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  1. Hi,

    I can simply order a courier for pickup, you just have to pack it and that’s it. If this works for you, we can have a deal. 

    1. Rza


      Yeah im cool with that.


      I had a quick look and some had weight limits etc... If your happy organising then im good :)

      In a sudden rush as trying to get everything ready for holiday to South of France with new equipment!

  2. Rza

    HEQ5 Pro SynScan

    I mean im not adversed to posting . Not sure how much it would be or who to use!
  3. Rza

    HEQ5 Pro SynScan

    Reduced for quick sale!
  4. Rza

    HEQ5 Pro SynScan

    Kent, near Maidstone
  5. Rza

    HEQ5 Pro SynScan

    Ah ok thanks i will update!!
  6. As title. Not the best to look at cosmetically but in good working order. Mount has upgraded latitude bolts. Will throw in the following: Sky-Watcher power supply HiteCastro DC focus controller EQDIR cable to control mount from laptop Long UK plug mains power cable USB hub Lovely Lords Cricket bag £375 ONO Based in Kent near Maidstone. Collection only. Cheers
  7. Yeah I tried loads of different drivers after turning off the auto driver update. Ive just ordered the FTDI EQ direct cable. See how that goes. If not ill just use it with the handset and Serial cable
  8. Im going to order FTDI cable today as well as a Serial control cable for PC direct mode on the handset just incase the FTDI cable doesnt work. Looking through some post it seems that all the EQMOD software works using PC direct mode. Can anyone confirm that?
  9. Well yeah thats what i started to think but the handset reports a solid 11.9v from the power supply.
  10. One thing i have noticed is if i plug my handset into the mount it beeps and then i can hear the motor start whirling in the mount. This doesnt happenwhen i plug the cable in (Maybe because the EQMOD software hasnt picked it up and therefore hasnt sent the instruction?) Also when i plug the EQDir cable in the mounts power light flashes (although i have tested and the mount is getting a stable 11.9v)
  11. I have done that. Can get Windows to stick with the correct drivers (tried many). Still no joy though
  12. Cheers. Only problem being i tried it on my partners Windows 7 laptop too and couldnt get it to work on there either. Although i will try anything at the moment so will probably order one and try!!
  13. Hi, Im having real problems trying to get this working. Im running Windows 10 64bit, HEQ5 Pro mount, 12v 5A power supply. Im forever getting a "port not available" error in the EQMOD software when trying to connect to the mount through my laptop. I have exhausted 3 pages of Google results trying to get this sorted. So far i have tried the following: Tried the Windows 8 instructions on the First Light Optics website. Also tried lots of different Prolific drivers that I found on various forums. Double checked the COM port in Device Manager and changed to this port on the EQMOD software. Tried different USB ports Tried changing to different COM ports in Device Manager Tried uninstalling and reinstalling all software The port checker that comes with the prolific drivers can see the USB chipset OK Had a replacement cable delivered Tested that the mount was getting correct voltage using the handset. Constant 11.9v Am totally stumped. Would welcome any suggestions! Cheers
  14. Just managed to get a couple off before the clouds came in. https://goo.gl/photos/wSvHobd5HYeZKu8g8
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