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  1. I haven't had a chance to use my L-eNhance a lot since I got it last year, as I was using my mono camera more. But I remember taking this picture during (or very close to) full Moon last year, and was pretty impressed by the result I could get out of it. This is about 1,5 hours of data with a stock camera (Fujifilm X-T3), from a Bortle 3/4. I would expect even better results from a Bortle 2, with an astro camera, more integration time, and probably better processing skills!
  2. Update: I have since purchased a cheap iPad Mini 2, which has only 1 Gb of RAM, to use specifically for astro. I haven't witnessed anything slow when using it with the ASIAIR. The app looks very lightweight and fluid, to be honest! Hopefully compatibility won't be an issue in the future, but so far so good! The iPad itself isn't super fast, when you compare to today's standards, but that's quite normal for a device that's 7 or 8 years old!
  3. Have you tried focusing by day with the live view, on a very distant object? Or maybe the Moon? I would first try this before introducing a Bahtinov in the equation, to eliminate the possibility of a faulty lens. Since you're using a DSLR, there shouldn't be a back focus issue and your lens should focus to infinity. If it doesn't, it means it's faulty, and that case I would return it to your seller. Samyang lenses are infamous for their subpar quality controls, sadly... Also I just read that it's Baader modified. I assume the stock UV/IR filter was replaced by a Baader one, which mig
  4. I'm not sure... a filter can bring unwanted reflections, especially if the coatings aren't good. I wouldn't bother honestly! The front cap is pretty good, and the lens hood can also prevent dust to settle on the front element (to some extent of course).
  5. I have found on Aliexpress a very cheap mask, that seems less coarse than standard Bahtinov masks. You might have to pay some import duties (ships from China), but for that price, it might be worth considering!
  6. Perhaps you could actually use it with your Samyang. A very cheap way would be to buy a male-male inverter ring, 77mm (the Samyang's filter thread) to whatever the filter thread is for the dew shield. That would allow you to screw the Samyang and the dew shield together These adapters are mostly used to mount lenses backwards, to turn them into macro lenses. They're easy to find on Ebay or Amazon, and should be available in all sizes. That would be a nice hack!
  7. I'm using this one from WO. It's pricey, but it works better IMO than opaque masks, and the size is compatible with most of my scopes. So I see it as a useful investment for the future! There are of course cheaper options, so far I was using this one: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6373_TS-Optics-Bahtinov-Maske-fuer-Astrofotografie---D--65mm-bis-100mm.html It works fine, but being opaque, the spikes are much smaller.
  8. I often buy from Astroshop, but I live just a few km away from them, so take it with a grain of salt Overall they have provided good service, with fast & secure shipping. I recently bought a refractor from their brand Omegon, that had a problem with the focuser (arising after I try to add an EAF). They provided good and fast service to check and repair it. The only thing I don't like is that the descriptions on their websites could be a bit more detailed and helpful... I think Teleskop Services provides better information overall. But if you know what you buy and have the specs somewhere
  9. Hello Des! Sorry I haven't had a change to answer your PM, I'll do it here just in case it helps someone else - Yes the Astro Essentials adapter is a standard M48 thread, so I think it will work fine with this rotator. For the record I have the T2-T2 rotator, that I use together with a 5mm M48-T2 reducer from TS. - It will be 19mm +/- a fraction of a mm, due to the filter itself. People usually say you need to account for an extra 1/3 of the glass thickness. They're generally 2-3mm thick, so if you add 1/3, that would make your total back focus somewhere between 19mm and ~20mm
  10. I confirm Uranium's adapter is only compatible with the Canon EOS version of the lens. The Nikon one has 4 screws, and mirrorless versions won't fit at all, because it's really not the same construction (that big spacer at the back of the lens). I owned the Fujifilm version before getting the Canon one, and I believe it's identical to the Sony version. Your best bet is to browse forums and 2nd hand shops for a Canon version. You can also lookup alternative names, because Samyang used to sell its lenses under 3 names: Rokinon (USA), Bower (Germany) and Samyang (rest of the world). My lens
  11. Scammers are really a pain... It would certainly be helpful if members could rate each other, indeed! This reminds me of a phone call I received a few years ago, on my professional mobile phone. The person was claiming to be from "the French Telecoms", and that I had big overdraft, like 300€. Which I had to pay immediately, of course. But that was obviously impossible, since the line was paid by my company, and the phone contract wasn't even with "the French Telecoms". So I decided that this poor fellow would pay for all the others scammers, and started playing with him. I asked naiv
  12. A lot of work for a superb result, bravo!
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