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  1. Here’s a single 1min sub from a stack of Andromeda. One of Elon’s many creations scores a direct hit on the core. Shot with Canon 600d, attached to WO ZS73 ISO 800 60s F8D77C5D-0962-4FE0-963B-28982C0C0268.tiff
  2. Hi John, Both models are 240Wh (Watt hours), the expensive one just seems to have a higher peak output, which I doubt you will need for Astrowork. Watts hours by themselves are irrelevant without knowing the voltage supplied. Lets say this is 12v DC as per the outputs on the power bank required to power the mount. So this gives 240Wh/12v = 20Amp hours . So if your rig drew 2amps, you would get 10hrs usage. (2amps x 10 hours = 20amp hours) All theoretical of course and cold weather and other factors inevitably mean you will get less, but that's the theory. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi, I purchased mine about 6 weeks ago, but you are quite right to point out that gremlins may yet appear - time will tell on the one and my fingers are crossed. I take you point about the obscure seller in my link, I would never purchase from them myself , having never heard of them, was just trying to provide an example of what I was talking about in the link,- That's a lesson learned for the future for me I think. Cheers
  4. Thanks that's very interesting - will investigate, thanks so much for taking the time to post this
  5. Thanks that's really helpful! Ill focus on the £10/year, and try and forget about the £250 for camera/ guide scope
  6. Well that's news to me - I thought the step in the PA routine where you swivel the mount in RA, calculates the centre of rotation of the mount irrespective of where the OTA is pointing. Thanks
  7. Thank you- how do you find the 120MM? - you use this guiding / platesolving ? - And Sharpcap pro- is this a straightforward as it looks on Youtube. ??
  8. The right angle will cure my knees, but still left with my dodgy eyesight . Are you saying Guide cam & scope + sharpcap vs Polemaster or ASIAIR then ? hmmm what do you use ?
  9. Thanks that really useful to hear, I had assumed with ASIAIR that it would be a "one stop shop", but interesting you prefer the PA routine in Polemaster. - it obviously must work well for you. Thank you
  10. No, I thought that was just for Guiding, I haven't progressed to that just yet : )
  11. Everything i read online seems to say Sharpcap doesn't support DSLR, maybe I've missed something - but will check out EKOS _ thank you for that., I don't use guiding at present, so has to be via the dslr or a stick on solution like polemaster i think.
  12. No, I thought that was just for Guiding, I haven't progressed to that just yet : )
  13. Hi Guys, My knees always complain when trying to polar align and my eyesight isn't so great that trying to move the little white dot around the red screen is easy. So i am looking for an electronic solution. to polar alignment. I've heard Sharpcap works well, but as I use DSLR I think that is out.? So what does that leave? Ipolar ? - wrong mount with my HEQ5 Pro and Polemaster seems so expensive i might just as well get an ASIAIR for the functionality at similar (ish) cost. What do you guys use ? - is there anything I am missing which I should consider ? Thanks in a
  14. Hi AlexK, your advice is exactly what I took. I sought out LiFePO4 technology and purchased through a reputable merchant with good returns policy - Amazon. This took me to the Beaudens model, which “fake” brand or not has performed perfectly so far, and I am more than pleased with it. Looking today the 240WH model is still listed on Amazon. Cheers
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