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Tubby Bear

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  1. Tubby Bear

    Uranian Family

    As good an amateur image i've ever seen of this planet. Amazing work
  2. Tubby Bear

    TeleVue 13mm Nagler Type 6

    Nice write up. I use a pair of them in the binoviewer, when seeing permits that is. I've had good views with them, but i have to say they are not my favourites and i much prefer Panoptics. My main grumble is the tight eye relief, the eyecups are too stiff and they have abnormally long barrels, so they won't sit flush in the bino, sticking out 1 to 2 mm. But all in all, a good solid eyepiece, and the wide field high power views are nice.
  3. Tubby Bear

    IAS 2018

    If i remember right the IAS used to be in June....? On one occasion they had 7 or 8 solar scopes set up outside.
  4. Tubby Bear

    Lens pens how long before replacing

    Possibly. The brush may be getting dirty, and the felt bit on the other end tends to dry out. I only sparingly use the brush for carefully removing dust, dirt etc, and if i really need to clean the glass in the eyepieces, i prefer Baader Optical Wonder. I remember once, at an open evening a lady left mascara remnants all over my 24Panoptics, but the Baader Wonder shifted it no problem. I've never used it on a refractor objective / Dob mirror though.
  5. Tubby Bear

    IAS 2018

    Yes, much quieter than the last year or two. It actually felt quite subdued at times. (Friday) The vendors who were there were great, but there was certainly less kit to look at. Its a pity there was some notables missing as others have suggested ie FLO, Telescope House, Wex Photo, Astrograph to name a few. I still enjoyed it though, and spent more than i should have done (as always!)
  6. Sweet set up. Enjoy the US of A
  7. Tubby Bear

    Warm Weather To Stay Till October?

    Warm weather till October...? I'll give my thermals a wash, and get the boiler booked in for a service then.
  8. Tubby Bear

    Annulal Perseids Meteor Shower this week !

    The weather doesn't look great.... Had it been a full moon, you could have guaranteed clear skys of course !
  9. Tubby Bear

    COMPLETED - Tele-vue Paracorr Type 2 * SOLD *

    I'm afraid you all missed a bargain. ITEM NOW SOLD MODS / ADMIN : Please archive this ad.
  10. Tubby Bear


    Peter : i meant the 1.25" nosepiece at the other end, not the eyepiece holders (with are always 1.25" in nearly all systems) I have to disagree with others here as well. I enjoy low power views a lot of the time using my binos. I can fit the entire double cluster into my fov when using the Dob. Believe me looking at clusters with both eyes with low power is pretty awesome. M11 M13 M42 all look incredible. I've recently sold my 2" wide field as their was no contest between mono and bino viewing. Just my humble opinion though......
  11. Tubby Bear


    I'm puzzled, seriously puzzled why Orion have only made a 1.25" fitting for this ? Presumably to keep costs down ? They make it sound so appealing......0 x magnification increase......but tell me what sort of a view i'd get with an F4 Newtonian ? A dim one i expect. Huge aperture loss, and poor contrast to go with it.
  12. Tubby Bear


    Has anyone seem these fellas....? I first saw them in Augusts Astronomy now magazine (p 110) Check them out
  13. Tubby Bear


    The only way to observe imho.
  14. Tubby Bear

    Total Lunar Eclipse 27Jul2018

    I'm still sulking. Totally clouded out in the UK by all accounts, and typically decent weather either side of the event.
  15. I'd look for a second hand dobsonian. Some thing like an Orion Optics 8" or 10" Look on : http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/index.php or on here ! Plenty of used bargain to be had out there...

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