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  1. Hey, this topic is primarily aimed at CCD imagers in the west mids (in/around Coventry) that have CCD's. I'm trying to get back into imaging and want to try a £1000+ CCD for myself. This is a long shot but could I give one a go if you have one? You're more than welcome to a cup of tea or any other beverage. Just want to try a couple of test shots (preferably mono). Any offers either PM or reply on here. Cheers cam
  2. Hey guys, I can see where you're all coming from and I probably won't sell. I think since selling my imaging kit (first CCD and GT81) I've been enjoying the hobby less and for that reason I think I prefer imaging to visual even with a f4.8 10" scope. With imaging I feel I can get more out of it for example using narrowband as I live about 3 miles from the city centre, and the LP is appalling. Where my better half lives (Hatton if any of you know it), the street lights go off at 12 and the skies are amazing, just like being back in the mountains in Sri Lanka in 2014, that was an awesome couple
  3. Stuck with a decision, got an NEQ6 and 250PDS sat in the obsy. Due to rubbish weather I don't think I've been out in about 2 months so I'm not sure whether to sell all my kit. I'm really wanting to get back into imaging after a year or so break but I can't justify it!
  4. Hi, selling the above item as I no longer need it due to going back to visual. Great, solid piece of kit. Message if interested cheers spoon
  5. Hi I've given up I can't get it right. I'm on the hunt for a second mount my NEQ6 will become my observing mount to take out in the garden with my 10" newt while the AZEQ6 is imaging
  6. Hi, I'm sure after everything is sorted it'll be great. Maybe get it done by Graham at AstroTec uk?
  7. That might be it then. I removed all the grease
  8. Might just do a complete strip down and start again. Does the big brass cylinder that binds with the worm need to be greased, not the teeth but the actually flat surface
  9. Hi Nope that doesn't do anything. Yep I didn't move any Cam
  10. Thanks for that, my only problem now is that the RA is really stiff when I release the RA clutch. It's the same when I take out the taper bearing at the polariscope end.
  11. It was like that before I put the taper bearing in. Yeah the clutch. I see a clutch as a slipper clutch on a 1995 sports bike (rebuilding a zx6r) Cam
  12. new problem now, got the mount back together but the RA is really stiff even without to locking bolt in the mount, what could be causing this? cam
  13. I've tightened the black ring holding it in as much as I can and still nothing. The Dec took about 30 seconds to tune!
  14. Exactly like I did, so I'm going to order new ones
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