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  1. Hi Lee, I am interested in the AR80, can pay cash and collect.   Tony.

  2. As part of the clear out I'm selling my OPticstar AR80s guidescope, it comes with rings and dovetail mounting. Owned from new (3 years) and has been well looked after, however there are the inevitable marks on the tube from the securing screws, purely cosmetic and don't affect performance. I've got this up on AstroBS for the same price £100, will post for small fee Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Selling the big stuff to make room for some small ! My 200PDS and HEQ5Pro have got to go, changes in shifts and clouds mean I have been out twice in the last 10 months with this kit. Time for a change.... 200PDS -HEQ5Pro Synscan, bahtinov mask, 3 counterweights, accessory tray and a new power adapter as the original one was sporadic in keeping connection, had been using tape to keep it secure. The OTA is in really good condition with just a few marks from the clamp ring screws, this doesn't affect it whatsover. I've blacked out the drawtube against reflections. The mount is in very good
  4. Hi Lee,

    Been a long time we've chatted. Hope you still remember me from Opticstar? :p

    Anyway, I saw your post from 2014 about wanting to buy the DS-616 camera. Did you buy it? Whats your opinion on it? I am planning on a CCD soon and it is definetly on my list of probable cameras.

    Do let me know.



  5. Well, the subs were garbage. Note to self - time to sell it all !!!! To top it off, my car has died, marvellous 24 hours ! Lee
  6. Well. Just hit the sack. Couldn't get guiding to work at all. Finally cleared up. Left kit working away on measley 60 sec subs of m45.nevermind at least they'll be a bit of something to play with in the morning. Nighty night Lee
  7. Just finished a 2-10 shift. Driven home under perfect skies. Now sitting in garden all set up and raring to go. UNDER BLANKET CLOUD !!!!!!
  8. Hi Wim, this was a lazy attempt, no guiding = trailing for me ! Lee
  9. Excellent guide Knight, clear plain English ! Should help out a lot of folk, and also be a sticky. Lee
  10. Spent 2 hours dodging clouds last night, todays forecast looks much better so I'm planning a decent guided run on this and the Cocoon. M27 single 3 min sub - no cal files, just a bit of CS6. It'll be interesting to see how much of the outer halo I can get with 5-10 min subs, the modded cam makes a hell of a lot of difference ! Cheers Lee
  11. Thats great Stuart, that's nowhere near as bright as one I have done in the past, however, I can't remember what settings I used. The forecast looks promising in the coming days so as I'm off for a week I'm planning on spending as much time out there as I can. I'll mimic your serttings and see if they help. Cheers Lee
  12. Hi Stuart, sorry mate as in Tungsten- daylight auto etc Would it be possible for you to upload a single 5 min sub as is, I've always used iso800, get a really washed out image if i go any higher. Cheers Lee
  13. Hi Stuart, really liking the recent posts you've made, do you have a specific routine for your imaging ? as in iso, exposure, light modes etc. Cheers Lee
  14. I'm planning on putting my modded 350d (full filter removal) up for sale in the classifieds, any ideas as to how much I should ask for ? I'll include a memory card, batteries/ac power adapter and an intervalometer. Can't see myself using it now that I've done an 1100d and am going to do my 550d next week while I'm off Thanks Lee
  15. beautiful image, really clean and soft, I love it. I've been up for work at 4 am of late and have noticed the great 'O' peeping up from behind cover of house and tree, time to get excited again ! Lee
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