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  1. Remember we in the UK will only see the first three quarters of this event as the sun will set while the transit is still in progress. Just checked and i'm working 08:00-17:00 Thats no good. I'll have to have a day off.
  2. Hi Tim, Welcome. Great advice on here, everyones really friendly and helpful. I'm Derby based, work in Notts, and i know a fair few observers from all over those parts. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to link it, but theres another more localised forum as well you can check out. https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/?_fromLogout=1
  3. I've not had the chance to see it in the Dob : i have an opportunity next weekend at a darksite if it ever stops raining. But maybe it will have moved too far south by then for me to see it.....? I did see it at Kelling last month when it was in the Pegasus square with my refractor. I was quite impressed with it ; although faint, it was the first comet i'd seen for a good few years. Maybe Panstarrs next spring will put on a half decent show ?
  4. My thoughts were to keep my rich field Newtonian, then sell off all my other gear (WO FLT132, 98, TS70, Meade ACF SCT 6", C9.25) and put it towards a new quality refractor which will take me into retirement and beyond. The refractors been great so far, but i still enjoy those low power rich field views with the 12".
  5. I want to live in La Palma !! (or at least visit someday) I'm guessing you have over 200+ clear nights over there per year......compared to Derby's 20 Seriously though.....welcome to the lounge
  6. Had an hour and a half on Lunar, not good seeing at all, but i had fun out there. Nice to get out and observe. Also had a peek at Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, M31, and the Double Cluster.
  7. Not too bad wind wise here.....i have my house in the way !!
  8. Clear in Derby presently. (18:30hrs) I'm going to set up the refractor for a Lunar session, Saturn too if its still about.
  9. I'll be there Friday. Maybe, i can get a fellow astro nutter to travel down with me, but usually i'm 'billy no mates' at these things.
  10. I left for home this morning, so dodged it. We hit something similar at 14:30 near East Mids Airport, and it looked like a Supercell.... I bet it was the same system that got to you guys 2+ hours later. I hope everyones kit is ok.....
  11. Any chance of this making an early appearance at Kelling or Novembers IAS.......??
  12. Not all the time....... I've had 2 good sessions with it since i've had my new scope, and another 2 not so good. 3 nights ago (Thursday) the seeing seemed a load better, very good in fact. I could see 80% of Cassini, the shadow of Saturn on its rings, a clear distinct band on the planet, and 3 sometimes 5 moons. It took 196x quite happily. Its always a beautiful sight to me, no matter how bad the conditions are.
  13. I'm guessing that like all the moons on theses distant planets, there are times when they are too close to their parent planets, and there are times when their elongations are advantageous to allow us to spot them more easily. Triton is on the bucket list with my new scope, any of Uranus' moons would be great also. And theres Trap E & F and maybe Sirius B as well if i'm lucky........
  14. I have a 12" F4 and have not detected it, but with a Newtonian things often conspire against. So its probably wishful thinking that i can track it down in a 5.5" refractor.....
  15. I think i'm the only DM6 user on here, and together with the Nexus DSC they are a formidable combo. I love mine.......i would'nt consider it 'grab and go, but its not too far off.
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