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  1. Just checked the Jeulin site: https://en.jeulin.fr/simple-radial-slits-212076.html That's what your looking for.
  2. Louise, My mate Fulvio has noted in his Spec 600 write up (http://www.lightfrominfinity.org/Spec 600UP and Spec600 EVO/Spec 600 UP e Spec 600 EVO.pdf) ""However, the Ovio has recently been incorporated into the French firm Jeulin, so it will be necessary to contact this last company to acquire the multi-slit plate, that actually is sold in bundle with three others plates, that don’t have interest for our purposes, or in a kit of two slit plates.It will be necessary to ask the Company to sell the multi slit plate only. https://en.jeulin.fr/en-products/physics-chemistry/optics/optical-components-commonequipment. html""
  3. No, weiller’s CORONO software. A bit difficult on the iPad to find the link, but Google will have it. http://sweiller.free.fr/Softwares/Corono/corono.html
  4. Look at Corono to give a black disk to enhance your proms. Recommended.
  5. I use EQMOD on both my HEQ5 and NEQ6PRO with CdC and PHD2. I still use the ST-4 cable for guiding (C11@f10). Why? It works well for me, why change?
  6. I use an ASI 174 and ASI 1600 for solar imaging with my SM60/ED80, x2.5 PM. I work at Unity gain (174 = 189 gain, 1600 = 139 gain) and Gamma = 50. I never touch these again. Using the exposure I push to get the histogram up to around the 90% mark....... For proms, I leave the Gain and Gamma untouched but push the exposure to show the prom.....maybe, just maybe, for the fainter proms I'll push the Gain a few points......
  7. Matt, Well done, looking better.
  8. Matt, A bit over cooked...the actual surface is smoother and more flowing......ease off the wavelets and contrast. Just my 2c.
  9. The #7315 1.25” non rotating helical is $99.....
  10. The Borg 1.25” version of the helical focuser works well. I use it on PST mods, the Spectra-L200 and the spectroheliograph.
  11. I've been using the ASI 174 mm for a while now (definitely needs the T2 tilter) -would work well for you - fast frame rates.... I wanted to get a better FOV and went for a ASI 183mm, BUT it turned out not to be suitable for solar Ha imaging (!!!!) replaced by ZWO, and I went for the ASI 1600mm uncooled. Just my 2c
  12. I added a SW electronic focus motor to all my solar scopes...... This allows you to comfortably concentrate on the image while tweaking the focus.
  13. Louise, You'll find in normal usage that the Hi-res, limited wavelength, is used to record specific detail at nominated target wavelengths - Ha, Hb or some other target. Generally there's no need to combine them.
  14. Louise, Yes, you can combine spectral profiles to present a larger coverage - BASS can do this .
  15. I believe the finished spectrograph is around 1Kg, you then need to add the guide camera and the imaging camera. I would work on 1.7 to 2Kg loading on your telescope/ focuser.
  16. Louise, I have entered the LowSpec design into the SimSpec spreadsheet, if you use the data you have it should give you a reasonable first approx of the capabilities and spectral coverage. SimSpec V4.3_Paul3D.zip
  17. IMHO, a 600 l/mm grating would be a good compromise. You can always change it later when you gain more experience. Have you decided on what cameras you'll use? Guiding and acquisition?
  18. Buil's Vega atlas provides a very good reference source for these Atmospheric bands..... http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/us/vatlas/vatlas.htm See also the links given here: http://www.astronomicalspectroscopy.com/process.html
  19. Louise, Ah, I see you're calling up a 6mm thick grating....I always used the 9.5mm.... Ken
  20. Andrew, Looks like you're off to a good start! Ken
  21. Louise, Surplus Shed don't supply gratings... I thought Paul's LowSpec required a 600 l/mm grating? I buy all my gratings from Optometrics (now Dynasil) - highly recommended. Ken
  22. Vlaiv, The bottom Rochi definitely shows "wavy" lines........
  23. Chris, Neat and functional, I would say. It obviously does the job. Well done! I was lucky to find a 100mm diameter FS5 20 deg prism and mounted it into a PVC joiner, see images. It's a bit difficult to see as the prism doesn't show up too well. This is then mounted on the ED80. I also, like you, use an off-set finder. Ken
  24. No, not easily. The tube has to be cut then you need to manufacture an adaptor to hold a new prism assembly. Much easier to find a s/h RACI version.
  25. Nigella, https://solarchatforum.com/ Look in the Solar Scope mods section. There are a few members using the Quark as a double stack.
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