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  1. Thankyou for sharing. I will be ordering my copy. I'm also lucky enough to be going to Astrofest to see Alans talk next month. Can't wait. Alan is the best speaker i have seen. Theres simply no one else like him.
  2. Astrofest 2018

    Well well well..... Astrofest ticket is booked for Friday. The final speaker lineup is in place. AND..........Alan Chapman has moved his talk to Friday I've booked 'Session 2'. Looking forward to it.
  3. Help with apps

    ..........and, you'll find your 'Compass app' on your iPhone has your lat / long coordinates on there already.
  4. Help with apps

    +1 for Sky Safari 6 Plus. Its just been updated to v 6 You can't really go wrong for £6.99 (be quick this is the half price offer) and you get the telescope control interface with this too. You can also go for the basic version (99p) or the all singing, all dancing Pro version for £19.99
  5. My TAKAHASHI SEISAKUSHO, instrument album.

    Thanks for sharing all of these lovely scopes with us. I would quite like a Takahashi some day. They are a bit expensive though....
  6. Astrofest 2018

    Yes, theres usually something closed on the Saturday : thats why i prefer the Friday.
  7. Live rocket launch

    I reckon the coffee machines broke at mission control.....
  8. Astrofest 2018

    I agree with you all. They could do with sorting themselves out. And like you say, there were not so many dealers last year. I don't know why. The talks are always good mind. And to grumble a bit more i've just seen a 2 pass conference ticket has gone up to £40 !! I'm sure it was 20 something last year....? I always like to see Alan Chapmans talk, and mostly he does the Friday. But sods law hes doing Saturday this year. I will probably make the trip on the Friday though ; i've been every year since 2005. And theres always something on the shopping list isn't there......?
  9. Wymeswold 06.01.2018 Observing Report

    Yes, i'm afraid so. I think it was £6.99 if i remember....
  10. Wymeswold 06.01.2018 Observing Report

    I spent a couple of hours yesterday getting to grips with Sky Safari 6 Mick which i just upgraded to from version 5. It worked well and everything seemed in order....
  11. Beautiful Conjunction in Libra this morning ! Definitely worth me setting the alarm.... Imaged 06:35hrs, Canon 6D + EF 135mm @ F2 iso 3200, 1/60s To the right is Zubenelgenubi (double star Alpha Librae) Top left Zubeneschamali (Beta Librae) I love those names....!! The other star to the left i think is Nu Librae.
  12. Beautiful scope Ray. Great purchase, enjoy.
  13. Jupiter,Venus or Mars ?

    All 3 planets will be visible soon. Saturn a bit later on, it will be very low in the south just above the Sagittarius 'teapot'