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  1. Ordered. I misread their small print, but that only applies to branded gear. Thanks for the help. I'll no doubt come back with questions about this once it arrives.
  2. Because I'm too dumb to find the delete button on this post.
  3. Alright, alright, you convinced me. I'll order ASAP. Next problem is that they don't ship outside the US... Is this the right one (no wifi)? https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/starizona-micro-touch-focusing-system.html#SID=1691
  4. I'm quite fine with the challenge and I've sunk so much money into it already that a bit more doesn't put me off. I just want to make sure it fits to my system, which is probably the biggest hurdle. I'm going to start with the bathinov mask and see if it gives me what I hope for.
  5. I bought an EL panel (different make), but it was just way too powerful. I'll get a chance to test it better when I get my aluminium dew cap in a few weeks. Yes, focusing is a pain. This is probably my best effort so far, which was achieved with the help of SGPro and its focusing tool. But I wish I knew a way to automate it, I just can't find the right tools out there. Too much chance to get the wrong thing. How do you achieve focus?
  6. One more from last night. 4h18m in 180s exposures. Edit: What a difference a flat makes. The upper picture was done with flats from a perspex plate about the dew shield. What I didn't notice was that I had a crack of light between the shield and the plate, resulting in a slightly flawed series. Below I used flats from a clear blue sky. The difference in the colour band is astounding. I used pretty much the exact same technique in post, but getting the colour out of the picture below was much, much easier. Flats are the science of this hobby.
  7. Ah, right. Pleiades: 70*120s Rosette: 13*600s Veil: 64*30s (Canon 6D) Andromeda: Multiple sessions, I think I picked out about 4 hours of exposures from a batch of 7-8 hours in total. M33: 32*600s
  8. Alright, if anyone googles this thread, I think I owe it to give some idea of what I have been able to do with it. Mind you, I'm 3 months in, with only a dozen of cloud free nights, so lots of tinkering still to come. Biggest learning curves on this setup: Focusing, guiding (for some reason it is bloody hard to get PA'ed perfectly). Best thing: Short subs give a ton of signal! Anyways, a collection.
  9. My Celestron got possessed!

    More info for other celestron users if they find this issue : https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/my-equatorial-goto-mount-seems-to-need-a-factory-reset-every-now-and-the-even-though-it-otherwise-works-fine-why-is-this Factory reset worked. And I have sympathy for the developers with a bug like this.
  10. My Celestron got possessed!

    Hmm... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/536887-cge-pro-ra-calibration-issuebug/
  11. My Celestron got possessed!

    The plot thickens. Went out to do a test today. Turned on the scope and the handset gave me two warnings, error 17, then 16 and the told me it was a GT mount, whatever that is. Reset and it started up. Same issue, though. Cross is where caph is. Mount thinks otherwise.
  12. My Celestron got possessed!

    I'm powering it with a 240 -> 12DC transformer. Has worked fine so far...
  13. Tonight I was mucking about with my camera, taking it on and off, shifting weights on my setup etc. After that, I figure I'd do a two-star align (been using a saved align for over a month) and polar align again. Demons everywhere. I swear, I have no idea what got into it. I know for a fact it was very close to PA, but this happened: Celestron CGX. Startup, go to switch position. enter time, standard time, my location. Goto Capella, which is NE at the time. The scope slews to a place closer to Castor than Capella. I'm all question marks, but well, on with it. Align to Capella. Then Aldebaran. Same thing, slewing closer to Bellatrix. I align to Aldebaran. Goto Capella. It finds Capella. Display PA: 28 degrees off! try to PA on Capella and the scope goes WAY off. Either I'm missing something completely basic in the setup or something totally messed it up. Does anyone have experience with this on a Celestron mount? It has worked flawlessly so far.
  14. M31 with QHY367C stacked with APP!

    Brilliant. What scope did you use? Exposure times?