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  1. I ended up going for the QHY247. APS-C sensor, 24 MP and 3.91um pixels seemed like a good compromise between the 183 and 367. I have no clue whether I need an adapter or not for that.
  2. Thank you, Waldemar. Your help on this thread had been invaluable.
  3. Ok, I'm most likely to go rasa+qhy+astrodon lpr. Then add the manual filter changer and an Ha. So, final question: is the qhy367 worth $2000 over the 183 in this setup? It's a lot of money for those extra 16 MP.
  4. I'm so tempted to go this route...
  5. So, this might be insanity, but if I use a very high MP OSC, such as the qhy367, combined with a Ha filter, I'd get an effective 9MP resolution. With the very fast scope of the RASA, the integration times should be quite ok. Am I far off?
  6. I am bewildered. Ok, I really, really want NB. Baader ufc should work. That leaves me to choose a good camera for this setup (budget approx £3k+more for filters). Any suggestions? About tinkering, I'm not averse to moping about with the setup, software, buying "things" , but if I have to start making custom components I'll flip tables. If that is required to make this scope work, I guess I'm out. I just looked at the starizona. How do I attach and control that?
  7. So to be clear, you suggest I go the colour route instead of NB? The qhy looks great, but I don't understand what astrodon filter you are talking about? The computer I have is plenty fast. :-)
  8. Interesting take on the RASA: Basically he argues that the 6D is a good option as a colour ccd, so I have that covered. Also, I read that there are no RGB filters to use with a RASA. Is that true? (
  9. I always wanted a mono and do NB. But I was looking at qsi and Moravian, but both of those are now out. I'm back to square one. I'd like a high resolution camera, so the 16200 chip, as in atik16200, is interesting, but that is not round. Atik 490EX looks like the best bet, coupled with the baader ufc system. What's your take on that?
  10. Excellent, Waldemar. Although, this thing about backfocus gives me pause. I'm not even the slightest interested in messing about with crafting anything. I was looking at qsi690, but with an interchangeable filter, I might look at a round camera of sorts. Maybe an atik? Waldemar, do you have suggestions that would actually fit on the rasa out of the box?
  11. Yeah, the manual part was the one stopping me, but if that is actually a sound possibility, I'll read up on it. It's not a remote observatory after all. There's no end to the complications with this astro stuff. And no end to solutions, as long as the money well doesn't dry out. :-)
  12. Thanks for the input, guys. I'm super keen on both the rasa and the narrowband. Not a good combo. Hmm, maybe I should do the rasa with my 6D and get a qsi to do narrowband on my WO? Pete, your point is quite good, but that puts me more into the large refractor path... It has taken me months to figure out what to do...
  13. I almost pressed the button on a combination of QSI690, WO132 and celestron CGX. But then... The Celestron RASA has always been such a magnet to me and as I read through everything I got excited about it again. Woe is me. Combo: CGX+RASA+QHY367, which obviously takes me out of the narrowband game. Questions: 1. Is narrowband so much better, considering how extremely fast the RASA is? 2. If 1=yes, should I look at some way of doing mono + filter? 3. Should I forget about the RASA and just do what I originally thought to do?
  14. Comments? Sounds like hype to me, but technology tend to leap.
  15. Omg, man, kill it with fire!