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  1. astroenthusiast

    Work in Progress

    This is my work in progress gallery. I'm experimenting and learning how to produce beautiful images, as so many I've see here on Stargazers Lounge.
  2. Like the cupboard full of stuff and bank account empty! Sounds familar...
  3. Youre images are really great! I'm out imaging a few DSO now. Less than an hour an the sky will get bright. I'm going to make my darks in 30 minutes, bias and try to work on my flats. Thanks again for the tips! I'll watch my gain, exposure and camera temperature too when calibrating images. Let's stay in touch please.
  4. That is exactly what is happening to me! I have N.I.N.A and APT, but don't use them. Guess, I need to get use to them, the learning curve. I still haven't figured out how to get N.i.N.A to show live vieiw yet. I appreciate the insights!
  5. Yes, my lights look green. I'm also having a hard time with getting my flats correct. I'm using SharpCap, I'm wondering if that's is one of the issues, Lol!
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. I'm using Astropixel to process my images and Adobe Photoshop. I'm reviewing Pixinsight but all this software does get expensive. My camera gains are high at times, anywhere from 200 to 350. It's going to be a clear night, and I'm anxious to take out my ES ED165mm to capture some great images, the moon also is out tonight. I may try a duo band filter. The camera I'll use tonight is the ASI2600 MC Pro, color camera. I've tried using the Starlight Xpress 825 monochrome CCD camera and filter wheel but it's a bit of a learning curve for me. Totally diffrent than
  7. Really fantastic shots!! What processing software are you using? I have the ASI533 MC Pro and ASI2600 MC Pro color camera's, but a few things. One, the ASI533 dews up quite a bit, even with the external dew heater, the ASI2600 when capturing images look green! I'm using Explorer Scientific ED102 and ED165mm APO refractors and a TPO Ritchey Chretien 304.8 mm telescopes. My images are not coming out nearly as fantastic as yours! Any tips, please?
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