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  1. The one that goes around the focus ring with the little tab sticking up?
  2. Has anyone bought the hinged version for the Samyang 135mm? If so what size did you get?
  3. First clear night for months! Canon 70D modded, 12nm H-alpha filter, Samyang 135mm Processed by my Brother in Pixinsight Horse Head, Flame and Orion nebula - 15x4min subs and darks North American nebula - 8x4min subs and darks Starless version
  4. North American nebula, Horsehead and Orion nebula. Canon 70d, 135mm Samyang, HA filter 15x4 mins Processed by my brother in Pixinsight NAN.tif HH.tif NAN starless.tif
  5. Nah that was another cable. The one you have worked straight away
  6. Great guy to deal with. Packed large item well, communication was top notch, pleasure to deal with. Five out of five stars! 

  7. Only used a few times. £75 Delivery or collection. Near maidstone Kent. Selling it to replace with a H-Alpha filter Cheers
  8. Hi sorry been on holiday. Just been sold sorry. Will edit the post
  9. Hi, Only bought this a couple weeks ago and spent an hour filing it down to fit on my HEQ5 tripod. Made a great tripod for the Star Adventurer. £20 https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/astro-essentials-3-8-photo-adapter-for-heq5-az5-tripod.html Near Maidstone in Kent Cheers
  10. Hi,

    I can simply order a courier for pickup, you just have to pack it and that’s it. If this works for you, we can have a deal. 

    1. Rza


      Yeah im cool with that.


      I had a quick look and some had weight limits etc... If your happy organising then im good :)

      In a sudden rush as trying to get everything ready for holiday to South of France with new equipment!

  11. I mean im not adversed to posting . Not sure how much it would be or who to use!
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