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  1. DOOM - The FPS before people get too worried :evil::grin: 

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    2. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      Thanks for the info Peter 50 GB is far to much for me to download so might have to give it a miss, goes and cries in the corner....



    3. Earl




    4. Uranium235


      Im probably going to give it a miss for the same reason I did Fallout 4, I cant justify the pricetag! (yet)

      Just reading the Steam reviews and most agree that the SP mode is great, but the MP mode isnt nearly as good. Shame there isnt a co-op mode (though I could be wrong!). I prefer co-op because PvP gives me rage thesedays...lol.. Thats the reason why I skipped Battleborn, I was hoping for something like Borderlands - but its more like a 3d MOBA (ie: league of legends).

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