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  1. Another Rosette

    Captured at February 9 using my RASA and QHY camera, APT, PHD2, stacked in DSS and processed with PS. 5*600s, 29*300s, total 195 minutes. Uploaded in half size.
  2. Nice read, Paul. I contacted the UK supplier and they can take an order and I'll have the finished scope in September. Not sure my instant gratification gene can handle it, but I sure am tempted. Feels like it would perfect for my needs.
  3. Seriously, as Olly mentions in that thread, what matters is that [removed word] Just Works when you have the clear sky. I'm willing to pay good money for that. £3000 for something you have to drill holes in is just robbery, plain and simple.
  4. Yep, but if it works...
  5. Hmm, kinda cool. And light. The 12" weighs only 18kg. http://cfftelescopes.eu/reflector-rc300mm-f8/ What I was referring to with the TS was this: "The 3" Monorail focuser is a further development of the Crayford design. The load is not carried by four (often underdimensioned) ball bearings, but on a stainless steel track on the base, thus preventing tilting and bending even under high loads." " the base" is not the base of the scope?
  6. Am I reading it right, that this scope has solved this exact problem? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6882_TS-Optics-10-inch-f-8-Ritchey-Chr-tien-Astrograph---carbon-truss-tube.html
  7. That thread is a tale of horror and lost nights. Count me out of a GSO RC. What nonsense... Any other RC scopes <20kg I should look into?
  8. I don't get it, why would they attach the image train to the mirror? That makes no sense to me.
  9. Yeah, I think the solution is the 10". It's 5kg lighter than the RASA and 2000mm fl would be a good place for me. Almost pressed the buy button today.
  10. Very good point. Somehow the 10" hasn't come up in my musings. That could settle it very quickly...
  11. Hmm, so I should have gotten the CGX-L back then. Ultimately this is the only thing stopping me. I simply cbb to go through a change in the mount. The money is bad enough, but going through selling is the biggest pain. Any ships out there that would do a trade in?
  12. I've been having immense fun with the RASA (as clouds permitted), but I'm yearning to do some of the smaller DSO's, which is obviously not what it was created for. So I was looking at this: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p6512_TS-12-inch-f-8-Ritchey-Chr-tien-Astrograph---carbon-truss-tube.html My CGX has a max load of 25kg and this one is 24. With the camera + OAG + stuff, I'd probably be pushing 26 kg. What are the chances this will go wrong? Should I put the upgraditis out of my head?
  13. M42

    Ok, disregard those first two. I found that my stacking procedure made the colours off, which resulted in a hard to handle post process. I went back, re-stacked and processed it all again. This is my proper result:
  14. Yeah, it's super funky. And I haven't found a good tool to just "debayer this one file and make a tif". If I REALLY want to see that single file, I asked DSS to stack it (WITH THE RIGHT DEBAYER SETTINGS!!!)... :-|