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  1. There's no way you'll be stepping up the voltage from a 5v 3amp usb-c input, it will probably just have a 12v input Broken out into a few outputs.. Imagine the 5v input power required to power some 12v dew heaters or other devices.. The usb-c connector would never cope.It can handle 3amps max.
  2. Hi Glob, Welcome, I'm near Mold too. Darren
  3. animal666

    Save the Date

    Any updates on when ticket sales going live? ?
  4. Hi, if you email through the website, you get no response, if you email via you’re emailed receipt you’ll get a reply. when you order, you get a confirmation email and then another processed/posted email when it’s been posted. I ordered a while back, I got my confirmation email and then no other emails, I tried messaging them through the website about 2 weeks later for my order but got no reply. Then I emailed via the confirmation email, and they responded saying i’d had my order. I said I hadn’t and I’d had no email that I usually get when it’s been processed or posted. maybe they thought I was lying? It was a big order of around ~£50 ? They sent the order, I just didn’t like the tone of the response. I don’t order anything from them anymore, but that’s just my take on them. It’s not good though if your company is famous for not replying to any emails or messages. something they need to work on, maybe Darren
  5. Definitely sound like it’s worth a trip down Tich, especially as it’s open all year. prices look good too.. Do they have hard standings? my van gets stuck in mud easily. I May do a few weekends there over the winter, if anyone is going down. Darren
  6. Do you discount anything, or is it full price? ?? I dont want to spend much this year, so if you just bring along a little SW EQ8 to tempt me ?
  7. You can use a bahnitov mask but it's best to buy a hyperstar one with a bigger central hole, and mod it by cutting it in half to put on and remove without having to remove the camera.
  8. Cheers Dave, That could be a problem, a heavy motorhome across possible wet grass or mud, I think I’ll need a move.
  9. I’m on the ‘softer hardstanding’ I’m not sure that’ll work for me. my motorhome may sink if it’s too soft, or if it rains?
  10. i'm taking my campervan, so i hope i get a hardstanding
  11. Intel NUC, i use 7th Gen i3, the Fat Version with an SSD and a 2Tb HDD runs on anything from 12-19v, plenty enough power to run my Mount, CCD’s and store lots of images. only uses 6-12w when running.
  12. I have a similar setup but I used LiFePo4 RC batteries. 3.2v per cell so 4Cell gets me 13.6v fully charged. I can go down to 11.6v before they’re Dead, but I have a cutoff set at 12v. i have 8 x 4200Mah (33.6ah) in a Box with a Voltage Cutoff and lots of power outputs. be carefully using Lipo/LiFePo batteries. If you take them below the design voltage, they release gas, balloon up and then you get rid of them.
  13. Can you not get some tube-rings and mount the finder/guider on those?
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