper than my desire to deep. Really deep!
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