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  1. I have the original dual speed focuser that came with my 8" Orion Newt if that's any good for you? Is 10:1 ratio too
  2. Hi Rustang Yes, it s indeed the one that FLO sell, I bought it from them a few years back. Is in top notch condition and yes the price listed includes postage
  3. Real, haven't heard anything back yet from jif, but you are next in line if he pulls out.
  4. PM sent back Aye, focuser is still available
  5. Seeing as the sale of my 8" newt has stallaed out, have decided to split up the items and sell on individually. I dont have the original boxes for most of the items, but they will be suitably packed and protected. Shipping will be via Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed by 1300 and I will provide the tracking number once I have it. Payment via bank transfer is preferred option, but can do PayPal at a very last push. Happy to bundle up if that floats you boat too. Baader Diamond Steeltrack NT Focuser - £150 - SOLD TO Second Time Around A very good focuser for any newt. Nev
  6. Not a Skywatcher, but is a cracking 8" reflector https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/348869-8-orion-newtonian-customised/
  7. £40 inc p&p sound good? Am away from home until Wednesday next week, so can’t send it out until then if that’s ok?
  8. Yeah the Celestron one is still a available. It was working when I last used it, but I don’t have a Celeste ok mount any more, so can’t check at present.
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