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  1. Finally got around to finishing this up. Thanks for the help!
  2. Right, stored in the project in the xisf format?
  3. Inside PixInsight it is always 32bit xisf. It's only when I export to Photoshop it has to be 16bit as PS can't deal with 32bit tiff files. I uploaded them as fits in 32bit if you want to have a poke at them.
  4. Hmm, I decided to omit that step after trying, simply because I found so few points without nebulosity that the gradients were skewed. Did you place the points on the nebula? Should I not worry about that? I never really use this one. What's the improvement of this over MaskedStretch and HistogramTransformation? Big thanks for the efforts and steps. Really appreciate it.
  5. Hey Wim. I've placed the unstretched, uncropped masters in this folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/if37gb0vud8l1ep/AAAze5c7ATSAu8eJdvdJc3Ifa?dl=0 They have been deconvolved and aligned, but not stretched. I'm pretty certain I know what to do, though: de-noise the masters with a very heavy hand to create the colour master, then use my Ha as luminance to add contrast and detail, just as I would an LRGB. But if you are curious, take a look at it. The data is pretty decent.
  6. It got me a lot closer. I think I'll have to change my tactic on the noise side, but the colours are at least much better. Thank you!
  7. Yeah, yours is much better. Getting the blue center from yours should be easy. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  8. I have tried a few times to get a hubble palette image in PixInsight and always end up using something else because I just can't make it look good. Forget about the noise and sharpness and all that, I can deal with that, but getting the colours to that vibrant blue an gold is beyond me. This is what I have, right after I have masked stretched each of the NB masters and combined with pixelmath: After a series of ColourMask and CurvesTransformation, I get to this: Can someone give the first one a shot? Do I have to alter the straight SHO formula?
  9. Thanks all, I ended up setting it up the past two nights and now I have 11 hours of O3 and S2 bin2 data on the tadpoles.
  10. Yeah, the other benefit of Spain is that the summer nights are still about 8 hours of astro dark. It really helped me get my gear used. Yes, it's expensive, no doubt about it, but it is that or giving up. I haven't used my UK rig since summer because it isn't worth the aggravation at the clouds here.
  11. Definitely not the easiest target out there, but it is quite pretty. It probably needs at least twice the time I have in this one.
  12. I decided to go with my gut and did a bit more sharpening and a bit more contrast. Consulted Mrs. Datalord and she agreed this was better. Thanks for the comments.
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