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  1. Start the stacking process, switch to watch youtube or read news site, puff, AA decides to come on top of it. On. Every. Image. Ok, I found the colour synthesis burried in the Demosaic RGB option. As you see from the above, it's completely unable to figure out any suggestion for the pattern of the camera. I guess I can look that up. From what I can tell, the only option to tune on is the Saturation in the Color Synthesis box. That's something I could do in post anyway, so that seems a bit irrelevant. Do I understand you correct that I should tune the white balance parameters until I find the exact parameters matching my camera by virtue taking a proper daylight image? EDIT: This image from the manual I wanted to delete from the post, but that turned impossible. So enjoy that picture too... :-)
  2. Well [removed word]. Thanks for telling me the ugly truth, though. Now I just have to do research...
  3. I have a top end gaming machine with 32gb ram. That's not the issue with DSS. problem is that they are not a 64 bit app, which I can't for the life of me comprehend. And I have 24mp files from this camera, so I have to get a different tool... :-(
  4. As posted, I managed to get a proper image out of DSS, I just find there are other nuances of DSS which frustrate me, such as the never ending crashes running out of memory. Thus I would like to try other tools, but it's so incredibly frustrating how convoluted they tend to be. Hence the request for exact settings. I've read about the offsets, but beyond "try settng it to these values", I have no idea what it means. And I'm not keen on just trial and error without some understanding of why I need to do it. What is this offset? Where can I find the correct offset for my camera? How do I set it in the tool?
  5. Hey, I just got the QHY247C camera and have run problems I had in no way expected. The biggest problem is that all software apparently is made for mono cameras, so no matter what I throw at them, it just spits out what is essentially a mono image. So in DSS I found the magic setting: Now, by suggestion I have tried AstroArt demo version, which seems like a very fast stacker, but I cannot for the life of me comprehend how to get color channels separated. The second problem with AA is that it insists on having focus while stacking, which is something I could get extremely physical with the developer for if I met them IRL. So, questions for the color mob: 1: What stacker do you use? 2: which exact settings do you use to stack your pictures? 3: Which tool do you use to post process?
  6. Whoops, sw needs to change...

    I should update the thread with the outcome. I bought APT, there's a few quirks to figure out, but I'm quite pleased with it now.
  7. Lesson learned. The mirror lock has to be locked.
  8. hmm, yesterday was another clear night, but I had such a horrible time finding focus. Between that night and the night before I had taken the camera off the tube. These are closeups of the same image, left side vs right side. It basically renders every frame I took yesterday useless, so that's a bummer. My idea for trouble shooting is to rotate the camera 180 degrees at the connection with the scope -> if the focus is off on the same side, there is misalignment in the connectors. If not, there is a problem on the mirror side, which gives me panic, because I have no clue what to do with that. Other ideas?
  9. Ok, after messing with it all day, I think I've gotten things to a good place. More data, more PP skills, should be be good for a few years of imaging.
  10. Looks like I have to eat my words. This is a stack without any bias or flats, just stacked: The magic setting in DSS is this one: At least I now know there is data available. Now to spend a Sunday creating calibration frames.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ddwt362f6ad1li/L_2017-08-27_03-20-22_Bin1x1_120s__-10C.fit?dl=0 Pretty certain it's dead. Must be some unholy alliance between APT and the driver.
  12. That may be. If so, where do I do that?
  13. Wow, finally had a night at home with clear beautiful skies. Dew control was great, nothing at all, perfect. Messed around with SharpCap, but that thing is just weird. Downloaded APT, got it running, all is glorious. Except, after stacking the pictures and doing a bit of quick processing I can't figure out how to get colour into the picture. After digging I find that in spite of APT finding the right camera, it decides to put it in mono mode. I cannot describe how frustrating it is to waste such a nice night on something so bonkers. Further, I can't figure out how to get APT to recognize this as a colour camera. Any ideas? And yes, SharpCap took colour images with what I assume is the same driver.
  14. Best value OSC Camera?

    I received the qhy247 today, so I'll be posting pictures and updates as soon as weather and travel permits.