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  1. Good to know Once I get a car, would love to meet-up and exchange thoughts over a drink.
  2. Thank you, Simon. Where in the South East are you?
  3. Brilliant photos Francis. Would love to see pictures of your rig.
  4. Hi All, I am not entirely new to Astronomy/Astrophotography/Telescope Making, but after almost 2 years sabbatical I am slowly inching (and itching) my way back to Astrophotography. Just curious if any member is in Ashford as this is where I live and would love to meet up with fellow Astrophotographers.
  5. Valid points Adam and Ian. That's what my mind is playing badminton with. Large sensor or better sensor? I will be getting the Sky-Watcher 150P Quattro for now and later perhaps an RC6 or 72ED whichever I decide to as my second scope. Too bad I am in Ashford and you guys up North I have followed Ian on instagram. You have good photos.
  6. Hi All, ZWO ASI 071 MC PRO seems to have the USB3 and DDR 256MB buffer. Are there any users here who are facing amp glow currently with this camera? I am planning for either 533MC or 071MC, but leaning towards 071 because of APSC.
  7. Hi Everyone, Having owned a HEQ5-PRO for 12 years, I am now thinking between CEM26 or GEM28 mounts. However, several of my friends have reported pointing issues, especially to targets in the South like M16. What are your opinions about this? anyone use it recently?
  8. Hi Steve, This is by far the most detailed report I have seen/read. I am in Ashford, Kent and planning to buy a new AP Setup which is lightweight. I have been eyeballing the GEM28 for a couple of days. I used to have a HEQ5-PRO etc etc, all heavy stuff. I have read reports from India that the GEM28 has pointing issues, especially with Southern targets. Have you ever faced anything similar?
  9. Just something I came up with. "Namesake" is just that I became a member, but haven't participated in any activities
  10. yes, I am a namesake member (who soon hopes to become telescope officer )
  11. Hi, apparently the locals go to the Kent Astronomy Society, they have an obsy somewhere closer to Dover. Uni doesnt really afford me the time. Hope to make up now in the summer.
  12. Hi, yes I am, at the very end of High Street
  13. Hi Everyone, I should've said hello in September itself when I moved here (Canterbury) from Bangalore, India. I would love to meet up with fellow astrophotographers and checkout their "equipment" (pun intended). I love looking at different telescopes and mounts and learning from like minded folk.
  14. Hey, you can use the WemosD1 CNCV3 OnStep Controller easily. Here is a link of someone's build. I built the CNCv3 version too. works well.
  15. Does anyone here have a 3D printable case STL file for the AstroEQ telescope controller based on the Arduino Mega+shield please?
  16. What an excellent thread I must say. I recently completed an 8.5" f/8 Mirror and since I plan to use it for outreach (needs to be portable), I do not want to make a full tube DOB for it but a truss design. I have used The Dobsonian Telescope Book and found that with a 9" tall mirror box and a single ring secondary cage (0.75kg total weight including secondary mirror, focuser etc) and 70 inch long trusses of 3/4th inch OD, I get the torque in the front aseembly as 5.4kgm and the bottom section a mere 1kgm. Will this play a role in the balancing of the scope? How big would the bearings need to be? I hope I am not hijacking this thread, just thought my question would fit in with the very experienced folks here. TIA.
  17. no, the complete focuser body, drawtube etc... for a handmade telescope i have an ascom focuser for my factory made scopes
  18. Hi Everyone, Would someone happen to have STL files for a simple printable Crayford/R&P focuser please?
  19. The statue of the Buddha at #langza is at 14300 feet above sea level. The village itself lacks mobile phone connectivity, yet no one who visits this place misses phones. Such is the sheer beauty of the village and it's surroundings. Mesmerizing mountains, the thin air, the chill will literally take your breath away. The pic of the #milkyway in front of the Buddha is quite cliched perhaps, yet a joy to capture. Acquisition: #canon80d ISO2000, #samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens, 20s exposure. #astronomy #astrophotography #nightscape #universe #milkyway
  20. I absolutely loved your reply because as i read through it, I was visualizing both of you working on the machines. My heartfelt condolences for your loss because it takes a really long time to overcome the grief of loosing someone you knew for 40 years. I am always asking for guidance on the forums because I want to be one of the new generation ATM'er who can carry forward the legacy of you seniors. I am grateful for the guidance that you all provide. Below are two pictures of my "fresh out of the oven" White Portland Cement Tool for polishing. Please do give your CC. I am also looking for copies of the entire set of the Telescope Making Magazine and ATM by Ingalls (not sure if I can pay though). I know thet even though they are old, the content in them are nothing less than treasures.
  21. also, i would love to read/view your experiences of the MoM, especially the figuring. May i please know how do you generate the initial sagitta? any details you could give me, i will be very grateful.
  22. I have interacted with Mr Waite a few times. However since the past year he hasn't been replying and I kind of tend to fear the worst when that happens.
  23. It doesnt exist anymore. I did download the archive, nothing much in it though.
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