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  1. Heres my OO VX12 (short tube) with encoders that i recently fitted.
  2. Very nice Steve. Excellent level of detail there...
  3. If you can put that little lot together, that will be quite a setup ! ? Be aware of the back focus requirements though, if you are planning a Turret and a big Feathertouch.
  4. And this Mick...... I'm interested in your TEC 'turret' idea.... FYI.......i don't think TEC make them anymore. I seem to remember reading that Yuri said they were discontinued. I know Teleskop Express have them listed, but if i was after one, it may be advisable to invest in one sooner, rather than later. They are not cheap of course..... Another option (bit more expensive !!) is the nPAE turret. http://www.npae.net/product/6061-turret/ This is perhaps a better option as it has 2" eyepiece availability as well as filter + camera options as well. But its a step up in weight too at 2.3kg unloaded. Which means potential balance issues. If i was going down that route, i'd want the FT3545, because fully loaded you could be up to 5kg quite easily. AND BE CAREFUL : with a turret there may be a big possibility of you running out of in-focus, which would mean having to cut an inch or two off the tube. Probably not something you want to do with a classic and rare refractor. Food for thought. (i'm not trying to burn a whole in your wallet, i promise !! ?)
  5. The FT3545 is far and away the nicest focuser i've ever used. It transformed my old FLT132. I got it at a bargain price too. Mick : the current refractor focuser from FLO looks mightily impressive. Its only listed as an upgrade (with relevant adapter) for the SW Esprit series though. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moonlite-focusers/moonlite-cf-crayford-focuser-for-refractors.html You may need to speak with Moonlite in the US to get the right adapter for your scope. Do you know what size and thread it is ? And if they don't have it, i'm sure they would custom make you one to fit. Moonlite are excellent to deal with. And i think the same could be done at Starlight instruments if you go with them. http://focuser.com/products.php http://www.starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php
  6. This gives an idea of how well implemented these Feathertouches are put together. No corners cut with design or materials used. The FT3535 has a 3.5 inch diameter drawtube with amazingly intricate baffling (just in case the ones in the scope are insufficient) They really are works of art, and are a thing of beauty.
  7. Mick, i can echo the thoughts of Damien exactly. I have the Moonlite CR2 as well on my OOVX12, and as you've seen it will support a 1.8kg binoviewer set up quite happily. If it was me, WITH YOUR SETUP, with lightweight Clave eyepieces, i would be inclined to think a big 3" + Feathertouch may be overkill, although it would perform exceptionally well of course. But unless you're planning on hanging a load of weight on there in the future, i'm sure a Moonlite would do the job very well. I would give Ron at Moonlite an email and see what he thinks, and also i'm sure they'd be the correct adapter available to fit your tube. They also do different length drawtube options to cater for whatever focus travel requirements you need. I have a non standard 60mm drawtube on my Newtonian so i can comfortably focus with the 3 'Powerswitch' settings on the bino. I used to have the FT3545 on my FLT132 if you remember ? Perhaps the very best focuser on the market. I shall be reacquainting myself with one again fairly soon hopefully. I also owned a used FLT98 briefly that had the FT3035 focuser that John posted earlier. Very nice as well, however i personally didn't like the rotator design on that which was controlled by 3 nylon tipped screws against the drawtube. I found them prone to slipping no matter how tight i tightened them. The 'Captains wheel' on the 3545 is in another league. Whatever you choose, the scope will look great with either, and perform likewise. ?
  8. I'm looking forward to hearing how it performs Mick ? Did you find a solution of how to mount the finder ?? I was going to suggest one option would be to mount in on the altitude axis of the mount rather than on the OTA itself. On the DM6 i have a simple, small 90º bracket that fits onto the top of the altitude disc, above the saddle plate. Its grooved and the Baader mounting screws into it. It works a treat.
  9. True, but theres still room for improvement there. The vanes and secondary holder itself, isn't terribly well made.
  10. I have the same scope ! Just visual though. I've done a few small mods myself : new focuser was the first thing i changed. Probably going to change the tube and spider next.
  11. If you can source one, use a dew shield on your Newtonian. It keeps the dew at bay, and just gives your mirrors that extra barrier pf protection.
  12. If you are going down the Tec140 route (a new one) you are looking at 12 months ballpark wait time. Possibly longer.
  13. Nice, i've seen these advertised. One of my very early memories, though probably the 1972 mission,
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