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  1. Oh we have the same problem in French, and I believe it's even worse... So many words sound the same, but are written differently. Like the "ces", "ses", "c'est", "sais" or "sait". More and more people use the wrong ones, especially young folks... I always pity foreigners learning French, it looks very difficult. I'm so happy I never had to learn it as a 2nd language...
  2. Coincidence? I just received a mail telling me I won 1 million euros...
  3. Ah, I noticed the Quark as well, but couldn't remember how it was called... Thanks John! I'll contact the website and report the ad, the more I think about it and the more obvious it is. Hopefully this is just a fraud, and it wasn't stolen from anyone. I contacted the original owner, maybe he can get in touch with the buyer?
  4. Intriguing! I also found the sale post, it's definitely the same scope and accessories:
  5. Hello Stargazers, I hope it is OK to post this here, otherwise I apologize I was browsing the french website Leboncoin, which is the #1 buy & sell website in France for virtually anything, when I stumbled upon this advertisement that caught my eye: https://www.leboncoin.fr/sports_hobbies/1846071753.htm Basically, the seller is proposing a Sky-Watcher Esprit 120 for 1200€, "like new with no sign of use" according to the description. It also includes eyepieces, a diagonal, a finder and Bahtinov mask. The text, in French, seems to be translated automatically from English. As a native speaker, I can say that the translation is very sloppy... For instance, it says "Je prendrai bientôt ma retraite, donc son temps de vente", which means "I'll be retired soon, so its time to sell". Not it's, but its. I suppose the original text contained this typical mistake, but if you translate it to french including this mistake, you get a sentence that makes no sense whatsoever. No french person would ever say that. A bit further in the description, he wrote: "I didn't use it with anger". Again, that's not something you would write in French! He also calls the "field flattener" an "applatisseur de champ". That's what Google Translate gives as a translation, but the correct word is actually "applanisseur", with an N. It could be a typo, but... Funny enough, the seller calls himself Julien... That's a french name, and I know a lot of people named Julien, but none of them is even close to 65 and ready to be retired! Last but not least... the pictures on the advertisement remind me more about UK than southern France... I mean, brick walls, white windows... Definitely not the type of house you find near Nice, where this is located! This, the fact that the diagonal is an Altair one (UK based), the poor translation from English... And I'm not even talking about the rainy weather... Everything points to UK! Anyway, I'm not sure if I should report it to Leboncoin, but I thought I could at least ask on SGL. What would you guys do? Maybe this was stolen in the UK and ended up in France? Or perhaps it's not even in France, the person simply copy pasted this from an English website, and is just waiting for someone to pay upfront? I made some screenshots just in case...
  6. Thanks for your feedback! I read some additional reviews and it seems like a really nice little scope. I think I'll get one, to end the frustration I have of not imaging enough during winter time... I have a few lenses that I need to sell anyway, so this will finance that
  7. Sounds very tempting! I am thinking of replacing my Samyang 135mm with this small APO. The main advantage I see is the low weight compared to the Samyang. It would allow me to mount it to my AZ-GTi without a counter weight, and put that on my narrow balcony. The motivation to go out during winter is quite low, so that could be a nice way to still image some winter targets, from the comfort of my bed. And also to take it with me while traveling. Adam, have you tried mounting an OAG? I did the maths, and ZWO's OAG + EFW + 11mm spacer + ASI1600 = 54mm, which theoretically should be fine for the back focus of 55mm? That would make it a super tiny imaging platform to take everywhere!
  8. I did some research and apparently a T2 connection seems feasible. There's a similar version of the adapter made by a Polish astrophotographer, as shown here. I was worried that the rear element of the lens would be too big, but apparently not IMO T2 would be a more versatile option than M48, since you can always add a T2 to M48 ring if needed
  9. I'd love a T2 version, however I wonder if it is feasible? Dear Flo, any idea when these little adapters will be back in stock? Thanks!
  10. Minos, that's simply fantastic! Superb image, and great work! I spent a few minutes contemplating the details you captured, and like you I was surprised at these dark areas. Fascinating!
  11. Superb! Minos, out of curiosity, how did you manage to attach the OAG with such a short flange distance?
  12. Bonjour! I just spent a couple weeks in the region Dordogne, in southern France. A lovely Bortle-almost-3 zone, and for once, with a garden. I realize what a luxury it is to have a garden with 360° view of the night sky! As someone who's living in a small apartment and having just a bike to drag all my gear to a public park... I could now literally image from my bed! Anyway, here is one of the targets I've been imaging. I wanted to test the Optolong L-eNhance with my daytime camera, the mighty little Fujifilm X-T3. I am really surprised at how well this stock camera handled the Ha! Here is a single 5 min sub, at ISO 1600, that I quickly processed with Lightroom on my iPad. The Moon was full! My setup: Fujifilm X-T3 (APS-C 26mp IMX571) Sky Watcher AZ-GTi in EQ mode (with WO's awesome polar wedge) William Optics WhiteCat 51 Optolong L-eNhance 2" ZWO ASIAIR ZWO ASI120MM Mini, with 130mm f/4 guide scope I captured about 4 hours worth of subs, but some of them need to be thrown away. I had the dither mode activated on the ASIAIR from previous sessions with my ASI1600, and since the X-T3 doesn't communicate with the ASIAIR, I believe the dithering happened while the camera was imaging. Luckily though, I'd say at least 75% of the subs look fine. I'll stack everything later and see what I got! I also seem to have a slight spacing issue, I saw some elongated or weirdly shaped stars in the corners. I'm not sure I brought the right spacers and connectors. But well, as a beginner, that's really not a huge concern! Pardon the poor processing, having only an iPad with me, I couldn't balance colors precisely. The final image should be more appealing! Still, I'd love to have your feedbacks! Clear skies!
  13. Interesting, thanks for the clarification!
  14. Looks like it's the ASI294MM https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwoasiusers/permalink/1219912791701100/
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