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  1. Hi Len1257 nice to see another Deeside mwmber. Welcome.
  2. Hi Andy that is a amazing offer thank you. I'll pm you mate.
  3. Thanks guys, some very good comments to think about. MikeDnight that is a very impressive set up you have there, I'd love to be able to do somthing like that but unfortunately it's not an option at this moment in time, maybe in the future. Andy R unfortunately I don't drive mate, so unfortunately I have to make the most of what I have. ScouseSpaceCadet that is a very good idea, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the council, and in the meantime I'll definitely be looking in to that myself. Thanks again everyone for the great advice, definitely lots to think about. Regards Glob
  4. I love the way how the shadows in the craters indicate how rugged the edges of the craters actually are. Amazing.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meteoroid-Impacts-Observe-Astronomers-Observing/dp/1441903232/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Lunar+and+meteoroid+impacts&qid=1570146135&s=gateway&sr=8-1 This is a book I wanted to order years ago, but never did, even tho the subject really interests me. So I have just ordered it. Have any of you guys read the book and is it a good one?
  6. Thank you guys for your positivity and constructive comments. No I'm not going to tet light pollution win, lol. I think I'll make somthing to block the light, as you have suggested, and buy the telescope I had 10 years ago (10" dob). Thanks again Regards Glob
  7. Hi all, Well I just went out in the garden for a hour (I was hoping for longer) and the viewing is just impossible now. Back when I last had a telescope (10 years ago) we had trees at the street side of the garden, but unfortunately we had to cut them down, and now the eastern sky is completely washed out by a street light, about 40/50 feet away. I was thinking about buying a new scope but unfortunately I don't think it's worth it now, because I can't see half the sky I was able to. Rant over, lol. Any of you guys have street lights right next to your garden, if so how have you overcome the light pollution? Regards Glob
  8. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Thank you very much guys.
  9. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Thank you all for the welcomes, very kind.
  10. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Same as you Flintshire, Connahs Quay. Lol. Small world. Lol
  11. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Thanks Andy. What part of North Wales you at?
  12. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Thanks guys, I'm up in Flintshire, and doing the same as you listening to the rain. Lol
  13. Glob

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Hi all I had a Skywatcher Dobsoion 250p about 10 years ago(for about 8 months), but unfortunately some things happend that forced me to sell it. Anyway, the things I seen back then never left me, and my interest in the night sky has been revived. Hope you all have clear skys and good viewing. Regards Glob
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