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  1. NGC896

    Thanks. This is first image I have done using Narrowband Filters and ATIk460 which I purchased last Summer, so I am really on a big learning curce, as I am with Photoshop but I am getting there, I think
  2. NGC 896 , part of the Heart Nebula. This was my first attempt at Narrowband imaging carried out of the August bank holiday weekend 2017. Ha 12 x900sec, OIII 14x900sec, SII 14 x900. ED80pro, NEQ6 Pro MOunt. ST80 with Starshhot Guide (PHD2) Atik460ex Mono Processed using DSS and Photoshop 5 to best of my ability at the moment. I am no expert by long way, still lot to learn but very pleased with this image.
  3. This image is my second attempt with Narroiwband imaging. 7.5hours Integration Sept 2017. HA, OIII, SII. 30 x 900sec Stacked in DSS, Processed in PS5. Pretty pleased with result as limited expierience with Processing images. ED80 Pro, EQ6 Pro, ST80 with Starshoot Guide Camera. ATIK460ex with FW2. SGpro.
  4. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Electrics, Desk and flooring all completed. Played about a bit today with setting up, if anybody has similar set up perhaps you can give me some guidance on the off set settings etc, I use SGPro.
  5. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Yes. Very pleased with it. Nowno doubt have 3 months of Clouds
  6. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Delivered and installed by Dave and Ian. Very pleased.
  7. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Just awaiting dome arrival now. Hopefully 6th or 13th May, awaiting confirmation from Pulsar.
  8. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Hello Malcolm, The Shuttering was only temp in place to assist digging the hole. It was all levelled before cement went in Kev
  9. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Yes all level. no doubts about that. Almost done.
  10. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Work has began. Delivery is early June 😁
  11. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Thanks Steve. Apprecite your advice. Will post few images when work gets underway.
  12. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    Thanks People, Really appreciate the feedback and really looking forward to Spring I have few questions if you guys/girls can help. Condenastion: Steve you mention you run a dehumidifier in yours. Some of these have the capability to external draining, by this I imagine you can fit a pipe to them a drain of outside to save emptying the normal water container. Would you consider it worth pre installing a small drain pipe into the base to utilisiese this feature, obviously running the pipe from insiie the dome via a samll conduit pipe simi to the electric conduit, down and under the base to a few feet away from the exterior underground as a soakway? Do you run your Dehunidifier 24/7, I notice they run automatic depending on the settings. Do you run it when imiging/using the dome open. I think the new Rigil Pier from Pulsar has a cut out at the top for wires. Should I plan to run conduit from the power point/laptop area to near the centre of the Pier base to enable running cable up the inside of the pier? I could run a mouse line through to pull cable through as necessary. On the Pulsar advise for the pier mount it says 1m x 1m x 60cm deep. I am worried this maybe two large within the 2m dome and I may walk on the pier base. I read on your site Steve that you built your base 24"sq 30" deep, I image you find this fine? I am planning to build the base circular about 8-10" oversize to the dome. Would it be worth painting this to help with Water penetration/damp using suitable exterir paint or sealer. I intend fitting DPM and soft flooring in the dome. Any other thoughts be appreciated.
  13. Home Observatory UK or PULSAR Dome?

    I opted for the Pulsar 2.20m Dome, paid deposit at the International Astronomy Show. Got work to do in Garden , shrubs to move, base/pier base to build etc so the guys agreed happy to supply after next Spring. Very much looking forward to getting it.
  14. ready made piers

    Thanks Alec. I have ordered a Dome from Pulsar, and will opt for the Rigel Pier to go with it. Appreciate your reply.