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  1. That's a beautiful and delicate image you managed to get out of it. Really well done!
  2. Nah, the DDMs are a different league completely. I would happily have one of these over three others...
  3. Wow. Doesn't even look that expensive. And getting 35 hours of data is suddenly just a matter of 2 nights. Brilliant result.
  4. Interesting thought. But that would be fragile in the sense that if one of them had a problem, it can't be replaced. I suddenly remembered the dragonfly. I don't think they are taking pretty pictures with it, but it is interesting.
  5. Interesting. I can't grog why it would be any different from having just one? That's so un-intuitive to me.
  6. Thank you very much! Honestly, you could call me lazy. Even with these globulars being pretty easy to process, it takes long enough that I want to make sure I have enough good data to get a decent final result. As such I can't be bothered to start processing on a smaller stack and would rather wait another night.
  7. Wow, that's an interesting story. Yep, I'll have to put that on the list of todo's.
  8. On my tour around the galaxies globular clusters, I reached Messier 56. I didn't know how unique this cluster was. Apparently, this cluster came from a merger from another galaxy and its metallicity is just 1% of the sun's. That places it at 13.7 billion years of age, close to the big bang.
  9. This is a brilliant thread. I've just done a "tour" of the messier globulars and I really didn't think it was possible to see them in other galaxies. Now there is a fantastic reason to point the 12" RC onto M31 when fall comes along.
  10. That would hypothetically require a mount capable of 100kg payload. I don't have that. Yet.
  11. I got the RASA running on a 10Micron GM2000, which is amazing. I shot some Ha with it, which is super amazing. But I have run into the usual thing with my UK setup: So little time of shooting available here and light polluted to hell. So, I thought. With that mount, wouldn't the most fantastic thing be a triple refractor setup with mono cameras, so I could shoot Ha, O3 and S2 simultaneously at the same target? Hypothetically, what would be a good scope/camera combination in the 100-130mm refractor line? Hypothetically...
  12. I really like the background. You managed to use the data present in it. I definitely have to give this another try myself now that I see what is possible.
  13. Ah, those are from starnet++. You can solve those by reducing the mesh, say from 128 to 32, but processing time increases. I usually use starnet to make my starmasks and use 32. On my i7-9900K processor it takes about 15 minutes...
  14. A lesser known sibling to the great Hercules cluster, here's Messier 92. During these clear, moonless summer skies skies, I have decided to go on a tour of the globular clusters. Maybe I will even make a collage of them by the end.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, all of those issues, in the imaging train, would make the patches change position according to the guiding. It would be local to the "frame", not the "target". What I see in the subs is local to the target, that is what is mind boggling. In other words, I sort this out by doing a start alignment on all the subs, then clone stamp them away with the same stamp process across hundreds of subs. These things are local to the target. It's insane!
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