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  1. All three of these objects could each use hours of data to clean them up but I was going more for quantity over quality because of my limited time to image. All three images have the same technical data. Explore Scientific ED127mm scope and ZWO 1600mm camera with Baader LRGB filters 30x 30seconds of exposures through each filter. Processed in Astro Pixel Processor and PhotoshopCC M61 & Supernova SN2020FJO NGC3643 & Supernova SN2020HVF on Smugmug M104 The Sombrero Galaxy
  2. Captured from my Bortle 7 backyard. Explore Scientific ED127mm & ZWO1600mm Baader LRGB filters 30x 30seconds each filter Processed in Astro Pixel Processor and Photoshop CC
  3. I agree. I ran out of time before it got too close to the horizon and city light pollution.
  4. Explore Scientific ED127mm APO refractor ZWO ASI1600mm cooled monochrome camera Baader LRGB Filters 60 minutes of Luminance Data 30 minutes each - RGB 30x Darks, Flats, Bias Celestron CPWI and SharpCap Pro running the show. Processed in Astro Pixel Processor and PhotoShopCC
  5. Explore Scientific ED127mm APO and ZWO ASI1600mm-cooled cmos camera. 60-second exposures x 60 = 60 minutes of Luminance data (no color...yet) Celestron CGX mount, SharpCap Pro and CPWI controlling everything, mount, camera, filter wheel, focuser... Inverted
  6. Maybe the internet will make YOUR image the reference for color! Nice image.
  7. Yeah, he's a great guy. I think a lot of his gear is "loaned" to him in exchange for reviews. I'm currently using SharpCap Pro to control pretty much everything. I have the CGX mount so I use Celestron's CPWI for basic planetarium control and PHD2 for guiding but SharpCap Pro runs everything else. I do own PRISM astro software but talk about overwhelmed! It's an amazing one-stop shop that will do everything (including image processing) but getting it setup and tweaked with your gear is technically challenging for someone like me that's not too computer techie. I'm thinking about the new Pegasus UltimateV2 and a small NUC with PRISM on it to tidy the gear up even more. But of course, I've got to get back to work before I can spend that kind of money.
  8. Ahhh yes, Trevor. I've followed AstroBackyard for a long time. I think when I started following him he had less than 200 followers. Great Guy. He's Canadian though, so you threw me even further off course saying he was a fellow countryman.
  9. I searched YouTube for Steve Jones and couldn't find anything. Is his YT channel under a different name?
  10. Yeah, SharpCap Pro has a few nice features that I've just started using. FWHM focus assist works great but I generally just throw on the Bahtinov mask as I'm sitting right next to the rig most of the time anyway and it's a bit quicker. Except when you start those 2 minute subs and then realize you forgot to remove it! The Edge Detect focus assist works great on planets and the moon. Haven't tried it on solar yet. I just connected SharpCap to the mount for the first time last night and used the plate-solve feature, worked like a charm. Harp on a bit. I'm unemployed now going on 6 weeks due to the virus and my wife is still working so it's nice to chat with another human. The conversations with the dogs always seem a bit one-way.
  11. But I'm shooting with a monochrome camera... Through RGB filters.
  12. This was my first attempt at shooting the moon in RGB. I had to deal with a horrible green cast when I first boosted the saturation. I'm curious if that is normal or did I do something wrong?
  13. Hello and thanks Ron for you kind words. Yes, I too wish it was permanently mounted in an observatory. Our backyard only had room for an observatory or a swimming pool. My wife wanted the pool.... So you can guess who lost. Oh well, "Happy wife, Happy life!". As for Polar alignment, I use SharpCap Pro's P.A. feature and it usually only takes me about 10 minutes to get it close enough that PhD2 can easily guide off of. Remember, I'm only shooting at 666mm FL so it's pretty forgiving. The biggest hassle is just the setup. As you can imagine, with everything packed in its individual cases it usually takes me about 7 or 8 trips in and out of the house just to get the components out to the yard and 20-30 minutes to get it all hooked up and balanced.
  14. I went with a RigRunner 4005 for my setup. You can see it at about the 2 minute mark in this video I made for another forum showing my entire rig. I'd love general feedback on my whole setup.
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