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  1. I’ve experimented again over the last 30 mins and all seems to be working correctly. There must have been some user error last night or a temporary glitch in the mount. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
  2. Thanks Peter. I have an iPhone and use PS Align Pro which, I assume, is similar?
  3. Hi Malc, Thanks for taking the time to comment. That was my first thought so I checked it and rechecked it every time (W x°xx'; N y°yy'; Time = mm/dd/yyy; Timezone = +00.00; Time = local time; DST = 'yes'). Sadly (or perhaps not) everything was as it should be (unless the W should have been -x°xx'?). Stu
  4. I hope someone can help me - I've looked back through the forums and found some mention of this phenomenon but I'm not sure that it was answered. Last night I wanted to check that my newly-purchased guide camera was guiding (first clear night in a while). I set up as accurately as I could: Mount was level Accurate polar alignment Scope balanced RA and Dec manually set to home using a level Synscan booted up Location, date, time, time zone and daylight-saving set (and triple-checked over the period) At this point I chose 1 star alignment as I all
  5. Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for a while and then joined a few weeks ago. I got into astronomy back in the 90s but only for a couple of years (family and work took over); recently (with the kids grown up) I've been able to get back into it and have heen scraping together all the equipment I think I could benefit from having (not there yet ). I've already managed to pick up some really useful pointers from other people's questions on the forum so thanks! Stu
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