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  1. I cleaned my 10" mirror a couple of years ago, and thought i'd made a bit of a mess of it. I followed all the procedures correctly, but found the mirrors coatings (OO Hilux) seemed to have a slightly mottled look to them. I took it over to OO to have inspected. John took a quick look at it, disappeared with it for 5 mins, and returned with it looking absolutely pristine. I'm assuming it just needed a quick polish, but i'm not sure what he did. My current scope has a 12" mirror, its only 2 years old, and has not had to suffer my clumsy hands yet........
  2. Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    like this.....
  3. Charles Riddel, Half Hitch Telescope - RIP

    That is sad news Damian. He was a pioneer, and the quality of his mount was something to behold.
  4. Skywatcher green livery

    I prefer black myself. Looks gimmicky in green.
  5. AstroTrac 360

    I like Richard a lot and have a lot of respect for him and his products. I love to see innovation and i really like the modularity aspect of this mount. I've put a deposit down for the basic tracker. BTW : the prices shown exclude VAT.
  6. Binoviewer Moon

    Depends. I've not purchased any eyepieces for 4 years. Yes its easy to spend 100s but you don't necessarily need to. Once you have 2 or 3 sets of lenses you are pretty much there, particularly if you go down a 'Powerswitch' type route. The 16.8mm Abbe Orthos mentioned earlier pricked my ears up though.......
  7. Binoviewer Moon

    You either need the 1.7x (Newt) GPC for the Baader systems, or, go down the American route with a Denkmeier / Earthwin system. I recommend the latter as they will focus in all scopes, and the 3 magnification 'Powerswitch' is a much cheaper option than buying lots of different power eyepieces.
  8. Binoviewer Moon

    ....or a nice widefield Newtonian. I always assumed the view of say the 'Double Cluster' would be best through a 21 Ethos os similar. I once looked through a 21E and 14" F5 Dob, and the Double Cluster looked remarkable. But my own 12" F4 with Newt bino with the low power arm in place (1.2x) bettered it IMO. It also convinced me i didn't need to spend any more £££ on big widefield glass. I have a 31N but don't use it much, certainly not in my F4 scope.
  9. Binoviewer Moon

    Everything you said is spot on pbyrne. There is no better way to observe, period.
  10. I don't have one myself, but do have the Orion Optics version. OO tubes are thinner : 326mm.
  11. I think it may be bigger than 318mm ? The diameter of the tube is listed as 355mm. http://skywatcher.com/product/bkp-300-ds/
  12. I have a spare 10" Moonlite base plate from when i changed from a 10" to a 12" tube. I think i still have it if you want it ?
  13. I had one, but sold it to Gain lee 18 mths ago. Its a big scope, and i found balancing it with binoviewers troublesome (not enough mass at the primary end) It worked very well with my 31 Nagler, and once cooled gave great all round views. It was a big scope to transport, taking up a lot of room in the car. I decided i preferred the 1200mm FL so sold it and now have the 12" F4.
  14. Lunar 100 resources

    Just read your original posting with the Lunar 100 Mick Amazing bit of work there. Its something i must have a go at. I've just ordered myself a copy of the atlas.

    Always fancied one of these Russian Maks, but never quite been tempted enough. Its a stunning looking set-up ; hope you get some great views.