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  1. i like the mount for it to float in the box idea if but it could rattle things loose if u was transporting to different places. u could make a box out of exterior grade ply 9mm should not take on moisture and it wont be to heavy and u could add casters on the bottom to help move about and line with foam
  2. so here is my second go all the same as above but with a cls filter and more time learning ps6 nige
  3. thanks i have been watching some youtube tutorials but doing it myself is a different matter i new it was not easy before i started. learning new thing is always a struggle until you get your brain in the right gear nige
  4. Thanks guys I have a cls filter now I am in processing a batch I did the other night but I'm struggling with getting any colour bar the blue tinge from the filter I am using ps6 still getting used to it. Nige Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  5. Hi thought i would post my first attempt with my new kit, 20 subs x 300s 15 darks 20 bias unmodded 500d and SW80ED/EQ6 really struggled with light pollution as i live about 3 mile away from a steelworks , i no i need to learn to process better but is this a reasonable image for my unmodded camera thanks nige
  6. hi Phil the easiest way is to use the live view feature on the camera if it has it not sure on the 400d hope this helps
  7. you can get a better FOV if you use one of these http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16483&cat=291&page=1 nige
  8. it depends on which barlow u have some have t threads at the top mine does
  9. sorry guys i didnot see the northan ireland only part
  10. hi so it says on the sky at night web site that it is showing at 00:40 tonight but when i checked tv listings their is no sign of it on bbc listings and radio times dont no if i will stay up now
  11. hi ghost welcome to sgl, plz take a look at the north linc's asto society website we meet on the first monday every month at 7:30pm hope to see you their sometime. nige http://www.northlincsastro.com/index.html
  12. just recently i spend most of my time looking through older diy posts for ideas for projects for the future, i downloaded google sketch up3d a few monthes ago i now have a few designs for projects. thats how i have been passing the clouds nige
  13. even though i now the solution i get caught out on a regulary very anoying:icon_eek:
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