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  1. Craig Do you mind if i use on the Kielder website and possibly push to the local paper who often do a nice photo-montage of star camps? Thanks, Richard
  2. New drainage channels have been dug and pipes unblocked, but it makes sense to come prepared. This is a dark and at times wet place and the campsite is where it is. Hopefully a few drier days weather should help. I'll be there Tuesday. Clear skies Richard
  3. Mark I think there's some truth in Herchel's statement. Took me a long time to bag 891, but since then it's routine at any suitable site. But still a bit suprised to see it in an 80mm scope. Richard
  4. It is easily visible in an 8" scope from a UK dark sky site and from places like Dalby and Kielder it can look pretty impressive. It is not a small galaxy. Hard to believe, but at such a site you can detect it with averted vision with an 80mm. I was a bit suprised by this, but it was spotted (Celestron 80mm ED). Light pollution however makes this a very tough, if not impossible target with modest gear. Richard
  5. We have just 15 pitches left for this event (all non hook-up) so please book soon if you want to join us. Cheers Richard
  6. Another vote for SkyMap (I'm on version 10). Easy to use, incredibly useful functions like logging observations and being able draw up observing lists of non-seen objects and best viewing times. With a bigger marketing budget I suspect if would be used a lot more across the world. It will drive your mount quite happily too and seems relatively glitch free. Richard
  7. Michael Kielder is only 1.5 miles from the Scottish border, with an added tartan feel given the number of Scots who make the short journey south. Hope you can make it, Richard
  8. A C8 is a really powerful scope. It's surprsing what you can see, even under light polluted skies with a bit of effort. Had mine since 1994. Still going strong. Few tips; 1. Worthwile collimating the scope - once set they hold quite well. Plenty of instructions on the web and in your CPC manual. 2. Give the scope a good hour to cool down - it makes a big difference, especially on planetary viewing. 3. I've got a focal reducer - never use it apart from astro-photography. 4. My low power eyepiece is a 22mm Lanth wide angle. Tremendous eyepiece, but any good plossl works well with SCTs. An OIII filter or a UHC one is handy - the latter would proably be a better all rounder. 5. Draw up a quick lst of what you want to look at before observing. Wth the universe to choose from, it's good to have a bit of structure. Don't omit galaxies - you can see plenty of 'em, even from the suburbs. 6. Best of luck. Richard
  9. You'll see lots with that Phil, especially from dark sky sites. Look forward to meeting up at Kielder. Richard
  10. Swinton and Mexborough would be regarded as Barnsley's local society - they have an observatory not far from Wentworth. Check them out on the internet. They are a very active lot and the guy I met was a really nice chap. Other than that Huddersfield is not too far away. Richard
  11. This is all correct - one day the two hutches in the non-hook up field may get electrics apparently, but not in time for Autumn. Cheers Richard
  12. We are running low on electric hook ups for this event (6 - 11 October 2010) so anyone needing one please get in touch soon via the website. Kielder Forest Star Camp Thanks, Richard
  13. Super images Rob. A really nice selection making the best of the four out of five clear nights. Richard
  14. Martin has done some fabulous vids of his time down under too - they are worth checking out. Remember, we are taking bookings for Autumn, so if you want an electric hook up I'd advised you book soon. Richard
  15. Gary Re the trade stands it was never the intention of the Spring event to compete with the one in Autumn, which will have the usual number of vendors, ie Widescreen, Ian King, Rother Valley etc. Spring is a bit more chilled out and informal - quite literally given that it almost always has the lowest temperatures (minus 11 on the Wendesday night). Cheers richard
  16. Solid firm - good blokes and Richard is a regular at star parties. No hesitation recommending. Richard
  17. We'll have to get you back up to Kielder, Owen. Wall-to-wall clear skies these days! Might try IOW if it doesn't clash next time round. Richard
  18. Simon Can I post on the star camp website? Stunning. Thanks, Richard
  19. Mike, I think this belong to my Vixen LV12mm - keep it safe and I'll pick it up at the October event or before if we meet up. cheers Richard
  20. Steve Can I use these pictures on the star camp website? Stunning stuff. Every night at Kielder was largely clear apart form the last. But we were too tired to bother by then with even Mikeyscope hitting the larger (well, one pint!) Richard
  21. Well done from me too Steve - really well organised, lovely sky, clear Saturday night, and stunning location. Really welcoming. Richard
  22. Mark Email Lynne Henderson at lynnhenderson@blueyonder.co.uk and she will will take your booking and give you payment advice. Cheers Richard
  23. Thanks, Brian. looks like Agena do an adapter in the US, but first you have to make sure you can get the 80mm rear end of off. Richard
  24. I've got a Celestron 80mmED (the type being sold cheap recently). Does anyone know which, if any, of the Crayfords fit this model by way of an upgrade over the sticky rack and pinion it came with? Cheers Richard
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