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  1. Tubby Bear

    which manual Alt-Az mount

    TS in the Fatherland have a good selection. The Giro Ercole is a good choice https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4202_GIRO-ERCOLE-Altazimuth-Mount-for-Telescopes-up-to-15-kg.html Also this from AOK Swiss : the AYO ii This is more 'configurable' and has the potential to add things like encoders for eg. http://www.aokswiss.ch/ayo/main_ayo.html
  2. Tubby Bear

    Transporting telescopes

    12" Dob (1200fl) fits nicely across the back seats of the car. My refractor had its own case and was safe and secure in there. Accessories and other gear all go in the trunk.
  3. I had a good look at it today with Simon on the Widescreen stand. Very nice bit of kit. The thread is a standard 48mm female. I didn't see or hear a diagonal option mentioned as an extra. It was irresistible enough for me to put my name down on the list for the first batch anyway. And a nice little show discount thrown in as well.
  4. Tubby Bear

    Noisy Headphones...

    All the hard work was worth it Gav. I think its a beautiful image.
  5. I wonder if they'll have one at Astrofest ?? Somehow i doubt it, but it would be nice if they did.
  6. Can i have the second...??
  7. It looks.......sexy. (sorry)
  8. Tubby Bear

    Astrofest 2019

    Its certainly rather expensive ! Think of it as your own scopes baby brother.......
  9. Tubby Bear

    Astrofest 2019

    He's had to pull out i'm afraid. He should have been there. Its a shame ; i was hoping to see my scope there which he was going to display. (if he'd got it in time)
  10. Tubby Bear

    Sirius B and E/F stars - what does it take!?

    It certainly is !
  11. Tubby Bear

    Sirius B and E/F stars - what does it take!?

    The 'Pup' and Antares B are both on my bucket list. One day.....
  12. Tubby Bear

    Sirius B and E/F stars - what does it take!?

    I think in all probability, the pup is really too low to be seen from the UK, Antares is the same. Its companion is lost in all the mush. The E & F are a different matter. These are do-able. You need very good optics, and a nice steady sky with decent seeing. But decent seeing here is a rarity. You need to be patient as well. Optics must be properly cooled and well collimated. I've seen the E on a few occasions. The F is certainly harder, but with good conditions it is there also.
  13. Tubby Bear

    Decisions decisions dual alt az mounts

    These seem well thought of. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p4202_GIRO-ERCOLE-Altazimuth-Mount-for-Telescopes-up-to-15-kg.html If i was in the market for something like this, i'd give it strong consideration. You'd need to add a saddle, and may well have to counter balance your 4kg SW 150pds
  14. Hi, I recently posted about adding encoders (to work with my Astro Devices Nexus DSC) to one of my other mounts, an American Discmounts DM6 I thought it would be nice to add them to my OO Dob (a VX12) so then, when i used the Dob, i could take the Nexus from my DM6, and plug it into Dob, so to speak. The Astro Devices website lists various commercially available Dobsonian scopes like the Meade Lightbridge, the GSO, and Skywatcher ranges, but not the Orion Optics scopes, possibly because there are not that many OO scopes in Australia, where Astro Devices are based. When i ordered my DM6 encoders, i mentioned to Serge Antonov (who runs Astro Devices out of Sydney) that i'd be interested in ordering some for my OO Dob, if , in the future they were to ever list them. But Serge did better than that : he actually custom made me a set to go with my other order. He even phoned me up a couple of times, from Australia, to go through a few measurements that he needed to make them up !! The order arrived quickly : it only took him about a week to make them up, and they arrived in the post only a few days later. Excellent customer service : i can't recommend Astro Devices enough, and nothing was too much trouble for Serge. http://www.astrodevices.com/index.html Astro Devices components are also available through their official UK distributer. http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net/Categories Fitting them was simple. An easy upgrade for anyone to do. Heres the kit : The Azimuth / RA encoder simply screws on top of the existing bolt that tightens / loosens the Az axis. It would be better if the existing bolt had a lower profile, but theres enough thread there, and the encoder is also secured, once tightened, with 3 micro screws to keep it in place. At the other end, a small plate is added into one of the fittings (the centre one) that secure the base of the mount to the side panel The small plate piece has a screw pin in it. The end of the encoder has a slot which then slides in. It also has a small plastic arm to keep some tension in the encoder. Once everything is in place the encoder cable is attached. The altitude / dec axis is even easier. A straight metal bar is fitted onto the Dob rings. In the centre, which is the middle of the ring axis, is a stay, centre drilled to house the altitude / dec encoder. This is held in place by a convenient thumb screw. This is handy. When i disassemble the scope and remove the tube from the mount at the end of play, i can simply unscrew the encoder and remove it from the ring altogether, and store it on the Dob base, next to the other one. Then i can lift the tube out, without the encoder being left in a vulnerable position (where i can bump / damage it) Another metal stay, with a centre pin in it, is attached to one of the existing pre-drilled holes in the mount, located below the rings. This was a bit tight, and i had to drill it out a bit. Once in place, the encoder slots in, as before, and is secured at the other end with the thumb screw, and then the alt / dec encoder cable can be attached. I purchased another one of those handy little shelves Astro Devices sell, and this attaches, via a small ball head, on to the other side of the mount. A little bit of cable sorting and routing then takes place (Astro devices even include some clips for this) then a final check over, and connect everything up and we are done ! All in all, this was a doddle to fit ; it took me less than 30 mins. I've only had the chance to use the scope twice since i fitted them, but they are performing very well indeed, with about a dozen or so Messiers and NGCs right in there in the eyepiece where i want them. It pays to read the Nexus manual well, and pick some suitable alignment stars (you only need 2) and centre them carefully with a reticule eyepiece ideally. If theres anyone who has an OO dob scope and wants to fit a DSC / Nexus system, i can thoroughly recommend Astro Devices. Thanks for reading, clear skys

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