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  1. How many other programs are connecting to the mount? The great thing about com ports is they only like one connection if you download and run a separate program called Stallariumscope, this acts as a middleware for all the programs that want to access the mount. You start this program first and it handles all communications.
  2. Still for sale if anyone wants it. The auto focuser has been removed however, so is just manual focus on the Baader now. I will be heading up to Liverpool area at the end of the month if anyone up that way is interested too
  3. Just saw this and will be following with interest. 'Lead EHT Scientist:- So we have made a great discovery. Here is a picture of what we have found. A big piece of ........ nothing' and next week we will discover 'purest green' ?
  4. Cheers for the info Ju-ju........... but it still leaves the question of could it be done.......not should it be done.....I told you under tasked engineers are a dangerous thing
  5. After my EQ6R-Pro threw a wobbler a few weeks back, I have been pondering...and there is nothing more dangerous than an engineer who ponders with time on his hands. When I had the side off the mount to see if there was anything obvious wrong, I noticed that there are empty sockets on the mother board for fitting encoders (pics are here) Now...what I am wondering is....is it possible to aftermarket fit encoders and home position sensors to the mount? If so, which ones do I use and where do I fit them? Have been doing some Googling to see if you can get the encoders for other SkyWatcher mounts as spare parts, but have yet to find anything.
  6. I do not use darks due to my CCD, but you would pick the dark sub length that is closest to the time of when you imaged. Also (standing by to be corrected) there is not a huge point in building a library of flats as these are used to remove specific errors and 'blobs' that occur in the image train and these will invariably be different on each imaging session due to the slight changes in filter position, focuser position and the fact that those damn dust motes tend to flit around a bit too. Plus you could have new affecting items in the image train after taking your flats which will not be removed when you use them. Is a proper baffling and frustrating hobby this one of ours, but rewarding when you get to the end. TL;DR - don't bother with a flat library, take new ones for each imaging session and pick a dark master that matches you light sub time.
  7. I did try an online print service a fair few months back to print a widefield. Turned out OK, yet the image that I had on my computer monitor (which was calibrated too) was brighter than the actual print and as such you could not see some of the nebulosity in certain areas. Have not tried again recently as am in a bit of dry period for data, but if I do get an image that I really like, then would do a large print again.
  8. Decided to switch target tonight and went for the venerable M101. Managed to get 7 x 600s for G,B,L and Ha. This is a rough and dirty Lum sub, with zero processing other than a stretch and curve tweak. As i blindingly obvious, I need to give my filters a wee clean, but did manage to get some flats in too, so that all may calibrate out. Went for a full go of letting NINA run everything and all worked well. Did have a few small issues with the flats wizard though. Kept getting ewrrors about not being bright enough and too bright and some of the flats looked completely off the scale. That was using it in multiple mode. Managed to get it all sorted when doing single iterations, so not that much of a biggie. The only thing I need to look at now (which may be there, i just havent found it yet) is having individual subs go into dedicated folders based on the filter in use......but enough waffle, here is the pic
  9. Do you have the temp probe with the Sesto too? I contemplated buying that, but find £41 a bit on the steep side (hey this is astronomy....) for what is effectively a thermistor and a 3.5mm jack. Am doing some looking around to see if I can find out what particular thermistor they use and see how much they cost. Can then knock up one that fits exactly to where I need it and does not require me to hide masses of extra cabling
  10. Miguel Yeah., at the end of the evening, just unpluyg all power and USB leads, remove the counterweight and then lift and shift the whole thing back inside the patio doors. Am lucky that I live on my own here, so do not have to move it too far and out of the way, I can cope with it being setup and where it is. Am really liking the ED72 so far. Here are a few samples taken with it last night. They are nothing to write home about yet as still need to work on focus (have the Prima Lucie one coming and am also printing off a Baht mask for the scope too) and they are also single subs with zero post processing other than a stretch and curve done
  11. Nothing spectacular in these two images, but her are very quick and dirty ones from tonight. Have just carried out a stretch and quick curve on single frames here. Ha Frame Green Frame Focus needs a fair bit of work, but have just ordered the Prima Lucie Sesto Senso, so will be adding that to my setup and also into NINA when it arrives
  12. Am up and running now and from what I have seen so far, this is an amazing piece of software. It is what I wanted from SGP all those years ago when I bought it. Have had some good results using it, but feel I may now only be using NINA from here onwards will post some images up when I have them. Have gone for the good old Heart Neb tonight and am shooting it in Ha,G,B and lum. Going for 600s subs
  13. Looks like I may have solved it. Went to the StarlightXpress webpage and had a look/see for another driver (as that seemed to be the issue) Using driver from here have now managed to get NINA to carry out and exposure. Will give it all a full trial run on my imaging run tonight
  14. Have finally finished my cable tidying and am now setup ready to image again.
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